Friday, August 22, 2014

♡ Tammy Taylor ♥It's Here!♥NEW Gel Polish Power of Love Collection♥Video

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Tammy Taylor
♥ Tammy Demonstrates
"Power of Love" Collection


"I am so excited to demonstrate for you my brand new Gel Polish Collection with its matching Soulmate Nail Lacquer. The bold beautiful colors in the new "Power of Love" collection were inspired by the month of August, which is about beauty, strength and love.
Have Fun,
♥ Tammy Taylor Power of Love Collection
♥ Tammy Taylor Power of Love Collection

  • High pigment
  • Full coverage
  • Easy smooth application
  • Lays flat on application
  • LED/UV Cure
  • Matching Soulmate Nail Lacquer
Tammy Taylor Gelegance Gel Polish; ALL 10 "Power of Love" Products

Gelegance Gel Polish "In My Heart" .25 oz
Gelegance Gel Polish "Princessa" .25 oz
Gelegance Gel Polish "My Love" .25 oz
Gelegance Gel Polish "Peridot Twinkle" .25 oz
Gelegance Gel Polish "Beauty" .25 oz

Matching Polish:
Soulmate Nail Lacquer "In My Heart" .25 oz
Soulmate Nail Lacquer "Princessa" .25 oz
Soulmate Nail Lacquer "My Love" .25 oz
Soulmate Nail Lacquer "Peridot Twinkle" .25 oz
Soulmate Nail Lacquer "Beauty" .25 oz
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"My New "Mighty-mini" high power LED light is the smallest, fastest curing, LED you will ever use. It has as much power as other LED lights that are 4 x its weight and 4 x the price. The "Mighty-mini" weighs only 8.6 ozs and costs under $100. Anyone who has limited space on their manicure table is going to love this light, all the power in a little space."

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor BRAND NEW "9-1-1 KIT for Gel Manicures!
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