Friday, December 27, 2013

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♥ BRAND NEW! New Limited Edition
"Almost Black" Prizma Collection

Tammy Taylor - BRAND NEW! New Limited Edition "Almost Black" Prizma Collection

"I am so excited to demonstrate my New Limited Edition "Almost Black" Prizma Collection for you!

Clients love black on their nails and these 5 New beautiful "Almost Black" colors are so dark they almost look black, but with "Color".

I will also be teaching you in this video how to use the super pigmented dark Prizmas and how to do the 5 most popular nail shapes in the salon right now; the Almond, Oval, Stiletto, Square-Oval and Square."

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor 

"Almost Black" Cherry Prizma"Almost Black" Cherry Prizma
"Almost Black" Navy Prizma"Almost Black" Navy Prizma
"Almost Black" Chestnut Prizma"Almost Black" Chestnut Prizma
"Almost Black" Violet Prizma"Almost Black" Violet Prizma
"Almost Black" Charcoal Prizma"Almost Black" Charcoal Prizma
Tammy Taylor - Limited Edition "Almost Black" Prizma Collection
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Tammy Taylor - Limited Edition "Almost Black" Prizma Collection
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