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Step #1: Apply Tammy Taylor Z-COAT (Top Coat) to a small area at a time. Easy Tip: To keep Z-COAT from drying too fast: Apply Z-COAT to a small area and apply 1-4 Rhinestones then move to the next area, apply more Z-COAT and apply 1-4 Rhinestones, continue working in small areas until design is complete.

Step #2: Apply Dazzle Rock Rhinestones with an Orangewood Stick. Easy Tips: Use the Flat side of an Orangewood Stick to Apply Rhinestones. Dip the tip of the Orangewood stick in a little water and lightly dab off excess to moisten. When the edge of the Orangewood Stick is moist it is very easy to pick up Rhinestones. A Dotter Tool also works.

Step #3: Quickly Move around the Rhinestones with the tip of an Orangewood stick into desired design. (Let Dry).

Step #4: Seal the Rhinestones (Top Coat can be applied just around the Rhinestones, over the Top of the Rhinestones or over entire nail).
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