Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Nail Art: 3D Easter Bunny

Here's a 'Bunnytastic' Easter inspired Nail Design full of vibrant colors and a cute little Bunny. 
Wearing one nail of Nail Art is always fun and exciting, especially when we can wear a New Design with every holiday and changing season. Gisela Marti my Creative Director will be demonstrating step by step how to do this cute and easy design.
Have Fun,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor Nail Products used:
Dazzle Rocks Prizma Powder- "Easter Bonnet" & "Easter Morning Sky" from the Easter Morning Collection
Prizma Powder- "Opalescent Pink", "Orange Slice" &"Haute Pink Neon"
Competitive Edge Powder- Clear & Whitest White
Clean Finish Buffer- Use with or without oil to finish the nail to a smooth surface.
180 Zebra File- Used to file the whole nail and shape the surface
Tammy Taylor "Clean- it"- solution used to clean the nail surface once gel has cured
Tammy Taylor "Wipe Its" - "100% lint free wipe" (especially for Gels) that leave the nail surface completely clean.
Nail Liquid- Use any of your favorite TT nail liquid
TT Acrylic Brush- Use any of your favorite TT Acrylic Brushes
3D Brush- Used for all the 3D effects of the design
White Prizma Dappen Dish- white dappen dish to aid in identifying when the liquid needs to be changed
Towelettes- Keep your Acrylic Brush clean extending the life of your brush
Dotting Tool- for specific details in the design
Detail Brush- for small details in the design
Top Gel+- to seal the finished design
Conditioning Cuticle oil- To nourish the nail after the service is finished

Step by step directions for "Easter Bunny" 3DNail Art Design "A nail with a funtastic attitude".
1. Once the nail is prepared and primer has been applied choose the right form for the finger and apply.
2. The Fade technique requires applications of 2 or more colors. In this case we will fade Easter Bonnet into Easter Morning Sky.
3. Pour some of your favorite liquid in the White Dappen Dish.
4. Start building up ¾ of the nail with the Easter Morning Sky (blue) and apply the ball close to the cuticle area with the Easter Bonnet (pink) and fade into the blue. Seal the nail with a ball of Clear powder.
5. Once the nail is dry file it with an 180 Zebra file.
6. Buff with a Clean Finish buffer and wash.
7. For the 3D Easter Bunny we will use the CE Whites White powder and we will do the following: (See Video)
•Using your sculpting brush pick 2 small size balls and softly pat and flatten in an egg shape big enough to cover ¾ of the nail.
•Using your 3D brush, pick 2 small balls for the feet. Place on the bottom of the bunny and as it flows, flatten softly.
•Pick 2 medium balls and place in each side of the head to form the long ears of the bunny. With the side of the 3D mark the center of the ears and lightly flatten one side.
•Grab 2 small balls for the bunny's other 2 feet and place each one to each side of the bunny's body.
•Dip a tiny ball of the white into the Haute Pink Neon Prizma and place in the center of the face of the bunny to create the nose. Lightly flatten it. Use the same procedure to pick 2 more for the center of the feet.
•The bow of the bunny is created by picking 2 small white balls dipped into the Haute Pink Neon and Orange slice. Shape them using the petal technique and place them in top of the head. Pick a tiny ball for the center of the bow.
•Pick a very wet tiny ball to color the center of the ears and cheeks.
• Using the Dotting Tool, Detail Brush and Black paint finish all the details of the face of the bunny.
8. Seal the back of the 3D design with Top Gel+ and cure for 2 minutes under a UV light or 1 minute under an LED light.
9. Apply enough Clean-It Solution on a Wipe-It towelette to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the nail. 
10. To finish, apply Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil to nourish the nail.

Tammy Taylor Dazzle Rocks Easter Morning Collection

"Today I will be demonstrating my New "Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Morning" Collection. Easter time is always a fun time to add Dazzle and Color to every service. Especially pretty Pinks, Blues and Yellows. The New Easter Morning Collection has a color for every personality, which makes it fun for everyone. Adding Dazzle and Color to a Nail Service is very simple, just follow your regular procedure using "Dazzle Rocks" color acrylic or add "Dazzle Rocks" Glitter to your Gel or apply "Dazzle Rocks" Glitter Polish to your Manicures and Pedicures."
Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

In the "Easter Morning" Video Tammy Taylor Demonstrates
Three Nail Procedures:

1. Full Nail of dazzle with the "Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Bonnet" Prizma Acrylic over the entire nail. 
2. 2-color French using "Dazzle Rocks Easter Morning Sky Prizma Acrylic at the free-edge and true pink original acrylic on the nail bed.
3. Free-Edge dazzled up with "Dazzle Rocks" Easter Sunrise Glitter.

"Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Morning" Collection:
♥ "Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Bonnet" Prizma Acrylic --Super Dazzling Antique Pink with holographic shimmers 

♥ "Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Morning Sky" Prizma Acrylic - Bright and Sparkly Sky Blue with holographic shimmers 

♥ "Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Sunrise" Glitter -Bright Yellow Dazzle Rocks with holographic shimmers 

♥ "Dazzle Rocks" "Easter Dress" Glitter Polish - Pretty Pink with Frosty Pearl