Friday, November 9, 2012

♥ Video ♥ How To Make Dazzle Rocks Nail Powder

"Dazzled Up" Sculptured Nails
Tammy Taylor
"Your Tammy Taylor "Dazzle Rocks" Nail Glitter is So Beautiful and So Versatile it makes it easy to "Dazzle Up" your nails, so every clients nails are a "Masterpiece"!
I wanted to make a video for you to show how easy it is to turn your "Dazzle Rocks" into an Acrylic Nail Powder, so you can do beautiful "Dazzled Up" Sculptured Nails.
The ratio I am teaching you to mix guarantees Brilliant Sparkle in every ball and the Acrylic is still Strong and Easy to sculpt with.
And what makes this really fun, you can apply "Dazzle Rocks" to your Toes with Gelprisa and your "Dazzle Rocks" Acrylic Fingernails will match.

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

View Tammy’s NEW VIDEO- How To: Make Your Own Dazzle Rocks Nail Powder
New "Dazzle Rocks" Line from Tammy Taylor
The "DAZZLE ROCKS" are not like regular glitters, their "SHINE" "DEPTH" and "BRILLIANCE" sets them apart from all the others. And, they are not only SHINY and BRILLIANT when you first apply them but they don’t lose their SHINE and BRILLIANCE even after having them on for weeks. .  (heat and solvent resistant)
The "Dazzle Rocks" are made with various sizes of hexagonal pieces each with holographic effects making your Nails "DAZZLE" from every angle.

"Dazzle Rocks" can be used in many different ways:
MIX (or) SPRINKLE (or) ENCAPSULATE "Dazzle Rocks"
Use "Dazzle Rocks" with Tammy Taylor Clear Acrylic, your favorite Tammy Taylor Color Acrylic, Tammy Taylor Gel and Tammy Taylor Gelprisa.
Whether you Top your "Dazzle Rocks" with TOP GEL+, Regular Top Coat or Encapsulate them with Acrylic, Gel or Gel Polish the 3D effects that the Dazzle Rocks Create are "BRILLIANT".

The available "Dazzle Rocks" collections are:
Jingle Bell "Dazzle" Rock Collection

"Dazzle Rocks"- "Rock Me Red"- Combination of "Holographic" Red with multi color little shimmers in Gold, Pink and Purple.
"Dazzle Rocks"- "Kiss Me Mistletoe" "- Combination of "Holographic" Green with multi color little shimmers in Gold and different shades of Green.

"Night on the Town" Collection
"Dazzle Rocks"- Midnight Sky- Combination of holographic blue, black and shimmering multi-colors, like the reflection of the sky at night.
"Dazzle Rocks"- City Lights- Combination of holographic silver, white and shimmering multi-colors that give the effect of city lights at night.
"Dazzle Rocks"- Moonlight- Combination of holographic gold, white and shimmering multi-colors that give the effect of a full moon.
"Dazzle Rocks"- Shimmering Stars - Combination of white with shimmering multi-color holographic pieces that give the effect shimmering stars.