Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to: White Christmas

White Christmas

This simple yet elegant design is full of different elements to create different textures on the nail. There is no Christmas like a White Christmas!

Products used:
Gelprisa Gel Polish -- "Simply Sheer" and "Little Bo Pink Clear". Chose the desired colors for this technique
Gel Paint -- "French White"
Dazzle Rocks -- "City lights" Top Gel+ - To seal and complete the design
Clean it Solution - Used to clean the nail surface once it's cured.
Wipe it - A lint free towelette that will leave the surface completely clean.
White Sand -- A non-toxic sand, safe to use with different elements. This sand serves as a filler, and creates a rough texture on the nail.

Step by step procedure:
1. Apply Gelprisa "Simple Sheer" Gel polish down to three-quarters of the nail, and extend slightly on the left side of the nail at an angle.
2. With the aid of a scoop, sprinkle the Dazzle Rocks "City Lights "to the nail. (When working on natural nails and using Dazzle Rocks or a single layer of Gelprisa Gel Polish, it is recommended to base coat the nail with Miracle Manicure to ensure strong adhesion and long lasting results.) Cure for 2 minutes under a UV light or 1 minute under a Led light.
3. Apply Gelprisa "Simply Sheer" Gel Polish to the remaining part of the nail and with the scoop sprinkle the Sand to the area, be sure it is packed. Cure for 2 minutes under a UV light or 1 minute under a LED light.
4. Clean the surface of the nail with a Wipe it saturated with Clean it Solution.
5. With black stripping paint, draw lines to resemble a dry tree with several branches.
6. Use white stripping paint to add the illusion of heavy snow on the branches and in the area where there is sand. (see video)
7. Seal the tree with Top Gel+ and cure for 2 minutes under a UV light or 1 minute under a LED light.
8. Apply enough Clean It Solution on a Wipe It towelette to thoroughly clean the surface of the nail. To finish, clean the entire surface of the nail.