Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To: Dazzle Rocks Acrylic BACK-FILL/Free-Edge Color Change

Today I will be demonstrating how to Change your Free-Edge Color while doing an Acrylic Back-Fill. I will be changing the color from "Jingle Bell Rock Red" Dazzle Rocks Prizma Acrylic to "Christmas Lights" Dazzle Rocks Prizma Acrylic. Switching free-edge colors is easy as long as you switch to a darker color for full coverage or a contrast color which you could fade into the old color, giving you a fresh new look. 
Helpful Tips: When changing the Color of your Free-Edge while Doing a Dazzle Rocks Acrylic Back-Fill there are "Specific Techniques" and "Specific Tools" which will help you do them "Quickly" and "Cleanly", keeping your "Colors Brilliant" and "Sharp". 
"Specific Tools" Needed: 
• Tammy Taylor Coarse- Long Carbide Drill Bit 
• Tammy Taylor "Competitive Edge" Crystal Clear Nail Powder 
• Tammy Taylor "TOP GEL Plus+" 
• 2 Tammy Taylor "Custom Brushes" (Use One Brush For Dazzle Rocks Acrylic Powder and One Brush For Your Regular or Lighter Color Acrylic Powder) 
• 3 Tammy Taylor "Deep Ceramic Dappen Dishes" (One "White Prizma" Dappen Dish For Your Dazzle Rock Acrylic Powder /One "Black Nail Liquid Dappen Dish" For Your Regular or Lighter Color Acrylic Powder and One "White Brush Cleaner" Dappen Dish) 
• Tammy Taylor "Towelettes" (use 2 T.T. Towelettes -One For Wiping Your Brush When Applying Dazzle Rock Acrylic Powder and One For Your Regular or Lighter Color Acrylic Powder) 

"With Tammy Taylor Nails Nails- Nails are Always Fun and Never Feel Like Work."
Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor