Friday, March 30, 2012

Tammy Taylor Nail Party Episode 88

Tammy Taylor Nail Party Episode 88
[Time is money. Have a system.]

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Hello, I hope you are having a great nail day today.

Time is money and the only way to increase your speed is to have a "System" and when you have a "System" you will get "faster and better" every time you do your nails.

This is the same way to perfect your nails, because "practice makes perfect" and a "System" insures you are practicing your nails over and over again the same way every time; allowing you to perfect them. When you don’t have a system it is literally impossible to do beautiful nails every time in under 1 hour. When I first started I did not have a system so my first full set of acrylic nails took me 8 hours but by practicing my "12 Step System" I now hold the world’s record for the fastest full set of acrylic nails ever done, a full set of acrylic nails in less than 20 minutes, in front of a live audience!

Here at Tammy Taylor Nails our goal is to help you make more money, so if you need help putting together a good system for doing your nails just go to my website and CLICK on "Education" or CALL one of my Educators at 1-800-93-Tammy or 949-250-9287.

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor