Friday, July 22, 2011

Tammy Taylor - Welcome to our "New" Corporate Headquarters

Welcome to our "New" Corporate Headquarters
We Have Moved and Expanded to Serve You Even Better

We are so excited about moving into our "New" building we have been at our old location for 25 years.

When we started planning our move, our biggest concern was trying to figure out how we were going to make this huge move after 25 years, without closing down; we knew closing during the move could be very inconvenient for our clients and we did not want to disrupt your service or deliveries.

So, now I have to brag on the most amazing Teamwork ever: the Tammy Taylor Team planned and organized this move so well it was like a beautifully choreographed performance.
(And, we have a lot of stuff, we doubled our space and we have it almost filled up already.)
We were completely Moved In, with every box Un-Packed, over 125 Pictures hung, Computers and Phones in Full Service, Shipping and Warehousing Completely Set-Up Ready to Ship and the Classroom ready for Classes "IN ONLY 3 DAYS" without closing!!!!!!!!!
So, if you are thinking you didn't even know we moved "then our mission was accomplished". Below are some pictures I thought you would enjoy of everyone in our new location.

With love,
Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor and the New Office Tammy Taylor and the Crew

Art and Karina Penaloza top left, Jose Antonio Martinez right, Marisol Arteaga, Hong Phan and Eddie Taylor bottom left
Darrell, Marcela Hernandez, Jose Antonio Martinez top left, Jaime Martinez top right, Roman Jr., Francisca Munoz and Roman Sanchez bottom left, Eddie Elizalde bottom right
Jennifer Han and Marcela Hernandez top left, Francisca Munoz bottm right, Heide Taylor bottom left
Kathy Ha, Austin, Taylor Mitchell and Hong Phan top left, Jack and his Dad Eddie Taylor top right, Jennifer Han, Karlie Ward, Nikki Rivera and Ed Podolske middle left, Ed (Tammy's dad) and son Eddie Taylor bottom right
Margarita Elizalde, Darell and Karina Penaloza top left, Jennifer Han top Right, Ricardo Herrera bottom left and Maria Serrano bottom right
Maria and Gerardo Redolledo top left, Sylvia Martinez top middle, Margarita Elizalde top right, Karina Penaloza bottom left, Art Penaloza bottom right
Kathy Ha left, Leo Rivera middle, Virginia Robles right
Marisol Arteaga top left, Hong Phan top right, Gisela Marti middle left, Ruben Rivera middle, Maria Redolledo bottom right, Yiza Malvac bottom left
Mary Stokus middle, Nathan Gandia left, Ed Podolske right
Angel Severiano Celino left, Lori Michelle center, Salomon Flores right
Eddie Taylor