Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NAIL FAQS BLOG: Build Your Speed

NAIL FAQS BLOG: Build Your Speed

NAIL FAQS BLOG: Build Your Speed

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"Perfect Product Consistency is our ultimate goal, but... sometimes it is hard to get the Perfect Ball every time so, if your Acrylic Ball is TOO BIG, or TOO DRY, or TOO LITTLE, just WIPE IT OFF!
Only use Beautiful Acrylic Balls to create your Beautiful Acrylic Nails and your Product Application will be Faster, and you will have less Filing."
Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc.  - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981
Winter is coming, and the Colder it gets the SLOWER your Nail Liquid is going to set up.
So, before you start your day, hold your closed bottle of Nail Liquid under warm water for about 30 seconds; this will warm up your Nail Liquid and get it ready to do Beautiful Nails.

When you are making an Acrylic Ball, always WATCH YOUR BRUSH as you drag it across your Nail Powder; so you can see the Acrylic Ball as you are making it. Then LOOK at the Acrylic Ball before you place it on the nail; if it is TOO BIG, or TOO DRY, or TOO LITTLE, then WIPE IT OFF, (Do Not Use it, just make a New Acrylic Ball)
A Beautiful Acrylic Ball will have the Look of a "PEARL".

Many of you may have heard me say many times, "Beautiful Balls = Beautiful Nails"; when you can create consistent Beautiful Acrylic "Balls", then you will be able to create "Fast, Beautiful Acrylic Nails".

- Just
click here to view the 3 Minute Tammy Taylor Video: How to Improve Your Product Consistency; Build Your Speed, and Create More Beautiful Nails.

Even if you have been doing nails 20 years, you can increase your speed by watching this short 3-minute video. After 29 years, I still practice on my Practice Sheet to keep up my speed and consistency.

If you would like to receive a FREE Practice Sheet just call
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When your client wants Short Nails, use "Less" Nail Liquid and make "Smaller" Balls and, When your Client wants Longer Nails use "More" Nail Liquid and make "Larger" Balls.
Doing an Acrylic Nail is as Easy as
"Pat the White - Stroke the Pink, 1-2-3-4."

The Tammy Taylor 4 BALL METHOD:

#1 BALL - White Free-edge Ball / the Largest Ball; PAT this Ball into shape

#2 BALL - Pink Ball, used for upper 1/2 of the Nail Body / Smaller, Wetter Ball; STROKE this Ball like applying polish

#3 BALL - Pink Ball, used for the Cuticle Area / Smaller, Wetter Ball; STROKE this Ball like applying polish (apply this Ball 1/32nd of an inch away from the cuticle area)

#4 BALL - Pink Ball, used to build up the Stress Area / Smallest, Wettest Ball; STROKE this Ball over the entire Nail (place the #4 Ball between the #2 and #3 Balls almost at the Cuticle area)

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

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