Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tammy Taylor - 2010 Is Starting Out Good

2010 Is Starting Out Good

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Last week I shared with you my "Procrastination Styles"; this week I have been asking other people what their "Procrastination Styles" are; and there were actually 3 more "Procrastination Styles" that were very prominent; so I wanted to share with you some more ideas that might help you or someone you know.
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Procrastination can really affect ones' business, and with the New Economy, we have to be on the top of our game at all times; and if we let procrastination sabotage us, then it will be even more difficult to thrive in this New Economy.

Here are the 3 prominent "Procrastination Styles" people have shared with me:
  • "Procrastination Style" 1: Procrastinating things they do not like to do, such as:

Getting to work early
Getting New Clients by Passing out business cards, Cold-calling and Asking for referrals
Cleaning and organizing work area
Ordering nail supplies every week

A good way they made this "Procrastination Style" work for them is they REWARD themselves every time they accomplish something they do not like to do.
Here are some ideas:
- After Getting to work early all week
REWARD Yourself by leaving early on Friday, or by treating yourself to a nice lunch at your favorite restaurant.
- After Getting New Clients
REWARD Yourself by treating yourself to a massage at your favorite spa, every time you have picked up 7 new clients.
- After Cleaning and organizing your work area
REWARD Yourself by treating yourself to a 30 minute coffee break at Starbucks, and read a fun magazine or book.
- Ordering nail supplies every week
REWARD Yourself with less stress and by taking advantage of the weekly specials; you will make more profit, so you have extra money to treat yourself to a little present.

  • "Procrastination Style" 2: Procrastinating getting organized.

A good way they made this "Procrastination Style" work for them is by not complicating the thought or action of getting organized, "Keep it simple".
Here are some ideas:
Key Thought: "Do not organize for tomorrow, only organize for today".
Write down your top-5 things that you have to get done today, and that is what you do. Anything else will have to wait until it makes it to your top-5 list.
Your REWARD; you will not only get organized, you will start enjoying it.

  • "Procrastination Style" 3: Procrastinating making decisions. This

"Procrastination Style" can come from fear of making a wrong decision.
A good way they made this "Procrastination Style" work for them is by getting over the fear of decisions.

For one whole day, make a decision on every single choice or question that you come across; and at the end of that day, go over every decision you made.
Your REWARD; your confidence will build every time you make a good decision "Priceless".

2010 is starting out good; let's keep it going.

With love,
Tammy Taylor

Proverbs 12:25
Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.

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