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"Welcome to the Tammy Taylor Nail Party - Where Nails Are Always Fun, and Never Feel Like Work"

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"Welcome to the Tammy Taylor Nail Party - Where Nails Are Always Fun, and Never Feel Like Work"

Tammy Taylor Nail Party, at the Orlando, Florida, Premiere Beauty Show, June 6-7, 2010
Left to Right Bottom Row:
Robin , Yiza, Ann-Marie, Morayma, Sandra
Left to Right 2nd Row:
Nikki V., Sachi, Anri, Sharon, Yvette
Left to Right 3rd Row:
Graciela, Micaela, Vanessa, Alethia, Corine, Tamara W., Diane, Maria
Left to Right Top Row:
Mary S., Chiara, Nicoloe P., Ed P., Nicole H., Cheryl B., Tammy Taylor, Odale, Tammy B., Edie

Last weekend, the World Wide Tammy Taylor Nail Team and myself, did the Orlando Premiere Show, and I would love to share with you, some of the exciting things that happened.

At the Tammy Taylor Nail Party Class, and at the Tammy Taylor Demonstration Booths, we gave Away $1,000's of dollars in Tammy Taylor Products, Prizes and Cash!!!!!!!!!!
And… One of our Lucky Class Attendees, "Michelle Radich", WON a YEAR SUPPLY, of Tammy Taylor Nail Products!!!!

At the Tammy Taylor Nail Class on Sunday, I taught about "Reinventing Your Business", to a room full of very enthusiastic, Professional Salon Owners, Nail Technicians, Instructors, Students and Cosmetologists.

The Tammy Taylor Nail Team came from all over the World:
Italy, Japan, Spain, Bonaire, Trinidad, Bahamas, Florida, California, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina and Mississippi.

We had the "World of Nails" going on at our booth.
You would start at one side of our booth with demonstrations. From the USA NAIL SQUAD, and the Trinidad and Bahamas Tammy Taylor Nail Team: demonstrating our Famous Pink & White Sculptured Nails, and our Fabulous Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Gel System. Then, move onto the Tammy Taylor International Nail Team, that came in from Italy, Spain, Japan and Bonaire; to teach the "Newest" cutting edge Nail Art Techniques; using all the Tammy Taylor Prizma (Color Acrylic's) and the New Tammy Taylor Nail Colour (Polish).
Some of the exciting New Techniques were: Stiletto Nails, Edge Nails, 3DNails, Corkscrew Nails & Inlays. You name it, these girls could do it, and using only their Tammy Taylor Nail Art Brushes and Tammy Taylor Nail Products.

Our clients never had to leave our booth it was a continuous day of Nail Education.

The World Wide Tammy Taylor Nail Team is an AMAZING group of Nail Technicians and Professionals who have extreme PASSION for NAILS. This was one of the proudest moments in my life, being surrounded by this Team of Passionate, Dedicated, Loyal and Professional people, truly the "Best of the Best".

These AMAZING Nail Technicians worked at their Salons all week; finishing their last clients just before rushing to the airport to catch their flight to Orlando; then training with me all day Saturday; working all day Sunday and again all day Monday, at our Tammy Taylor Nail Booth, doing demonstrations and educating customers about nails.

Then back on the plane, to get to their Salon in time to start their 12 hour day of nail clients!!!

WOW!!! Now, that is PASSION for Nails!!!!!

Our 2010 Motto
"Keep the Nail Party Going!"

Have a Great Nail Day
With love,
Tammy Taylor

Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

"The Tammy Taylor World of Nails"

Tammy's Sunday Class, everyone having fun at the Tammy Taylor Nail Party

Tammy Draws the Winner for the 1 Year of Free Tammy Taylor Nail Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Winner of 1 Year Tammy Taylor Product! Michelle Radich Edie Forest (N. Carolina) (Nail Squad) Pink & White Demo
Odale Hill (TT Trinidad), Nicole Pinder (TT Bahamas) & Nikki Voltmer (Indiana) Nail Partying! Yiza Malave, Tammy Taylor Director of International Relations
Marayma Zweers (TT Bonaire) demonstrating 3D NAIL ART Robin Lewis (Mississippi) Nail Squad "Oh that nail is so Precious"
Graciela Fontaneto (TT Italy) doing those beautiful Pink & White Nails

Mary Stokus, Tammy Taylor Director of Education
This is how you do it!

The World of Nail Art, the Stiletto Nail and 3D Nail Art Nicole Holland (Florida) Nail Squad, Teaching about the Pterygium Stone
Sandra Garcia (TT Spain) Creating her fabulous 3D Nail Art Cheryl Bergmann (Kansas) Nail Squad, Talking Nails
Nikki Voltmer (Indiana) Nail Squad, Having Fun Cheryl Bergmann (Kansas) Nail Squad, Tammy Becraft (Maryland) Nail Squad & Mary Stokus, Getting Ready to Nail Party
Morayma Zweers (TT Bonaire) Tammy Becraft (Maryland) Nail Squad, Diane Warth (Missouri) Nail Squad, Mary Stokus & Vanessa (TT Bahamas), Nail Partying Nicole Pender (TT Bahamas) with her Husband and Tammy Taylor
Sharon White (Ohio) Nail Squad,
Helping our customers
Debbie Doerrlamm (Beauty Tech) and Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor Booth In Action Vanessa Musgrove
(TT Bahamas)
Instructors from a Top SKILLS School in Florida with Tammy Taylor and one of their students Edie Forest (North Carolina) Nail Squad, Say "NAILS"!
Ann Marie (Florida) Nail Squad with one of her Nail Tech friends and Tammy Taylor Another $100 Winner from the Tammy Taylor Nail Party
Instructors and one of their students from a top Florida SKILLS School with Tammy Taylor Another $100 Winner from the Tammy Taylor Nail Party

Our Greece Nail Techs who entered the Nail Art Competition with Tammy Taylor

Vanessa Musgrove and Nicole Pinder, Bahamas Tammy Taylor Team
Nikki Voltmer (Indiana) Nail Squad & Cheryl Bergmann (Kansas) Nail Squad, Sanitizing and getting ready for customers Corine Hughes (Michigan) Nail Squad and Nicole Holland (Florida) Nail Squad, Having Fun
Ann Marie Fiducia (Florida) Nail Squad, Diane Warth (Missouri) Nail Squad & Alethia Hall (Alabama) Nail Squad Getting ready to Nail Party Sachi & Anri (Tammy Taylor Japan)
Japan Tammy Taylor Nail Team
Sandra Garcia (TT Spain) and Robin Lewis (Mississippi) Nail Squad Sandra Garcia (TT Spain) Ed Podolske from Irvine, Corporate Office
Chiara Amato (TT Italy) Micaela Paredes (TT Spain) Maria Hererra
Vice President, Tammy Taylor Nails, Inc.
Tamara Weeks (Georgia) Nail Squad and Corine Hughes (Michigan) Nail Squad, Sprucing up their nails for the Nail Party Anna Maria (Mississippi) a Tammy Taylor Girl For Over 20 Years with Tammy Taylor and Angela (Certified Tammy Taylor Nail Tech) Mississippi
Graciela (TT ITALY) Tammy Taylor and Nail Techs from Santa Domingo Tammy Anderson-Becraft
"Nail Fun"
Our Tammy Taylor Nail Techs from Greece, Nail Art with Prizma
Beautytech Raffle winner with Tammy Taylor Sachi and Anri (TT Japan) with Tammy Taylor

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