Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clients Fade Away......

Do Not Let Your Holiday Clients Just... Fade Away......

“Now is the time to keep track of every single client who comes into your business.

...While people are out and about, getting Salon services and shopping, you need to build your data base; Turn your Holiday clients into year-round clients.
It is necessary to build your Data-Base, so you can keep your name in front of your clients all year long.
... Do not be embarrassed to keep in touch with clients, even after the Holidays; You want to send out email specials every month, and birthday e-cards to every client, even if they have not been back to your business for awhile.
... The key in business is: Even if clients might not need your services or products right now, when they do, they will remember you, and not go to anyone else.

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor - CEO, Tammy Taylor Nails Inc. - Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 1981TaylorUse the “Internet” to keep in touch with your clients; it is very inexpensive and efficient. You can use your Blackberry or your computer to do this; E-mails, Facebook, Twitter…….

Remember, Keep it Simple:

All you need is a little bit of your time; creativity; and your clients e-mail addresses.

Once a Month:

Send out a simple 1/2 page email, containing:

  • A Greeting = 1 sentence
  • Information that is interesting about your products or services, that can help your clients = 2-3 sentences
  • A Special Offer = 1 sentence
  • Always add a Referral Incentive = 1 sentence
  • All of your contact information; including your physical address, with zip code and phone # with area code.

No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your products more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives.
Author: Robert G Allen

Do Not Be Embarrassed!
I know it is hard to write something and then let everyone read it.

But, the main thing is; do not WORRY about PERFECTION, just be yourself.

In your email focus only on "Helping" your clients; Talking to your clients, just like you talk to your friends.

Start “Building” Your Data Base and "Writing" your January 1st E-mail Today, so you can get Your Holiday Clients Coming Back in January and February and in March.........

With love,
Tammy Taylor

Proverbs 3:13
Happy is the person who finds wisdom and gains understanding.