Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Consistency: Boring?

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Consistency: Boring?

Consistency is how we build our business
Consistency is how we create good leadership
Consistency is how we raise our children
Consistency is how we further our education
Consistency is how we stay healthy

Consistency gives our life balance and keeps us grounded. Tammy Taylor

We know we need consistency each day, but we get bored;
Excitement is what we want!

Here is good little story:
The Ants and the Grasshopper
The ants were busy every day working - carrying one grain at a time and storing away for winter. The grasshopper just wanted some excitement and to have fun; he thought the ants were boring.

Months passed; the grasshopper had been having lots of fun and the ants had just kept working consistently; and then when winter came the ants had plenty of food and the grasshopper was dying of hunger.

-Now I don’t want to be the ants or the grasshopper I want to have Excitement and fun and I want the results of consistent behavior without the boredom of consistency.
I want both!

We have a little saying in our family "every day can't be a party", which to us means we can't eat Chocolate fudge sundays everyday, but we can once a week; or we can't be lazy and just play video games all day, but we can for just a little while each day; or we can't skip working out every day, but we can skip it once a week.

I call it the 80/20 RULE

I use 80/20 RULE with a lot of things and it is really pretty accurate.

I need a healthy balance of Consistency and Excitement
80% Consistency (the Now) and 20% Excitement (the WOW)

The WOW can be anything we want to make exciting.
In our job we know we have to do our everyday responsibilities, but we need to set apart time to have some fun at work, and to work on NEW and Exciting things.

A business has to have 80% Consistency (the NOW) in order to run smoothly, but it also needs the 20% Excitement (the WOW), so people do not get bored.

Clients and employees like the 80% Consistency (the NOW), because they can depend on it; Consistency makes them feel secure, but they also need the 20% Excitement (the WOW), or they will get bored and look for excitement somewhere else.

If 8O% is Excitement (the WOW) and only 20% Consistency (the NOW), then you will not have a solid company; the infrastructure will be weak and there is no consistency making clients and employees feel insecure.

For example: When building a house that is made to last, about 80% of the budget has to be to build a strong, firm foundation and infrastructure, then about 20% of the budget, the WOW, can be for the cosmetics, the special things that make it different and special from the rest.

If it was built with only 20% spent on a firm foundation and infrastructure, and 80% was all cosmetic, superficially just to look good, it will come crumbling down.

Another Example:
How about when we are building a beautiful set of sculptured nails in one hour:
60 minutes x 80% = 48 minutes of our time will be spent on Consistency, building the strong foundation and structure so the nails will last.
And 20% = 12 minutes of our time will be spent on the WOW, customizing the shape and the color for each customer.

The structure and the Consistency is the same for every client but the WOW; the shape and the color is customized for every client.

So we NEED BOTH; we NEED Consistency (the NOW), and we NEED Excitement (the WOW), or nothing we do will have balance.

Keeping things in perspective with the 80/20 rule: Can help give us the Excitement we need to keep us from getting bored, and the Consistency, the structure and the security that we need for balance.
Yes, We Can Have Both!

With love,
Tammy Taylor

Ecclesiastes 5:19
And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life that is indeed a gift from God.