Thursday, October 22, 2009

Master Educator Class, October, 2009

Tammy Taylor Master Educator Class, October, 2009
Tammy Taylor Master Educator Class
Left to right Back row-
Maria Penaloza, Kristi Simpson, Pamela Taylor, Debra Ilcken, Kim Holt, Geisha Samples, Scott Swanke, Jodi Harris, Teresa Tobin, Debbie Hummel, Bevin Niehaus, Deana Mclean, Elina Cavazos, Arcelia Castillo, Dixie White - Front Row: Chrissi Winter, Hollie Swanke, Mary Stokus, Tammy Taylor, Ed Taylor, Sr., Karina Penaloza, Janet Melton

Congratulations to the NEW Master Educator’s! This elite group of men and women spent 3 days training with Tammy Taylor. Their enthusiasm and skill set were amazing. Each Master Educator worked diligently to meet the requirements to get to this point. They understand the importance of furthering their education and they followed Tammy’s MOTTO: “whether you have to drive or fly just do it!” And they did. We are proud to have each and every one of the Master Educators representing Tammy Taylor Nails.
Deana Mclean-MN
Deana Mclean-MN

Deana Mclean was really enjoying floating her brush with Tammy’s Soak-Off Gel.
Chrissi Winter-NC/ Janet Melton-VA/ Debbie Hummel- ID
Chrissi Winter-NC/ Janet Melton-VA/ Debbie Hummel- ID

They were definitely enjoying the gel nail party! It’s like frosting a cake!

Our Master Educator Training came to an end too soon; we had many laughs and learned a lot!

... I had the most fabulous time, thank you for everything, I learned so much, gained confidence in myself, met wonderful people, made new friends and joined a wonderful family, the Tammy Taylor family! I can’t thank you enough for this experience. It was such a pleasure meeting you, You are an inspiration :) thank you, thank you, thank you... - Jodi Harris

Keep your eyes peeled; you might see one of these amazing Master Educators teaching a class near you soon!!

Have a great nail day,
Mary Stokus
Director of Education
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