Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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"MANDATORY TIME OUT" (a day to relax, even if there are a million things that need to get done)

Busy people need to have at least one day a week to relax, to re-energize and to get organized for the week.

"Burn brightly, without burning out." – Author- Richard Biggs

I realized how fast of a pace we live in when a couple of years ago my Tammy Tayloryoungest son, who was 13 at the time, and my nephew who was 12, were sitting in the back seat of my SUV with a couple of their friends and they were saying: "this school year is flying by so fast, it seems like we just started school and it is almost summer".

When I heard this I was shocked, I remembered back when I was a kid and time just crawled by, I never thought school would end, and it seemed like forever before summer was here; then when summer finally came, half way through I didn't think summer would ever end. Everything just seemed to move at a slower pace.

This is really something to think about. Have you ever heard the saying "when you are really busy, time flies", but I knew we were way to busy when time was flying by so fast, even my children were feeling it.

I got so wound up with the fast pace of the world I was creating the same fast pace for my family, so I started slowing down my pace and my families pace with my mandatory "TIME OUT DAY" (the day to relax, even if there are a million things that need to get done)

My children and my husband need this down-time to relax, just as much as I do, and even though they don’t like mandatory "TIME OUT DAY", I know they need it.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."
Author- Sydney J. Harris

My "TIME OUT DAY" also helped me at work, because I didn’t come to work tired anymore.

When I am not tired, I have More patience, More Productivity and I am More Positive and More Creative.

We must organize our time and be the master of our time, rather than becoming a slave to the constant demands on our time, or we are going to wear ourselves out. I know I have to put everything into perspective every day, and only do the important things that need to get done that day first; if there is any time left I can fit in a couple of little extra things, but I do not allow myself to get over scheduled.

When we are NOT Organized: we feel like we have too much going on, and we get tired and overwhelmed easier.

When we ARE Organized: we get more done in less time, and we are less tired.

Have you ever heard the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person".

The busier someone is, the more organized they have to be; if they were not organized they would be exhausted and not able to do half as much as they do.

Being organized also means organizing FREE TIME just to RELAX.

A busy person has to schedule in time to relax, or they will be like the energizer bunny when the battery wears down: they just collapse.

This is the way I get the extra time I need to continue to have my "TIME OUT DAY" every week: I use a little part of my "TIME OUT DAY" to get my week organized, and getting organized makes my week more productive. This in turn gives me the extra time I need.

This is what I do on my average, mandatory "TIME OUT DAY":

#1. I have to rest (no schedule allowed)

#2. I Make my list of what needs to get done that next week (organizing the everyday responsibilities)

#3. I Make my list of the extra stuff that I need to get done that next week (organizing the special projects or appointments etc…) When my schedule is full (that is when I say no more), I put what is left onto the following weeks list.

What I have found by making myself take one mandatory "TIME OUT DAY" a week, I get more done in those other 6 days than I use to get done in 10 days, because I am not tired and I am more organized.

Have a Great Week.
With love,
Tammy Taylor

Hebrews 4:10

For he who has entered into his rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from his.

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