Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too much to do, then DO LESS...

Too much to do, then DO LESS!

Do you ever have one of those weeks with so much to do at work you feel tired before your week even starts?

How do you get everything done and get through it?

  • Un-clutter your mind by sitting down with "nothing" in front of you but a pad of paper and a pen.

  • Then, write down your First TOP 10 things you need do this week, BUT not just any TOP 10, ONLY THE TOP 10 things that MAKE YOU MONEY.

  • If it does not MAKE MONEY you cannot do it this week.

Tammy Taylor"I was explaining this to one of my friends who owns her own business, and she got a little upset with me for saying focus on what makes money. She said; but Tammy, only focusing on money, isn't that greedy or too materialistic! What about my family and all of the other stuff I have to get done. I don't really like to think that I would put money before these other priorities.

I then explained to her our families are always our priority, so that is why you especially need to follow THE TOP 10 things that MAKE YOU MONEY list. We have to take care of our families, especially in these economic times; it takes even more money to pay for just the necessities our family has to have. And, when you are at work, if you are only focused on THE TOP 10 things that MAKE YOU MONEY, you do not have any wasted time spent on gossip, being unorganized or not being productive. You will actually get more done; make more money; and get home to your family earlier, to spend more time with them. Then she understood what I was talking about, and said she can definitely see how this would keep her more on track and keep her away from getting wrapped up in petty stuff that takes too much time and energy."

What needs to get done First?

1. Make your TOP 10 list of things that will MAKE YOU MONEY this week.
If it does not make you money, it does not get on your list this week.

2. Let Things Happen this week.
Let it happen first; then react to each situation as it comes up.

3. Sit Quietly, and Think about each thing you do, before you do it this week.
Is there a smarter, quicker, or more productive way of doing it?

4. Take a Break about every hour, for Only 2-3 minutes this week, just to clear your head.
Do not talk to anyone, or do anything; just walk outside and breathe.

Theologian Martin Luther knew what it was like to have too much to do when he said: "I have so much to do today; I’ll need to spend another hour on my knees."

With love,

Tammy Taylor