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1st Week of a 4 Week Series...

1st Week of a 4 Week Series:Tammy Taylor

"EVERYTHING YOU Need To Know About Doing Beautiful Nails with Tammy
Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel"

"You have all been receiving your Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel Kits and your Nails are looking GREAT!"

I know this is all new to you and you have a lot of questions so I am doing a 4 week email Series on "EVERYTHING YOU Need To Know About Doing Beautiful Nails With Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel".

Each week I will be ANSWERING QUESTIONS, going over TECHNIQUES and explaining PROCEDURES. After you read your email each week print it out and save it in a Tammy Taylor Folder so you can always find it. Then you will be able to go to your Tammy Taylor Folder every time you have a question but do not have access to a computer, this is especially useful when you are at the Salon."

Have a Great Nail Day,

Tammy Taylor

The 5 Most Important Techniques you need to remember when doing Tammy Taylor Nail Gels:

1 - Floating Your Brush – This is the technique you use with your brush when applying Nail Gel.

  • To float means to hover the tip of your brush over the gel, lightly touching gel, the gel will follow the brush with hardly any pressure (use the touch of a feather). When working with gel think of applying frosting to a cake; if you press too hard you will put holes in your frosting and the cake will come through.

2 - Circular Motion – Use for Building gel up on the nail and for Moving gel around the nail without making the gel nail thin.
  • Apply a ball of gel to the nail and Float the brush on top of the gel, moving the tip of the brush in a circular motion. Again, think about frosting a cake when you move your spatula in a circular motion, you can build a little mound or a peak in your frosting; when you move your brush in a circular motion you build a little mound or peak in your gel.

3 - Stroking Motion – Use for Smoothing and Thinning out the gel on the nail.
Apply a ball of gel to the nail and Float the brush on top of the gel, lightly stroking out gel.

  • Again, thinking of frosting on a cake, when you are smoothing out your sides and lightly blending the frosting so it is even all the way around the cake, it is the same with the gel, use your brush in a light smooth stroking motion to smooth and blend.

4 - Quick Cure - a 15-30 second cure that hardens the gel just enough to stop the gel from moving; use this technique to create perfect white free-edges and to build arches in the nail.

  • Use a 36 watt UV Lamp.

5 - Full Cure – a 2 minute cure that completely hardens the gel.

  • Use a Full Cure after every layer of gel.

How to Build an Arch -
Make sure your Ball of Gel is big enough, about a medium size ball; to Build an arch put the ball of gel in that area; Floating your brush and using your circular motion, build it into a little mound with a peak, then let it settle just a little to where you want it, then do a QUICK CURE.
Do this on each nail, then do a FULL 2 Minute cure.

  • Important: Use a 36 watt UV Lamp with four 9 watt bulbs.

How to do a Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Gel Overlay over a plastic nail-tip:
I suggest doing an overlay on the natural nail instead of using a plastic
nail-tip whenever possible as I think it makes a prettier nail.


  • Prepare the natural nail and plastic nail-tip just like you would if you were doing a plastic nail-tip with an acrylic overlay.

  • Buff the natural nail with the Buff-It 180 buffer

  • Clean off the natural nail with a Wipe-It moistened with Clean-It

  • Glue on the plastic nail-tip using Tammy Taylor Tip and Repair Glue

  • Clip the plastic nail-tip to shorten (do not make the plastic nail-tip more than ¼ inch long as the gel is flexible and works better on a short tip)

  • File the plastic nail-tip flush with the natural nail and shape the free-edge to desired shape with the Shape-It 180 File

  • Dust off the nail with a plastic manicure brush

Then Starting at Step 6, on the Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Gel application procedure; Apply Bond-It 2 times and let the Bond-It dry.

Continue on with the application of Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Gel.

How to “Soak Off” Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel:

Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel soaks off in little chunks, separating it from the natural nail; it does not get soft and gooey like acrylic nails.

The fastest easiest way to “Soak Off” the Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel:

  1. File the gel on nail down 50% to break the seal; this is very fast because the Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel is really easy to file.

    a. Be careful not to file the natural nail.

  2. Place nails in only enough acetone to cover the nails completely.

    a. Add a few drops of Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil in the acetone to keep skin from getting too dry.

  3. Let nails soak for 10 minutes; then file off all of the softened gel.

    a. Be careful not to file the natural nail.

  4. Let nails soak 5 more minutes; then scratch off the surface of the softened gel with a cuticle pusher; the gel should easily chip off in little chunks.

    a. Be careful; do not pry off gel; if gel is not soft enough, then soak it 5 more minutes, or until gel is soft enough.

  5. Once Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Nail Gel is completely removed; apply Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil to nails and buff with the Tammy Taylor Buff-It 180 Gel Buffer.

  6. Wash hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly.

  7. Proceed with Nail service.

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