Friday, May 15, 2009



Do you ever get in those bad moods, where you just want to fight with someone and not anyone in particular? You are just cranky and having a bad day.

These moods can cause a lot of problems, especially when you are in a people business, where you have to be around people, to do your job.

"The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.."
Dennis S. Brown

Well, I had one of those moods this week, and I started thinking about; if I have these days, then a lot of people have these days; and I was wondering what they do to snap themselves out of it; so I started asking around"

"What do you do to turn around a bad day?"
Well to say the least, this was really fun, the array of answers were pretty random, and sometimes as different as black and white, but in some ways there was also a lot of similarities.

I wanted ideas on how the average person deals with things, not a psychologist.

I feel when we use our natural intuitiveness; we can figure these things out naturally. And, I think all of us can relate to this a lot easier.

Caution: Try to stay by yourself until your mood changes so you do not say or do anything you will regret.

I got some great answers that I felt would help all of us, the next time “WE WANNA’ FIGHT”. And, the best thing is, most of these answers are things that we can do in 30 minutes or less, and they don't have to cost a cent.

MP says: I listen to really good dance music, and I like to watch romantic comedy's that make me feel happy.

YC says: I put on all of my best jewelry; get in a nice hot bath with a box of chocolates very nearby; and I read an Autobiography. Then I realize their life is so much more complicated than mine and how wonderful my life really is.
I talk to my really good friends who always make me feel better, and say positive things to me. I don't believe I could get through these times without my family, and really good friends who love me.

MK says: I listen to music from when I was in High school, when I had no responsibility and life was simpler

TT says: I like to go for a drive to the ocean in my convertible, so I can feel the sun and smell the ocean air. I grew up at the beach and this brings back great memories that turn my mood around fast.

EP says: I like to journal and I like to remember happy times in my life. I make plans to do something fun after work or on the weekend and just planning and thinking about it makes me happy.

MS says: I like to go to the local coffee house (Starbucks) and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and people watch. Or, I like to call an old girlfriend or college buddy and catch up; and I like to get a massage on a whim!

RM says: Now that I am older I give myself 10 minutes just to wallow in self pity, and then I say no more; I need to get on with my day. When I was younger I would wallow in self pity for days, but it never did any good, it just made me more miserable.

TT says: I read the book of John in the Bible, it has a calming effect on me and it makes me feel refreshed.

ME says: I listen to the Christian radio channel K-WAVE on my way to work and on my way home from work every day, and it helps keep me from getting in a bad mood.

RR says: I ride my Harley as fast as I can to get my heart thumping; and I like to go into the kitchen and cook with my wife.

GM says: I go to a quiet spot and I pray for God to give me patience, so I do not get mad and start a fight with someone.

TP says: I like to do word searches and play solitaire.

ET says: A walk helps, like walking my dog; going into the garage and building something crazy, or lay down and read a book…

TJ says: I like to sometimes just have a few hours on a bad day just zoning out in front of the TV, when they have the marathons on. Like Bonanza or the Outer Limits, and the old stand-by of getting some ice cream and eating it right out of the tub! That is: for the ladies that don’t watch their weight like they should, like me. Indulgence is always great in small quantities, because if we did it all the time it wouldn’t be as fun.

BEB says: I polish my toes and then wear high heels. It makes me feel pretty.

TT says: I pray about everything that is bothering me, and then I let it go.

ERT says: I take a deep breath and Stop and think, before I say anything that is going to make it worse.

DKM says: If I'm having a blue day, I take a drive and look at all the beautiful things around me, like the beautiful mountains and the ocean; and in that time you can see others in their everyday life; and you’re bound to find something that will make you smile, or make you realize that what you’re down about is not as bad as it may seem. Believe me, there is nothing we need to be more thankful for than our health, at any given moment it can be gone! So don't put your values on the monetary things in life, but appreciate all the beautiful people, your surroundings and your family, the things that matter the most is what matters most!!!

Y and P say:
We go outside and enjoy nature, when the sunlight touches our bodies it energizes us.

NH says: memory creating…..some of my best memory makers is getting up on a Sunday, when I could sleep in , instead I get my daughter, our swimsuits and reading material, sheets..etc., and head to the gulf. This is a big deal, because we are not going to worry about the laundry and cleaning, NOT TO MENTION I'M ENORMOUS IN MY SWIMSUIT…no no , not going to think about that. Just going to get bottled water, and bagels, and watch the sun come up and enjoy the surf, and watch dolphins! Every time I have gone to do this, the dolphins show up. Its magic

PD says: I take 5-10 minutes and stretch my legs, back and arms... While I am doing this, I think of 5 things that make me lucky to have the great life I have, and I think of my friends.

YM says: I like to spend time with my children, usually their innocence, joy and hunger for life rubs off on me and makes me count my blessings… I like to put on my favorite outfit and go to the Salon to get my hair done… and then ask my better half on a date. I like to eat my favorite food,

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln

As you were reading through all of the different answers, did you notice they were all saying a lot of the same things, but in different ways.

Be by yourself, re-energize your battery - A lot of times, these moods are caused by doing too much and expecting too much from ourselves.

  • Go outside and enjoy the fresh air, and take a 15 minute walk

  • Go for a 15 minute drive, and listen to your favorite channel

  • Go to a quiet spot and pray, even if you just sit in your car

  • Read for 15 minutes, or at least one page from a positive book, a book that makes you smile

  • Write for 15 minutes in your journal

  • Think about 5 good things in your life

  • Call a good Friend who loves you

  • Take a 30 minute power nap

  • Do something for yourself that makes you feel pampered

  • Turn on the music that makes you feel happy

  • Make plans for something fun, to do in the future

  • Get around positive people

  • Do something creative with your hands

  • Do something that brings back good memories, like cooking, going to a special place you used to go when you were a kid, listening to your high school music.

  • Do something that makes you appreciate your life, like spend time with those who are less fortunate.

Meditate on: whatever things are true, whatever things [are] noble, whatever things [are] just, whatever things [are] pure, whatever things [are] lovely, whatever things [are] of good report, if [there is] any virtue and if [there is] anything praiseworthy--meditate on these things.

Philippians 4:8

Murphy's plough-(This is a good little story that I think we can all relate to at least one time in our life.)

McGinty, a farmer, needed to plough his field before the dry spell set in, but his own plough had broken.

"I know, I'll ask my neighbor, farmer Murphy, to borrow his plough. He's a good man; I'm sure he'll have done his ploughing by now and he'll be glad to lend me his machine."

So McGinty began to walk the three fields to Murphy's farm.

After a field of walking, McGinty says to himself, "I hope that Murphy has finished all his own ploughing or he'll not be able to lend me his machine..."

Then after a few more minutes of worrying and walking, McGinty says to himself, "And what if Murphy's plough is old and on its last legs - he'll never be wanting to lend it to me will he?.."

And after another field, McGinty says, "Murphy was never a very helpful fellow, I reckon maybe he won't be too keen to lend me his plough even if it's in perfect working order and he's finished all his own ploughing weeks ago....."

As McGinty arrives at Murphy's farm, McGinty is thinking, "That old Murphy can be a mean old fellow. I reckon even if he's got all his ploughing done, and his own machine is sitting there doing nothing, he'll not lend it to me just to watch me go to ruin..."

McGinty walks up Murphy's front path, knocks on the door, and Murphy answers.

"Well good morning Mr McGinty, what can I do for you?" says Murphy.

And McGinty says, with eyes bulging, "You can take your bloody plough, and !#%#! up your !!%%##!!!!!!

Do you still ‘wanna’ fight?

with love,

Tammy Taylor