Saturday, March 14, 2009

50% of a SUCCESSFUL Nail Business is...

Tammy Taylor50% of a SUCCESSFUL Nail Business is Talking to Your Clients, and Building a Friendship

"One of the BEST Assets you have, is you are a people person, and People LIKE YOU. This is why you are a SUCCESSFUL Nail Tech; your clients love being around you, and they love talking to you! Being a person that your client looks forward to talking with every 2 weeks is very special; this is a talent, Do Not Underestimate yourself. Remember: 50% of a SUCCESSFUL Nail Business is Talking to Your Clients and Building a Friendship."Tammy Taylor

We are human and we need relationships and friendships; it is how we are made; this is why the chat rooms are so popular; people love to talk and have interaction with other people.

But: What is missing is the “personal touch”.

The personal touch is what we Nail Techs can give; we can give the personal touch along with a friendship. With everything being so computerized, we barely have to leave our house once we get home from work; we can do almost everything via internet.

Build a Friendship:

But, the one thing that can't be done by computer is nails; so when our clients come to us to get their nails done, we need to really take this time to build a friendship; clients want a friendship and someone to talk to.

Client/Friend Relationship:
  • Having a client/friend relationship does not mean doing social things outside of the Salon; this is not a good idea.

  • Having a client/friend relationship means: You care about your client and her nails, while she is in your Salon.

  • Be there for her and let her talk… You only need to ask questions and let your client do the talking.

Being a friend/confidant to your client, means never telling anyone what your client talks about (you are like a Psychologist; Therapy $40.00 an hour and your nails are done free).

When your client can trust that you do not tell anyone, she will be even more loyal to you.

Talking & Listening:

Everyone needs someone to talk to that is not part of their family or inner circle; so they can vent and not worry about someone finding out or getting their feelings hurt.

Being able to express themselves to you; a non-bias friend who is not going to judge them or tell anyone; is a really a good feeling for your client and it builds her loyalty to you.

Some Pointers on How to Build a Stronger Client/Friend Relationship:

  • LISTEN to your client!

  • Encourage your client to express themselves so they feel relaxed talking to you.

  • Do Not: try to fix your clients problems; just listen and encourage them.

  • Do Not: get involved in their personal life; just encourage and listen.

  • Be your client’s cheerleader.

  • Do Not: talk about your problems, but…

    - DO talk about everything good in your life.

  • Do Not: take advantage of your client because she is your friend; always be on time, and do not ask her to move her appointment, unless it is an emergency; and always repair her broken nails immediately.

  • Always charge Full price, and make them pay at the time of service; then there is never any argument about money.

Always remember:

Talking to your clients and having a friendship is one of your best advantages to set you apart from other Salons; and, it comes naturally. Just have fun and make friends, and you will have a successful business, and you will love going to work every day.

Have a Great Nail Day,Tammy Taylor

This is a favorite quote of mine.

"Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait to hear the answer."