Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Ever Forget: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!!

Don't Ever Forget: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!!Tammy Taylor

"We are in the Beauty business and even when the economy is tough, we will have job security. The main thing is, to NOT just sit and wait; this does not work! If we sit and wait for the business to come to us: Then we could be waiting a long time. So, let's get started with our Creativity, Energy and Motivation today. You are more Amazing and more Industrious than
Tammy Tayloryou think."

Let's just go through some of your accomplishments:

  • Nail School and Practice, Practice, Practice…

You Started Nail School and You Finished Nail School; this was a big challenge. You had to be a self motivator, or you never would have graduated. Think back, just in order to get all of your practical done, how many people you rounded up to practice nails on; you practiced on anyone you could talk into it, Grandma, Mom, Sister, Neighbor, Friends and other students. What would have happened if you had just sat there, and did not find your own models? You would NOT have had anyone to do nails on. BUT, you did not just sit and wait: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

  • Starting out in a Salon…

You started in a Salon, fresh out of Nail School, with no clue what the real Salon world was like. A rookie, and scared to death when you had to walk into your first Salon and ask for a job; and then the owner wanted a nail demo. Did you almost run out and say “I can't do this”? Probably, but you didn't, you DID the demo. Now, most likely you did not get the first
job you interviewed for; so you had to keep going from Salon to Salon, doing interviews and demos. What would have happened if you hadn't kept going, and you just sat and waited for someone to call you? You would probably still be waiting, right?


  • Building up your Clientele…

You had to start your clientele from scratch: Not only with NO clients, but no nail experience, no business experience, and no money. What if you would have just sat in the Salon and did nothing to promote yourself? You would probably still be waiting.


You did all of this, and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

  • You survived…

Say to yourself right now: “I survived all of this and I made a good business for myself; I will not only survive in this new tougher economy, but I will THRIVE and SHINE”! Because: I have experience this time, and I am not starting from zero. If I put just half as much CREATIVITY, ENERGY and MOTIVATION into my business now, that it took for me to start Nail School; Get through Nail School; Finish Nail School; Find my First Salon Job; Do my first real paying customer; and Build my own clientele, etc., then I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! AGAIN!

  • You did it…

Never Forget: YOU are AMAZING; YOU did all of this and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE; and “YOU” MADE IT HAPPEN!

with love,

Tammy Taylor

I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes by Mother Theresa:

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."