Friday, February 6, 2009

2-week standing Appointments are the FOUNDATION of your business

2-week standing Appointments are the FOUNDATION of your business
Tammy Taylor

2-week standing appointments are your bread & butter clients and the backbone of your business; the more 2-week steady clients you have, the more stable and dependable the
foundation of your business will be.

When clients come in every 2 weeks, a relationship is built; it is not just about getting their nails done, it is about you.
Always remember your 2-week clients are the most loyal and they LOVE you the most.The more clients you can get to come in every 2 weeks, the more solid your clientele will be.

A clientele that is built on full sets or fill-ins only ONCE a month, is a very FRAGILE clientele that can fade away quickly.

Think about which one of these client type groups best describes most of your clientele:
The client that comes in once a month with all their nails picked off?
The client that comes in every 4 weeks for their fill, and their nails are grown half way out their nail-bed?
The client who calls at the last minute and says, "it's ok if you can't fit me in, whoever can get me in today can do my nails."

(Most likely these clients have not built a loyalty and a relationship with you)
The client who comes in every 2 weeks for a standing appt?

If most of your clients fit into GROUP A then...You need to re-build the foundation of your business to make it stronger and dependable.
You need to start Re-Training your 4-week clients; because you have trained them to be bad clients and it is not their fault.
  • Clients will come in every 2 weeks and take better care of their nails if they are educated why they should, and you need to do extra INCENTIVES to motivate them.
  • Do not get discouraged if you have some untrained clients; we have plenty of time, but we need to start today, ONE client at a time.
  • New clients will be easier because you can train them the right way from the start.
  • For your existing clients, you need to start out slowly moving them towards every 2 weeks.
  • You might need to schedule them for 3 weeks first, and get them use to pre-scheduling; then go to 2 weeks later on.
  • Book your clients before they leave!!!
  • Never get too busy or forget to re-Book your Clients, or it will take you TWICE as long to build a solid foundation.


Give your clients more value than what they are paying for.
Always give more, never give less.
Be in your salon the times that working women need their appts.
- Clients need appts after work and on weekends.- If you work 9-5, these are the same hours your clients work: When are you going to fit them?- To build a solid clientele, you need to have set hours that you work, so clients will be as dependable as you are.- When you commit to certain days & hours in advance, then your clients are going to commit to these hours and be more dependable.

I know clients like to call at the last minute but, THEY NEED TO BE RE-TRAINED.

Do an INCENTIVE PROGRAM for 2-week standings only.
  • REMEMBER: Clients that do not book 2 weeks in advance, do not qualify for these INCENTIVES, no exceptions this is a reward.
I made a list of INCENTIVES for you to start with right away; then you can come up with more ideas as you get in the groove.
2-Week Clients qualify for these special INCENTIVES:

  • All broken nails are repaired FREE
  • They Do Not pay extra for full sets (at 3-month Soak-Off times); charge the same as a fill; just make sure they come in an hour before and soak off, or they can soak off at home .
  • They receive one extra service a month for 1/2 price
    Example: Give your clients a pedicure ONE time a month for HALF price
    NOTE: Make their standing appt. the same price every 2 weeks so it is easy for them
    to fit it into their budget.
    Now let's get started building a strong foundation today, one client at a time.

with love,
Tammy Taylor

P.S. A thought this week...
Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.- Ella Fitzgerald