Friday, January 30, 2009

Healthy Nails with Acrylics

Hi Girls,Tammy Taylor
Keeping Clients nails Beautiful is our Job.
We need to educate our clients, that all of the extra work and care we take doing their nails, is to promote healthy natural fingernails, no matter how many years they wear their acrylic nails.
"I have worn my acrylic nails for 27 years without taking them off, except to soak them off and put on a new full set; and my natural fingernails are still in great shape. I could put on polish and get a manicure and you would not see any damage to my
natural fingernail".
Tammy Taylor

We need to Educate our clients about:
  • Why soaking off their acrylic nails and not picking off their acrylic nails is important.

  • Why we do not use drills on top of the natural fingernails.

  • Why we use "Professional Use Only" products.

  • How everything we do, is to insure their natural fingernails stay stronger and healthier; than if they went to another Nail Tech who did not practice the same techniques.
"Remember, Clients need to know that you are very special and you care about the health and beauty of their natural fingernails and their acrylic nails. Let your Clients know your Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Products are "Professional Use Only" products, and the owner Tammy Taylor, tests all of her nail products before they are packaged, to make sure when you get them, they are the very best quality products available."

Why do you need to soak off?
Acrylic nails get old after 3-6 months because they are plastic. They get brittle and yellow, just like if you leave a plastic bowl out in the sun and cold, it gets yellow and brittle. Acrylic nails need to be replaced every 3-6 months to keep them fresh; and without discoloring, cracking, breaking or lifting.
  • When acrylic nails get old, it is harder for you to do fills' in under an hour, because there are more repairs.

  • When Clients soak off every 3-6 months their nails stay beautiful and repair free.

  • When Clients soak off every 3-6 months, it is better for the Nail Tech, because it is easier to do fills' on new nails.

  • When the natural fingernail gets thin, it is harder for acrylic to adhere. This is why I like to soak off only 2-3 times a year, so it will not weaken or damage my fingernails.

  • Clients who pick or chew off their nails every month and get a new Full set, are more prone to fungus; because the natural fingernail gets very weak, making it is easy to lift up, off the nail-bed.

  • This is the same thing drills do to the natural fingernail: When the drill is used on the natural fingernail, it thins the fingernail and creates heat. Drilling off layers of natural fingernail makes the natural fingernail thinner, and again making the natural fingernail prone to fungus. Thinning of the natural fingernail also makes it difficult for the acrylic to adhere to the natural fingernail because it is so thin.

  • It does not take any extra time to etch the natural fingernail with a 100-grit file than with a drill, and you keep the natural fingernail healthier and stronger
How to soak Off:Soaking off acrylic nails is easy. Have the Client come in 1 hour before her appointment and soak off in the Salon, so her nails are ready when you are, or the Client can soak off the night before."I prefer for clients to soak off their acrylic nails in the Salon, so I can make sure they do not pick them off or chew them off; because this shreds the natural fingernail making it very thin".
  • Clip off the free-edges first; then soak the acrylic nails in acetone. Use a glass bowl and put about 2 inches of acetone in the bowl and a few drops of cuticle oil, so the fingers do not get too dried out. Put a towel over the top of the bowl while the acrylic nails are submerged, to keep it warmer and to soak off faster. Warning: Never heat acetone it is highly flammable.

Have A Great Nail Day
with love,

Tammy Taylor

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