Friday, January 2, 2009

Let’s Shine in 2009...

Let’s Shine in 2009

Tammy Taylor
We need to stay POSITIVE and not
listen to all of the negatives
around us. We can have a Terrific
2009 if we can stay focused on what
our goals are, and not get
influenced by the media. I have been
through many economic lows, and the
ONE thing I KNOW is that if I do not
give in or give up, that I get
better every time and the experience
always makes me a better business
woman. We need to use this as an
extra motivation to step it up and
get better. We need to focus on our
own business more than ever and stay
away from the doomsday complainers;
because these are usually the same
people that complained when the
economy was good.

Wherever doors close new doors will open. We have some great opportunities coming our way. As the economy gets a little tougher, more women have to go back to work, and when women work outside the home they need to have their nails looking nice. More women are out in the public eye, going to business meetings and greeting clients; and having nails just helps give them that extra confidence.

So, what can we do to get better and make more money?

First of all: Do not get overwhelmed thinking about tomorrow;
think about today only and what you can do today. If you get up in the morning and go to the Salon and say “I am going to stay in the Salon for 8 hours today, even if I do not have a client.” This might seem like it is not productive at first but what you will find is there are a lot of things you can do while you are there, even if you do not have clients.

MAKE your list of 12 things you can do in your Salon when you do not have a client.

Some examples:
  • Write out birthday cards to your clients

  • Call all of your clients scheduled for the next day and confirm their appt

  • Help answer phones

  • Repair broken nails

  • Practice on your practice sheet

  • Clean out your station and keep an inventory of your products, so you do not run out.

  • Etc…

You will be amazed by just being in your Salon how successful and busy you will be, and how many clients you will have because you are there.

So; Let’s make this a Prosperous
New Year!

With love,Tammy Taylor