Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Ever Forget: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!!

Don't Ever Forget: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!!Tammy Taylor

"We are in the Beauty business and even when the economy is tough, we will have job security. The main thing is, to NOT just sit and wait; this does not work! If we sit and wait for the business to come to us: Then we could be waiting a long time. So, let's get started with our Creativity, Energy and Motivation today. You are more Amazing and more Industrious than
Tammy Tayloryou think."

Let's just go through some of your accomplishments:

  • Nail School and Practice, Practice, Practice…

You Started Nail School and You Finished Nail School; this was a big challenge. You had to be a self motivator, or you never would have graduated. Think back, just in order to get all of your practical done, how many people you rounded up to practice nails on; you practiced on anyone you could talk into it, Grandma, Mom, Sister, Neighbor, Friends and other students. What would have happened if you had just sat there, and did not find your own models? You would NOT have had anyone to do nails on. BUT, you did not just sit and wait: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

  • Starting out in a Salon…

You started in a Salon, fresh out of Nail School, with no clue what the real Salon world was like. A rookie, and scared to death when you had to walk into your first Salon and ask for a job; and then the owner wanted a nail demo. Did you almost run out and say “I can't do this”? Probably, but you didn't, you DID the demo. Now, most likely you did not get the first
job you interviewed for; so you had to keep going from Salon to Salon, doing interviews and demos. What would have happened if you hadn't kept going, and you just sat and waited for someone to call you? You would probably still be waiting, right?


  • Building up your Clientele…

You had to start your clientele from scratch: Not only with NO clients, but no nail experience, no business experience, and no money. What if you would have just sat in the Salon and did nothing to promote yourself? You would probably still be waiting.


You did all of this, and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE: YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

  • You survived…

Say to yourself right now: “I survived all of this and I made a good business for myself; I will not only survive in this new tougher economy, but I will THRIVE and SHINE”! Because: I have experience this time, and I am not starting from zero. If I put just half as much CREATIVITY, ENERGY and MOTIVATION into my business now, that it took for me to start Nail School; Get through Nail School; Finish Nail School; Find my First Salon Job; Do my first real paying customer; and Build my own clientele, etc., then I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! AGAIN!

  • You did it…

Never Forget: YOU are AMAZING; YOU did all of this and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE; and “YOU” MADE IT HAPPEN!

with love,

Tammy Taylor

I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes by Mother Theresa:

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do You Want To Be Booked Solid?

Tammy TaylorDo You Want To Be Booked Solid?
And Doing Beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails?

"Doing Sculptured Nails with nail forms, not nail tips, will take time and dedication; to practicing and continuing your education. But, it is worth it because Tammy Taylor Nails Technicians who can do beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails can name their price! And, I have never met a Tammy Taylor Nail Technician yet, who does beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails, who is not booked.

I have received thousands of requests from the public looking for Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians who do Beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails but I need more Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians to help meet these demands."
Tammy Taylor

  • Have you or anyone you know been trying to build a nail business for more than 6 months but are not booked solid yet? Do advertisements bring business in, but the clients do not return?
  • Business has not quickly shown growth, returning clients and positive feedback like, "My nails never looked this good before and I can't wait to tell my friends"; then let's look at the quality of your nails first.
If your business is not growing stronger and busier every day, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning how to do Beautiful Pink & White Tammy Taylor Sculptured Nails.

Are you serious about wanting to build a clientele and making more money? If so, you need to change the way you are going about it.
Welcome to the Tammy Taylor Team. We will help you with everything you need to do Beautiful Nails and be Booked Solid.You can count on ALL of my Educators and me as your Personal "Success Coaches"!

Remember you do not have to purchase anything or use Tammy Taylor Products (even though we would love for you to) our education has always been available to everyone in the Nail Industry.

"I believe that when all Nail Technicians do better nails no matter which products they use it makes the whole Nail Industry better and more SUCCESSFUL. So, never be afraid of sharing education or helping each other, no one can steal your clients, and there is enough business for all of us."

I have listed just a few of the free support services you will receive from your Tammy Taylor Team:

  • An outstanding support team of Company Educators who are only a toll free phone call away (Mon-Fri, 9-5). (800) 93-Tammy
  • Your very own Personal Company Educator will be assigned to you, so you can speak to the same person every time you call in.
  • The most amazing website in the whole nails industry available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.
  • Nail FAQ's by Topic, which answers almost every question, you could ever have about doing nails.
  • The Webolutionary Nail Procedure Video Encyclopedia, FREE nails procedure videos.
  • Email access for all of your questions.
  • Internet online ordering at your convenience.

  • Get started today, make a commitment and set a goal! Remember the statistics in last week's BLOG, so write this down and increase your chance of success 1000%.

    Here are a few pointers to help you start doing beautiful Pink & White Sculptured nails:
    • Make sure you are signed into my PRO WEBSITE

    • View the Webolutionary FREE Nail Procedure Videos today...

    • View your Tammy Taylor Nails Procedure DVD's and VHS Videos at home at least 1 hour a

    • Do 100 practice nails on your practice sheet every week.

    • Do free Pink & White Sculptured nails with nail forms, on everyone you can get your hands on. You can even do them without etching, and use oil instead of primer, so they come off easy.

    • Do 20, FREE full sets in the next 2 weeks; even if it is on the same 5 people.

    • Go to Nail FAQ's by Topic when you have a question or call your Personal Company Educator.

    • Sign up for a 6-hour or 8-hour Tammy Taylor class today, even if you have to drive 5 hours to
      get there. These
      Fabulous nail classes are taught by highly trained and devoted Tammy Taylor Nails Educators.
    Get started today, by practicing and improving your education so all your new clients, will keep coming back for years to come!

    With love,
    Tammy Taylor

    One of my favorite quotes:
    That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.
    - Abraham Lincoln

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    Astonishing Statistics...

    Now is the perfect time to make your Tammy Taylor
    New Year Resolution!

    I know it is 2 months past New Year's, but how many of your 2 month old resolutions did you keep?

    So: Let's just forget about them and start FRESH!
    Now why should you start fresh and think this time you will be able to do it?
    Well, because you probably didn't know the way I am going to teach you.

    I am going to teach you how to get a 10x bigger advantage of keeping those resolutions. I have been doing this for years, even before I learned about the amazing statistics behind it.

    • This time, I know you will be able to keep your resolutions.
    A lot of people set Resolutions that are wishes not goals, so we are going to start referring to our Resolutions as goals.

    The difference between a goal and a wish is a wish is a goal without any energy behind it.

    USA Today reported on a study a couple of years ago. First, researchers selected people who made New Year's resolutions. Then they divided these people into 2 categories:
    • Those who made New Year's resolutions and wrote them down, and…
    • Those who made New Year's resolutions but Did Not write them down.
    Twelve months later, the researchers followed up on the people who participated in this study.

    Of the group of people who made resolutions but DID NOT WRITE THEM DOWN,
    • Only 4% actually followed through on their resolutions.
    HOWEVER, among the group of people who made resolutions (goals) and DID WRITE THEM DOWN…
    THIS IS an INCREASE of OVER 1100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I read this I was floored: How could something so simple make such a HUGE difference? So, I had to share this with you. So you can do it too.

    Now, get out your pen & paper right now, and write this down:
    • I am going to write down all of my Resolutions (goals), and put them somewhere I can read them every day.
    • If you want a little extra motivation you can always give a copy to a friend, who encourages you and never puts you down; and tell them these are my Resolutions (goals); I wanted to share them with you, so in 12 months we will go over them and see how I did.
    Here are a few ideas for your NEW RESOLUTIONS (GOALS). We are going to start out with 2 EASY RESOLUTIONS (GOALS); then 2 more that are a little harder; then 2 more that are hard.

    Here are some ideas you can think about in case you do not have any RESOLUTIONS (GOALS) in mind; this will get your creativity going.


    • Easy
      # 1: I will clean my manicure table and disinfect every night before I leave the Salon. (This will make it nicer for you in the morning, when you start your first client.)

    • Easy
      # 2:
      I will buff my own nails and put a fresh coat of polish on every night, before I leave the Salon (so I can be my own best advertisement).
    • Medium
      # 1:
      I will be 15 minutes early to work before my first client (this will help you be happier and more relaxed when you start your day).

    • Medium
      # 2:
      I will offer each one of my client’s coffee, tea or water; before I start their service (you will be amazed how the little things make such a huge difference in client loyalty).
    HARD RESOLUTIONS (GOALS) LAST (this way you build your confidence first with the easier ones then move yourself up)
    • Hard
      # 1:
      I will pass out 10 business cards or flyers every week, and run a little promotion (this will get you about 5-10 new clients a month).

    • Hard
      # 2:
      I will not turn away clients, even if I am a little inconvenienced (remember, if you do not do them, the Nail Tech down the street will).

    Now that you have just finished writing down your NEW RESOLUTIONS (GOALS), you have increased your odds of achieving them by ten times, 1000%.

    Have a Great Nail Day, With love,
    Tammy Taylor

    You can e-mail me your NEW RESOLUTIONS (GOALS) and I will save them for you, and in 12 months you can e-mail me and let me know about your great achievements, and we can celebrate together.

    Friday, February 6, 2009

    2-week standing Appointments are the FOUNDATION of your business

    2-week standing Appointments are the FOUNDATION of your business
    Tammy Taylor

    2-week standing appointments are your bread & butter clients and the backbone of your business; the more 2-week steady clients you have, the more stable and dependable the
    foundation of your business will be.

    When clients come in every 2 weeks, a relationship is built; it is not just about getting their nails done, it is about you.
    Always remember your 2-week clients are the most loyal and they LOVE you the most.The more clients you can get to come in every 2 weeks, the more solid your clientele will be.

    A clientele that is built on full sets or fill-ins only ONCE a month, is a very FRAGILE clientele that can fade away quickly.

    Think about which one of these client type groups best describes most of your clientele:
    The client that comes in once a month with all their nails picked off?
    The client that comes in every 4 weeks for their fill, and their nails are grown half way out their nail-bed?
    The client who calls at the last minute and says, "it's ok if you can't fit me in, whoever can get me in today can do my nails."

    (Most likely these clients have not built a loyalty and a relationship with you)
    The client who comes in every 2 weeks for a standing appt?

    If most of your clients fit into GROUP A then...You need to re-build the foundation of your business to make it stronger and dependable.
    You need to start Re-Training your 4-week clients; because you have trained them to be bad clients and it is not their fault.
    • Clients will come in every 2 weeks and take better care of their nails if they are educated why they should, and you need to do extra INCENTIVES to motivate them.
    • Do not get discouraged if you have some untrained clients; we have plenty of time, but we need to start today, ONE client at a time.
    • New clients will be easier because you can train them the right way from the start.
    • For your existing clients, you need to start out slowly moving them towards every 2 weeks.
    • You might need to schedule them for 3 weeks first, and get them use to pre-scheduling; then go to 2 weeks later on.
    • Book your clients before they leave!!!
    • Never get too busy or forget to re-Book your Clients, or it will take you TWICE as long to build a solid foundation.


    Give your clients more value than what they are paying for.
    Always give more, never give less.
    Be in your salon the times that working women need their appts.
    - Clients need appts after work and on weekends.- If you work 9-5, these are the same hours your clients work: When are you going to fit them?- To build a solid clientele, you need to have set hours that you work, so clients will be as dependable as you are.- When you commit to certain days & hours in advance, then your clients are going to commit to these hours and be more dependable.

    I know clients like to call at the last minute but, THEY NEED TO BE RE-TRAINED.

    Do an INCENTIVE PROGRAM for 2-week standings only.
    • REMEMBER: Clients that do not book 2 weeks in advance, do not qualify for these INCENTIVES, no exceptions this is a reward.
    I made a list of INCENTIVES for you to start with right away; then you can come up with more ideas as you get in the groove.
    2-Week Clients qualify for these special INCENTIVES:

    • All broken nails are repaired FREE
    • They Do Not pay extra for full sets (at 3-month Soak-Off times); charge the same as a fill; just make sure they come in an hour before and soak off, or they can soak off at home .
    • They receive one extra service a month for 1/2 price
      Example: Give your clients a pedicure ONE time a month for HALF price
      NOTE: Make their standing appt. the same price every 2 weeks so it is easy for them
      to fit it into their budget.
      Now let's get started building a strong foundation today, one client at a time.

    with love,
    Tammy Taylor

    P.S. A thought this week...
    Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.- Ella Fitzgerald