Friday, January 30, 2009

Healthy Nails with Acrylics

Hi Girls,Tammy Taylor
Keeping Clients nails Beautiful is our Job.
We need to educate our clients, that all of the extra work and care we take doing their nails, is to promote healthy natural fingernails, no matter how many years they wear their acrylic nails.
"I have worn my acrylic nails for 27 years without taking them off, except to soak them off and put on a new full set; and my natural fingernails are still in great shape. I could put on polish and get a manicure and you would not see any damage to my
natural fingernail".
Tammy Taylor

We need to Educate our clients about:
  • Why soaking off their acrylic nails and not picking off their acrylic nails is important.

  • Why we do not use drills on top of the natural fingernails.

  • Why we use "Professional Use Only" products.

  • How everything we do, is to insure their natural fingernails stay stronger and healthier; than if they went to another Nail Tech who did not practice the same techniques.
"Remember, Clients need to know that you are very special and you care about the health and beauty of their natural fingernails and their acrylic nails. Let your Clients know your Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Products are "Professional Use Only" products, and the owner Tammy Taylor, tests all of her nail products before they are packaged, to make sure when you get them, they are the very best quality products available."

Why do you need to soak off?
Acrylic nails get old after 3-6 months because they are plastic. They get brittle and yellow, just like if you leave a plastic bowl out in the sun and cold, it gets yellow and brittle. Acrylic nails need to be replaced every 3-6 months to keep them fresh; and without discoloring, cracking, breaking or lifting.
  • When acrylic nails get old, it is harder for you to do fills' in under an hour, because there are more repairs.

  • When Clients soak off every 3-6 months their nails stay beautiful and repair free.

  • When Clients soak off every 3-6 months, it is better for the Nail Tech, because it is easier to do fills' on new nails.

  • When the natural fingernail gets thin, it is harder for acrylic to adhere. This is why I like to soak off only 2-3 times a year, so it will not weaken or damage my fingernails.

  • Clients who pick or chew off their nails every month and get a new Full set, are more prone to fungus; because the natural fingernail gets very weak, making it is easy to lift up, off the nail-bed.

  • This is the same thing drills do to the natural fingernail: When the drill is used on the natural fingernail, it thins the fingernail and creates heat. Drilling off layers of natural fingernail makes the natural fingernail thinner, and again making the natural fingernail prone to fungus. Thinning of the natural fingernail also makes it difficult for the acrylic to adhere to the natural fingernail because it is so thin.

  • It does not take any extra time to etch the natural fingernail with a 100-grit file than with a drill, and you keep the natural fingernail healthier and stronger
How to soak Off:Soaking off acrylic nails is easy. Have the Client come in 1 hour before her appointment and soak off in the Salon, so her nails are ready when you are, or the Client can soak off the night before."I prefer for clients to soak off their acrylic nails in the Salon, so I can make sure they do not pick them off or chew them off; because this shreds the natural fingernail making it very thin".
  • Clip off the free-edges first; then soak the acrylic nails in acetone. Use a glass bowl and put about 2 inches of acetone in the bowl and a few drops of cuticle oil, so the fingers do not get too dried out. Put a towel over the top of the bowl while the acrylic nails are submerged, to keep it warmer and to soak off faster. Warning: Never heat acetone it is highly flammable.

Have A Great Nail Day
with love,

Tammy Taylor

P.S. Here is one of my favorite quotes:
"There are the dreams we have for our life and there are dreams that life has for us."— Marcia Wieder, Author.

Monday, January 26, 2009

$1,000.00 Give Away...

Tammy Taylor Gave Away
$1,000.00 on 01/26/09, to Shawna Herd
from Collins, Missouri

Click the picture to watch this video...

Congratulations Shawna!!!

"I ran an 8 week contest at Christmas and gave away $14,500.00, and I just ran another contest for 4 weeks and gave away a $1,000.00. Shawna, a long time Tammy Taylor user, was the Lucky WINNER. And Shawna's Tammy Taylor company Educator for many, many years is Mike Knutson.

You are going to Love Shawna's reaction, make sure you watch the video, it's so fun.

Read all your emails and the Blog; you never know when I am going to have contests and Give-Away's, and you want to make sure you don't miss out on any of them.

A little reminder so you can receive my emails: Make sure I'm not blocked, and I'm not in your "Spam" folder."

Have a Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Money Problems, Cranky Clients...

Does worrying about money problems make you cranky with your clients?
Tammy TaylorWhen you worry, it can cause you not to be your best with your Clients; you could be easily distracted and cranky, which means you will probably make less money.

Clients will feed off of you: When you are attentive and positive, your Clients will be more pleasant and easier to work on; when you are distracted and cranky your Clients will be picky and complain more.

If you make more money, it will help reduce the problems; which will help you worry less.

It does not work the other way around; worrying about not having enough money does not produce money, but making more money does help reduce problems.

$ - $$MAKE MORE MONEY$ = helps reduce your problems
- Worry more about problems = MAKE LESS MONEY

$ - $$Be attentive and positive to every Client = MAKE MORE MONEY$$
- Cranky with your clients = MAKE LESS MONEY

$ - Keeping a positive attitude with each and every Client = MAKE MORE MONEY$$
- Letting bad clients get you down = MAKE LESS MONEY

Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself (I Believe In YOU and so will your clients and the people around you). You are a mirror, when you get ready to leave the house look in the mirror and smile; when you project joy and excitement, then others will respond to you the same.

Even if you are not feeling joyful pretend like you are; we are actors and actresses when we are in a people business. But the surprising thing is when you put on a good enough act you will start believing it yourself.

When you have a Client that makes you feel bad about your work and you carry that onto the next Client, it affects your work and your Clients attitude. Your next Client does not know anything about what transpired with the Client before her, and she probably does not care; she only cares about her time with you and if that time with you is not enjoyable, than she might start looking for someone else to do her nails.

$ - Treating your clients like GOLD = $$$$$ MAKE MORE MONEY
Write these ideas down and try them this week and see how your clients respond:
  • Ask each of your clients before you start their nail service if they would like some coffee, tea or water.
  • Get your clients keys and money out so she does not smear her nails
  • Call each of your clients the night before and remind them of their appt
  • Thank each client after you do their nails and ask when they would like to re-book so they can have the time that is good for them
  • Do not take personal calls while you are with a client
  • Do not let people around you interrupt you while you are with a client
The WORST thing you could ever say to your Client is: "I'm not making enough money", or "I am working too hard."

It makes the Client feel that somehow her business is not important enough to you, or that she should be doing more for you; she is already doing everything she should be doing; she is giving you her business. Which you should be totally thrilled to have, because she could be going somewhere else.

Leave your "PROBLEMS" in a paper sack in your car. Make a paper sack that says "PROBLEMS" on it; in the morning when you get to work, look at your bag and say "PROBLEMS you are going to stay here, we can start again after I finish my day."

Then when you are with your Clients you are not worried about your "PROBLEMS" because they are perfectly safe in the backseat of your car).

Now, it is the end of the day and you are feeling really good about yourself after having a happy and productive day (without worrying), do you really want to open the "PROBLEMS" bag?

So don't! just throw it back in the back seat and have a GREAT night with your family not your bag of "PROBLEMS".
Have a Great Nail Day
with love,
Tammy Taylor

P.S. here are a few of my favorite quotes I thought you might enjoy

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
~ William James

Happiness is an attitude.
We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.
The amount of work is the same.
~Francesca Reigler

Got no checkbooks, got no banks,
Still I'd like to express my thanks -
I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night.
~Irving Berlin, "I Got the Sun in the Morning," 1946

Good fortune shies away from gloom.
Keep your spirits up.
Good things will come to you and you will come to good things.
~Glorie Abelhas

"People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be."
~ Harvey Mackay

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tammy TaylorHi

Things are really shaping up. The New Year has started out really good in the Salon business. Everyone is starting to settle down after the election and clients are ready to make their 2009 resolutions, like "I am going to stop biting my nails"; "I am going to take care of my feet", etc. And there is no one better than you, to help all these women keep their New Year resolution.


I started my acrylic nail clientele by promoting to nail-biters and doing pedicures, because there are a lot of Nail Technicians who do not know how to do nail-biters, and they do not like to touch feet. I liked doing both.

I was a nail-biter and I learned how to do nail-biters by doing my own nails.

I could not keep on tips with overlays because they were too easy to bite off; but I did great with nail forms because the full Sculptured acrylic nail was harder to bite, and my natural fingernail would hurt after I chewed it off.

So, I figured if I could stop biting my nails with full Sculptured then so could other nail-biters. Once I stopped biting my nails and my natural nail started growing under my acrylics I got really excited; and I have not been without my acrylic nails for 28 years. Could you imagine if you had a full clientele like me: One who would never, never, never go without their acrylic nails? Well that is what nail-biters are, clients who never want to go without their nails.

Now you are probably thinking "why would I want a bunch of nail-biter clients?" with all those problems? I will probably have to put on a new "full" set every time. Not necessarily; only in the beginning will it be a little more work for you; but not once you get them trained "not" to bite their nails.

Teach your Nail-Biter Clients how to do home maintenance so they will have something to do with their nails besides bite them. When the client gets the urge to bite: Instead, they put on cuticle oil,
buff and then put on new polish or A+ Coat (UV Top coat for Pink & Whites). These Nail-Biter Clients will end up being your best clients, and probably your easiest clients, because they will be trained from the beginning how to take care of their nails and they want their
nails beautiful all the time.

  • Nail-biters need a "Nail-Biter" maintenance kit to keep at home. Nail-Biters are perfectionists and they will see every little thing on their nails.

  • But, when you teach them how to file a little chip, or an area that has lifted, instead of them
    picking off the entire nail; then they will do great with their nails.

  • Also, make sure they know they can call you anytime to repair a nail.

  • I like to do the full set of Sculptured Acrylic nails then have them come back in one week for a buff and polish change, so I can make sure there is nothing for them to pick at.

    If you do not know how to do nail-biters; then go to my WEBOLUTIONARY link for FREE


    Now, a good way to promote your pedicures is to go to every podiatrist in your area, and give them your card. Give their clients a "special price" to come to your Salon, and get their pedicures. You could also offer to go to the podiatrist's office and do pedicures on their clients twice a month.

  • To get the staff to refer you: you could Offer one free pedicure to everyone who works in the office, especially the office manager.

  • Then offer the staff a free nail service of their choice, for every 3 clients they refer to you.

This also works great in retirement or convalescent homes. Find out if anyone is presently doing the pedicures on the elderly; they really need pedicures, because they cannot do it themselves. Again, offer one free service but, only to the Manager and a couple of staff members of her choice; since the staff is much larger than a podiatrist office.

However, ALWAYS PROMOTE to the entire staff one free service of their choice after they refer you 3 clients.

  • Promote your Pedicure services to the Podiatrist

  • Promote your Pedicure services in Retirement homes

  • Offer one FREE pedicure, to EVERYONE who works in the Podiatrists office

  • Offer one FREE nail service to the Office staff for every 3 clients they refer



Now I know you can do this; you are just going to need to put a little more focus on getting NEW CLIENTS. This is only for 4 months, and you will see a huge difference by Spring.

So, get out there and let everyone know "WHO'S THEIR NAIL TECH"

Tammy Taylor

Friday, January 2, 2009

Let’s Shine in 2009...

Let’s Shine in 2009

Tammy Taylor
We need to stay POSITIVE and not
listen to all of the negatives
around us. We can have a Terrific
2009 if we can stay focused on what
our goals are, and not get
influenced by the media. I have been
through many economic lows, and the
ONE thing I KNOW is that if I do not
give in or give up, that I get
better every time and the experience
always makes me a better business
woman. We need to use this as an
extra motivation to step it up and
get better. We need to focus on our
own business more than ever and stay
away from the doomsday complainers;
because these are usually the same
people that complained when the
economy was good.

Wherever doors close new doors will open. We have some great opportunities coming our way. As the economy gets a little tougher, more women have to go back to work, and when women work outside the home they need to have their nails looking nice. More women are out in the public eye, going to business meetings and greeting clients; and having nails just helps give them that extra confidence.

So, what can we do to get better and make more money?

First of all: Do not get overwhelmed thinking about tomorrow;
think about today only and what you can do today. If you get up in the morning and go to the Salon and say “I am going to stay in the Salon for 8 hours today, even if I do not have a client.” This might seem like it is not productive at first but what you will find is there are a lot of things you can do while you are there, even if you do not have clients.

MAKE your list of 12 things you can do in your Salon when you do not have a client.

Some examples:
  • Write out birthday cards to your clients

  • Call all of your clients scheduled for the next day and confirm their appt

  • Help answer phones

  • Repair broken nails

  • Practice on your practice sheet

  • Clean out your station and keep an inventory of your products, so you do not run out.

  • Etc…

You will be amazed by just being in your Salon how successful and busy you will be, and how many clients you will have because you are there.

So; Let’s make this a Prosperous
New Year!

With love,Tammy Taylor