Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That’s the Spirit! We are gaining MOMENTUM!

Hi Girls,
That’s the Spirit!
We are gaining MOMENTUM!

This has been a great week. We have been getting lots of emails from you telling us your Salons are getting busier; more Clients are starting to get their nails done for the Holidays; and your manicure Clients are putting their acrylic nails back on.

Your Clients can choose the Nail Technician they go to and they chose YOU! YOU! And only YOU! And, not some other Nail Tech in town. THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL REALLY SPECIAL and give you a little extra patience even with the difficult ones.

Now we need to Keep our MOMENTUM Going, by giving Fantastic Customer Service.

So, I put together a few Pointers that are a necessity to insure that clients keep coming back even after the Holidays.

Pointer #1:
GREET every single Client
when they come in, and offer them something to drink before starting their Service (even if they are your best friend, they are still your Client, and they too need pampering).

Pointer #2:
You have a Job, and you have Clients who love you.

Customer Service with a Smile and a Thankful Heart.

  • Do not complain to Clients.
  • Do not complain to co-workers.
  • Do not complain to the owner.
  • And, you will find the less complaining you do the less you will have to complain about.

Pointer #3:
Treat every Client like GOLD$, because they are.

Pointer #4:
Never let your Clients walk around with a broken nail; always fit them in immediately, because this is a direct reflection on your work, and you want referrals.

Now Girls, I know you have probably heard me say these things 100’s of times to you over the years, but only about 2 out of 10 Nail Technicians actually give excellent Customer Service, and it does not cost you anything extra but a few moments of your time.

I have been asking nail Clients if their Nail Tech’s practice these Customer Service basics:

  • 8 Clients out of 10 said “NO”, and…
  • They also said that is why they switch and go to discount Salons…
  • Not because the discounters are cheaper, but if they aren’t going to get Special Customer Service…
  • Why spend the extra money?

So, we are on a mission, let’s make our Clients feel so Special they will never leave, and they will pay more and they will keep coming back for 20 years, and they will refer us to all of their friends.

Have A Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor