Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stimulate our own Economy...

Hi Girls, "Things are looking up already! GREAT NEWS! GAS Prices are Wayyyyy Down, AND the AFTER Christmas sales are going on during Thanksgiving this year, so we will all be able to buy more presents for less money."

The Way to STIMULATE our own Economy, in our own Community, is by keeping the money flowing in our local businesses.

I do this myself; I try to always support the small businesses run by their owners within a mile of my office or my house first, before I go to Department Stores and Chains. Some of the small businesses I go to all the time; the printer next door, my girlfriends clothing boutique, the flower shop, the cookie shop, the fruit and vegetable guy, the gas station, the dry cleaners, the mom and pop cafe, my girlfriends salon and the list goes on.

So, Support your small local stores; shop at your little boutiques; support each other and book an appointment to get your own Nail and Hair Services done for the Holidays. Encourage everyone you know to do the same thing. Do Not think about the whole worlds economy; THINK About the 5 mile radius around your Salon.

Keep the money flowing in your neighborhood; right now the economy needs everyone to get excited about the HOLIDAYS and start Shopping.
  • Make sure you are leaving business cards at your local businesses and taking theirs with you so you can all help each other.
We do not need to get crazy and over spend; but we still need to get shopping.

Now I am Really Excited!
This is the Greatest News of ALL!
I can help the economy by doing one of the things I enjoy most in the world: SHOP!

And the way I am going to pay for all my Shopping is by doing my other most favorite thing in the world: NAILS!
So Let's Get Going; and help our Great Country!