Friday, October 24, 2008

Q and A with Tammy Taylor...

Q and A with Tammy Taylor

Why do Natural fingernails feel Thin and
Sensitive... after soaking off acrylic nails, and after removing any type of artificial nail?

Answer by Tammy Taylor:
After wearing acrylic nails or artificial nails, the natural fingernails can feel a little soft and
sensitive, especially immediately after soaking off. However, within a few hours after soaking off, the natural fingernails should harden and feel fine.
  • Natural Fingernails can feel thin after having artificial nails because the artificial nail is much thicker than the natural fingernail, and we get used to the thicker artificial nail.
  • Natural Fingernails feel sensitive because they have been protected by the artificial nail, against heat, cold, touch or any type of stimulation; so as soon as the natural fingernails are uncovered, they will temporarily have a heightened sensitivity.
  • Natural Fingernails can feel soft because they have been covered up by the artificial nail, but as soon as the Natural Fingernails are uncovered they will harden quickly.
When natural fingernails are properly Etched, Primed and Filed, before and during the application of acrylic, the natural fingernails will not become permanently thin or sensitive.
  • Except when there is excessive filing or improper use of a drill.
    The drill should never be used directly on the natural fingernail; because the drill can cause the natural fingernail to become very thin, and overly sensitive, for a long time.

Can I re-apply acrylic nails immediately after soaking off, or do I need to let the fingernails breathe for awhile?

Answer by Tammy Taylor:
Yes, you can re-apply Acrylic Nails, immediately after soaking off.

  • There is no reason to leave acrylic nails off, because fingernails do not breathe; fingernails are made of keratin, just like hair.
  • However, if you do not re-apply acrylic nails, you should immediately do a manicure.
  • Use the Tammy Taylor Nail Hardener as the Base Coat and as the Top Coat.
  • Re-apply Tammy Taylor Nail Hardener every 3 days.
  • Also, use Tammy Taylor Nail & Cuticle Nourishment drops, or your Favorite Tammy Taylor conditioning cuticle oil, in Peach or Gardenia, daily, to help fingernails become stronger and healthier.

For more information on maintaining “Natural” fingernails, please click on “Nail FAQ’s”, on the left side-bar of Tammy’s “Home” page – then scroll down to “Maintenance for…” and to “Perfect French Manicure for…” – Both have PDF files which you can save to your computer, and print out as needed.

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