Saturday, September 6, 2008

BRAND NEW DVD - Beautiful, Simple, Easy, 3-D Nail Art & Designs in "Under" 5 Minutes"

"BRAND NEW DVD - Beautiful, Simple, Easy, 3-D Nail Art & Designs in "Under" 5 Minutes"
"I invited Panagiotis and Yasmin; 2 of the Top Nail Art Designers in the World to come to California, all the way from Greece, to spend a week with me making a Step-by-Step 3-D Nail Art & Designs "video". You will love viewing this video and getting new ideas for your nails.

"Send" this page to your Nail Technician, to have these Nail Designs created on your Nails"

Tammy Taylor

Under 5 minutes:
Your Nail Technician could add Nail Designs to your nail enhancement: Sculptured Nails, Nail Tips and gel services, without having to book out extra time.

Panagiotis and Yasmin spent months preparing a very precise variety of 3-D Nail Art & Designs just for this DVD; so your Nail Technician would be able to make 100's of different Nail Designs, from just a select few, very important Techniques.

This 3-D Nail Art & Designs DVD shows Step-by-Step

  • Encapsulating - encapsulating is when you inlay almost anything you could imagine into or onto the nail enhancement, and then cover it with clear acrylic.
  • Fading - an Air Brush effect created by using different "Colors" of Acrylic Powders.
  • French Tip Fading - an Air Brush effect created only on the free-edge of the nail using different "Colors" of Acrylic Powders; then a natural pink or clear acrylic is used on the nail-bed.
  • Displays of 3-D Nail Art Designs and Tammy Taylor "Prizma" Colours on nail tips.
  • Detail and Practice Techniques on the Most Popular 3-D Ball "shapes" that will be used to create 100's of Nail Designs.
  • Product consistency Techniques needed to create specific size balls used to create different shapes and designs.

  • 3-D Nail Art At the Smile Line
  • 3-D Nail Art created Over the entire nail
  • 3-D Nail Art created Vertically on one side of the nail

"Start out having your Nail technician do really simple Nail Designs on your nails, even if you are the most conservative nail client, it is fun to try something "New"."

View this video to see some Fun, "New" ways you can wear your nails- Just Click Play