Friday, August 22, 2008

Your Product Consistency Changes Every Day

Your Product Consistency Changes Every Day
(Product Consistency directly affects your acrylic nails)

Product consistency and Set-Up Time of your Tammy Taylor acrylic nails can be adjusted by you, as you work.

Changing Consistency: By changing your Tammy Taylor acrylic liquid to powder “ratio”, or by changing to a “Faster Setting” Tammy Taylor “powder” or a “Slower Setting” Tammy Taylor “powder”, the consistency & set-up time can be changed.

Tammy Taylor “Nail Powder's” really effect the basic set-up time and the flow of the acrylic nail more than the Tammy Taylor “Nail Liquid”.

Although, with Tammy Taylor “Nail Liquid” you can use “more” liquid to slow down the set-up or a little “less” liquid to speed up the set-up process, the Tammy Taylor “Nail Powder” really sets the pace, for consistency.

  1. "I use my “Original” nail powder in my Famous Pink & White Full Set in less than 20 Minutes; the “Original” is my fastest setting nail powder, (approx. in under 2 minutes to set-up).

  2. I also have the “S-SET” (Summer) nail powder, which will have more flow (approx. 3 minutes to set-up).

  3. My slowest setting nail powder is the “Competitive Edge” Whitest-White nail powder, which will give you a lot of time to perfect the White “free-edge” with (approx. over 3 minute set up)."

Tammy Taylor

There are a lot of other variables, and you need to be aware of the variables that can effect the set-up time of your acrylic nails:

  • Weather changes
    In the Summer time, the acrylic product sets up faster
    In the Winter the acrylic product sets up slower

  • Salon temperature
    In a cold Salon, the acrylic product sets up slower
    In a warm Salon, the acrylic product sets up faster

  • Air-flow in the Salon
    Is there outside air-flow through the Salon? Especially at the Nail Station?
    If this air-flow is cool the acrylic product sets up slower, or if the air-flow is warm, the acrylic product sets up faster

  • Size of acrylic ball (usually)
    Larger acrylic balls set-up quicker
    Smaller acrylic balls set-up slower

  • Amount of Nail Liquid in the Brush
    More liquid causes a slower set-up
    Less liquid causes a faster set up

  • Contaminated Nail Liquid
    Causes a faster set-up time, yucky balls and yellow nails
    Also can cause “gummy” acrylic nails

  • Set-up time of a particular Nail Powder used with the various Nail Liquids

  • Also, whether or not the Client’s fingers are warm or cool (skin temperature)
"The most important thing you need to learn to do Beautiful acrylic nails is “Product Consistency”; and because there are so many variables, the best practice you can do is on your Tammy Taylor “Practice Sheet”; this is the same way I have practiced my Product Consistency every single week, for over 25 years. Your Tammy Taylor “Practice Sheet” is FREE; just go to "PRO - Nail FAQ’s by Topic" and go to "P" for Practice Sheet; print out the Practice Sheet, and put it inside a Plastic Freezer Storage Bag (heavy duty). Now you are ready to practice your Product Consistency. Remember, you always want your acrylic balls to look like Beautiful Pearls."

Tammy Taylor