Friday, June 13, 2008

Nails Are Number One...

"The Greatest thing about Nails is when the economy is good the Nail Business is Good, when the economy is not so good the Nail Business is Still Good."

Women love their nails! I have been in the nail business 27 years and I started when the economy was not that good, and I have been through at least 3 down cycles since then, and women have never stopped getting their nails done.

Let's say a woman is having a hard day or going through little financial difficulties, but she wants to do something for herself to brighten her spirits; she might not have as much free money as she used to, to spend on big purchases like re-decorating her home or a new wardrobe, but she always has enough to spend on her nails.

It does not cost a lot and it brightens her spirits, and makes her hands and feet look beautiful for the next 2 weeks.
Now what else could a women do that would last 2 weeks and make her feel that good for under $100.00? Nothing else: only nails!

Don't you just love this business! We are so lucky to be in such a great business that is so fun, rewarding and dependable.

Also when the economy is not so good a lot of women go back to work. When women work outside of the home they like for their nails to look nice all the time, not just special occasions. This is a great opportunity for you to get clients on a 2 week standing nail appointment; (make sure you make appointments available that work around their work schedule).

I get e-mails and calls every single day from women looking for Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians who do Pink & White Sculptured nails and toenails; Prizma Nails, Spa Manicures and Pedicures. These requests have not slowed down at all; we have actually gotten more requests lately.

The main thing you need to remember:
"Women Love their Nails and they are not going to give them up! They will always find a way to get their nails done."



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" I was tired of making a MESS every time I took off a client's RED POLISH. So, I made a Polish Remover Formula that is FAST and NOT MESSY. It is Deliciously Fragrant also, with TWO Yummy Fragrances to choose from, FRESH PEACH and GARDENIA."

Tammy Taylor

"Tammy Taylor Nail Hardener". After you try this Nail Hardener, you will never want to use another nail hardener. Use as a Basecoat and as a Topcoat and in between Manicures. Just brush on Tammy Taylor Nail Hardener every 3 days for thick, hard, healthy looking fingernails that will grow long and strong.