Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tammy Taylor in Italy 2008

Tammy Taylor in Italy

Cosmoprof Beauty Show 2008 in Bologna, Italy

Tammy Taylor in Italy

 "I hope you enjoy my personal photos of
my Italy trip.  I went with my Tammy Taylor Team from the U.S.A., Yvette
Cotton V.P., Maria Penaloza V.P. and Barbara Barnette Director of International Relations."

    "We had a wonderful time with our European team, Graciela,
Giusseppe, Micaela, Yasmin, Pana, Chiara, Chiara T, Cinzia, Jenny, Elisa,
Manuela, Giusi and Suzan."

    "And it was especially exciting to meet all of my European
clients and the Longo School team from Rome who has graduated 1000's of Tammy
Taylor Nail Technicians."

Tammy Taylor


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of Trip

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