Sunday, June 8, 2008

Prizma Colours & Nail Designs... (around the World)

"FREE PRIZMA (Color Acrylic Nail Powderz) and a BRAND NEW Web Page for You to Show Off Your Work"

"Prizma Powderz is the most Exciting and Awesome, Color Acrylic that has revolutionized the way Nail Technicians do nails and nail art. Prizma Powderz are so strong, durable and easy to use, you can create your entire nail and nail designs with Prizma. The nails are just as strong and durable as Tammy Taylor Original Acrylic Nail Powders."

"Offer your clients a set of Prizma finger-nails or toenails for the price of a fill to get them started: or simply thin out the acrylic nails they presently have and put Prizma over the top.
Have them try it for one month and see how they like it. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your clientele by giving each client 20 business cards for them to pass out.

  • Have fun letting your imagination have NO boundaries.
    DO NOT stereotype your clients!!!

Put a set on yourself and whatever you the Nail Professional is wearing, the client will want."

Tammy Taylor

New Web Page!"Tammy Taylor Nail Designs from Around the World"

You can now Enjoy seeing Tammy Taylor Nails from around the World, on my (your) new Tammy Taylor Nail Designs from around the World web page. It is so fun to see what nail Technicians everywhere are doing. Doing Nails is an art, and my (your) new web page lets all of you show off your talent. I am not limiting it to only nail art; I want your nail art, nail designs, Pink & Whites, Prizma nails, etc… Everything you can possibly do with Tammy Taylor acrylic or Prizma.

E-mail your Nail Designs, Pink & White sculptured nails, Prizma nails, etc… to:

Make sure to send your Name & Country, and list the Tammy Taylor products you used. Also, any special instructions or pointers you could give others would be appreciated. (Designs must be all Tammy Taylor nail products)

This is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see all of your Beautiful Nails and Designs. Let your imagination run wild!

By: Morayma Zweers

My name is Morayma Zweers and my Salon name is Nails Hair Skin; and my Salon is in Bonaire, a small island in the Caribbean.

Fore these Pink & White toenails, I used Dramatic Pink and Dramatic White.

By: Angela Jones / Nail Tech, Beauti Fetish, Modesto , CA

My name is Angela Jones I have been doing nails since 1988. I have been using Tammy Taylor products for 7 years now & I loved when she came out with the Prizma Colours... I am so addicted to them... They are all I use when it comes to 3-D nail art & designs...

Nails by: Joanna Haisley of FL, USA

I am a student and will be getting my license in June. This is my first backfill on myself and my first ring. Nail-bed is P-102 French Pink; the free-edge is P-125 Sky Blue & P-130 Lime Green; the flowers and swirls are P-106 Orange Slice. Ring is made from the same Prizma colours. I use and love my TT 3-D nail art brush.