Monday, May 19, 2008

Tammy's 3 Favorite Drill Bits...

Tammy Taylor Drill bits are not the same as other drill bits

"When I am doing nails, I want my nail drill bit to do the job FAST, SMOOTH (no vibration), and with LESS HEAT. I would love for you to try my drill bits so you can see for yourself the difference.

I have chosen my 3 top favorite drill bits for you to try, in a special introductory promotion."

Tammy Taylor

The Tammy Taylor "Carbide" drill bits are:
  • Made in the USA to my Specifications.
  • Made from 100% "Carbide" so they cut and file nails FAST.
  • Made with a unique "center-less machine" that balances each drill bit as it is being shaped, so each drill bit will feel SMOOTH without any vibration while doing nails.
  • Made with a specially formulated "zirconium coating" that CREATES LESS HEAT while drilling nails.
  • Easy to clean. Soak in acetone to keep grooves clean and sharp, then disinfect.
  • Can be easily disinfected to meet State Board guidelines (will not rust or get dull). Make sure you have 2 each of your favorites, so you can disinfect one while you are using the other one. This saves time.
  • The 3/32nd shaft, fits virtually every nail drill on the market.Use on acrylic nails and Gel nails (Do not use on natural fingernails).
My 3 top favorites for you are the:

Large Barrel (medium) I use this drill bit to shorten the free-edge on nails fast; to re-shape the C-Curve and to thin out the tip of the free-edge.

Long Pointed Pencil (coarse) I designed this drill bit for all Pink & White backfills. It drills out the smile line beautifully & quickly, without leaving any shadows when you apply your product. Also, use to clean out underneath the free-edge.
2 week Wheel (coarse) I use this drill bit for doing 2 week Pink & White backfills on short free-edges, because it is easy to control when you do not have a lot of product at the smile line to drill out.