Friday, March 28, 2008

Limited Edition – Decanter Jars…

Do your product containers get DIRTY looking?
Making your station never look CLEAN!

Now Your Station Can Look CLEAN and ELEGANT

With your:

  • Tammy Taylor "Limited Edition" 3 pc Frosted Crystal Decanter jar Set.
  • Embossed with a Real 24 karat Gold logo and a smooth Gold lid.

  • Your set has:
  • 2 Nail Powder Decanter jars and...
  • 1 Nail Liquid Decanter jar.
  • Fill with your favorite Tammy Taylor Nail Products.
  • Each Decanter jar holds up to 1.5 oz.

  • "I love having this beautiful Crystal Set on my table. When I am doing nails, it makes me feel very special and it makes me want to keep my station looking perfect all the time."

Tammy Taylor


  • When we walk into a really nice upscale Salon, Boutique or Spa, we automatically feel like it is going to be more expensive, just by our first impression. Now if it is more expensive we are prepared to pay, but if it is not we are pleasantly surprised.
  • So when a client comes to get their nails done, your Station is her first impression of you.
  • When your Station is cluttered and your product containers are dirty, the client will get a bad impression; even if your Station and your implements have been disinfected properly; your Station has to look like it has been cleaned.
  • Every night before you leave your Salon: wipe off all of your containers and put everything on your station in your cabinet, (except big stuff like a drill and form holder).
  • If you do not have a big enough cabinet then you need to get a new one, or clean out everything you have not used for 3 months and give it to the local Beauty School.
  • By putting everything away every night and cleaning your table top, you will start your next day by getting only what you need out of your cabinet.
This will get rid of the clutter look; and you already cleaned your containers before you put them away, so you will have everything clean and fresh when your clients come in; and then you will give a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION.

You will have more fun working and you will have a higher perceived value, so your clients do not mind paying more.