Friday, March 14, 2008

Get A Real Job...

Have you ever had anyone say to you “Why don’t you get a “real job”?” Being a Nail Technician is a REAL JOB! WE ARE PROFESSIONALS, AND DOING NAILS IS OUR CAREER!

These are the Definitions in
Having or showing a great skill. One who earns a living in a given occupation.

Occupation: A means of earning a living. An activity that serves as one’s regular source of livelihood.

Career: An occupation or profession, one requiring special training, followed as one’s lifeworks success in a profession.


MSN Business today listed “Nail Technician” as one of the top new jobs for 2008.

It is Official:

Now that we have that settled, you need to run your business as a Professional in your chosen Career.

Let me tell you a story about a Nail Technician who is a friend of mine. She has been a Nail Technician for 10 years, but she has only done nails about 6 of those 10 years. She left doing nails (what she loved) to get a “real job”. She said she was not making enough money doing nails.

This Nail Technician has a lot of talent, but very poor work ethics. She wanted to come in when she had clients booked and then leave right afterwards. She never stayed around to pick up walk-ins or answer the phone. She did not like to be inconvenienced either; like when a client had a broken nail or a special request. She never took any initiative to building her business, improve her education, or change in any way.

If her “real job” puts up with these poor work ethics, they will probably be out of business soon too; because they will not be making enough money, just like this Nail Technician.

As this Nail Technician was working her 40-hour a week 9-5 “real job”, she started thinking about her quality of life before, when she was doing nails.

She could take her children to their first day of school and go to their special programs.

She could take the children to the Doctor and run family errands during the week, instead of using her entire Saturday.

She could take time off when her husband had his vacation time.

She had money in her pocket every day, for when her family needed something.

My friend, this Nail Technician, finally realized if she would have put 50% of the time and effort into her Nail business, as working for someone else in a “real job”, she would have been a very successful Professional Nail Technician.

She “Quit” her “real job” and came back to doing what she loved best and made “NAILS” her “Real Job”; and putting her heart into her Nail Business.

She is now a very successful Professional Nail Technician, who is making Money, spending Time with her Family, and Loving her Career!