Friday, March 7, 2008

Natural Nails - Nail Colour's - Nail Polishing Pointers...


" I like to choose my clients Nail Colour's (polishes), for them before they come in for their appointments. This way I always know they have the most flattering color for their style, age, and skin tone. Sometimes it is difficult to know what colors are flattering so I have put together a guideline to help you choose the best Nail Colour's."

Tammy Taylor


Light blond to light brown hair with a warm skin tone and green to brown eyes:

  • I like soft to medium, warm colors.

  • All the peaches, all the mauve's, dusty rose.

  • In the summertime, if they have a little tan I like the fluorescent colors.

Medium to dark hair with warm skin tone and green to brown eyes:

  • I like medium to dark, warm colors.

  • All the new brown tones, all dark earth tones and burgundy reds.

  • In the summertime, I like the fun bright summer oranges and corals.

Light blonde to light brown hair with a cool skin tone and blue eyes:

  • I like all the pastels year round, lavenders, pinks & blues.

  • In the summertime, I like all the funky Easter egg colors.

Medium to dark hair with a cool skin tone and blue eyes:

  • I like ALL the REDS year round.

  • For a little change in the summertime, ALL the HOT PINKS.

  • No earth tones.

"When I designed my Nail Colour's Collection, I wanted a Complete array of colors, for every occasion, every style and every skin tone but without having so many colors to choose from that you would be overwhelmed. So I have always streamlined keeping only the most fashionable and most popular Nail Colour's. This also guarantees you fresher polish and your favorite colors are always in stock. My Nail Colour's are blended with premium ingredients to create a rich luxurious formula that glides on giving perfect coverage and a silky smooth glossy finish. This special formula dries to a long lasting, hard but flexible, chip-proof finish and promotes strong, natural nails."

Tammy Taylor

(Preparation, Application, and Pointers on Polishing Nails)
"The Secret to smooth, flawless polished nails, is in the Quality of your Products, your Preparation, your Application and your Top Coat."

Tammy Taylor

Step 1- Remove Polish:
Remove polish with
Tammy Taylor Conditioning Polish remover.
This is the fastest polish remover you will ever use.

Step 2- Buff:
Buff the natural nail to extend the life of your manicures and to smooth out ridges in the natural nail. I buff lightly with a Tammy Taylor Clean Finish Buffer; only 2 to 3 strokes over the entire nail. I do not over buff or the nail will become thin. Lightly buffing makes the natural nail more porous so the polish will adhere better.

Step 3- Shape:
Shape the free edge with the Tammy Taylor Natural Nail Shaper File. File only the tip of the free edge; Caution: do not file the sides of the nail or the nails will break. Make sure all the free edges are the same length; using the shortest free edge as the gauge. The strongest nail is a squared off free edge with a slight oval.

Note: If all your nails are long and one is short, extend it by applying a sculptured nail using Clear or Clear Pink powder to the short nail.

Step 4- Scrub or Clean nails thoroughly:
Scrub the nails with a plastic manicure brush and the Tammy Taylor Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak, rinse and dry. OR Clean nails with Tammy Taylor Conditioning Polish remover applied to a
Tammy Taylor Towelette.
Wipe nails clean.

Note: The nails need to be really clean before you apply polish to help adhesion and extend the life of your Tammy Taylor Manicure.

Step 5- Base Coat:
Apply one coat of Tammy Taylor Base Coat
to the entire nail and let dry 1 minute.
(Letting polish dry in between coats extends the life of your manicure.)

Step 6- Nail Colour's:
Apply 2 coats of
Tammy Taylor Nail Colour's.
Apply the first coat thin and let dry 1-2 minutes. Then apply the second coat a little thicker and let dry 1-2 minutes.
(polish always needs to be dry to the touch before applying another coat of polish).

To make nail polish smooth not streaky:

Use plenty of polish on your polish brush, getting a ball of polish at the tip of your brush and placing this ball near the cuticle area, stroking it out in 3 LONG STROKES towards the free-edge, (never use short strokes or a dry polish brush). It is better to use too much polish on your brush than not enough.

To help stop polish from chipping:
Cap off the free edge of the nail with a coat of color polish.
Apply a coat of Z-Coat underneath the free edge.
Apply a fresh coat of Z-coat every 2-3 days.

"Using your Tammy Taylor Conditioning Polish Remover and a Tammy Taylor 3D nail Art Sable nail brush, you can clean off all the polish you might have gotten onto the skin while doing manicures and pedicures, Lickety Split. This is a trick I have been doing for over 20 years."

Tammy Taylor

To Clean polish off skin:
Pour the Tammy Taylor Conditioning Polish Remover into a small dish, then dip your brush into the remover, then clean wherever the polish has gotten onto the skin.


Step 7- Top Coat:
Apply the Tammy Taylor Z-Coat.
Z-Coat is the Longest Lasting; Shiniest; best topcoat you will ever use over French manicures and color polish on natural nails.