Friday, January 4, 2008

How To Make Client Cards – Fast and Easy

Editorial: How To Make Client Cards – Fast and Easy
By Tammy Taylor

Do you feel like your clients just fade away after their first couple of appointments? Do your clients call at the last minute, or do they wait 3 weeks before calling, and then expect you to work them in right away?

Do you ever think “what did I do”? Well, it isn’t what you did; it is what you did not do! Every single new and every established client has to have a complete Client Contact Information card filled out along with a Client Appointment History card filled out.

Keep two file boxes: One for Client Contact Information and one for client appointment history. Put A-Z dividers in both of your file boxes and alphabetize by name. “First” name or “Last” name is okay as long as it is a name you remember them by.

When a new client comes in for their first appointment, have them fill out a Client Contact Information card and then have a little 5-minute consultation before you get started with them; and explain the following to them:

  • Your sanitation and disinfect system.

  • Your products and your retail products.

  • All your services; so they will have more services done.

  • A little about your qualifications and the advanced nail classes you have taken, above and beyond your nail license.

  • Your Salon policies schedule.

  • Your Work schedule.

Make sure to book an extra 15 minutes for all new clients; so you can have your 5-minute consultation and have a little extra time to answer their questions, and get to know them; and so you can explain everything without being in a hurry. Then proceed with the service and reschedule your client before they leave your Station. Never let any client leave without trying to schedule their next appointment or you will create bad habits, which will make bad clients who do not come back.

  • After scheduling their appointment, write the date & time on your business card, and have your client program your phone number and your name into their cell phone under Nails.

  • Call every client 2 days before their appointment to remind them so you have plenty of time to schedule someone else if they cancel. If your client cancels in less than 24 hours or does not show up, you need to charge a “no-show” fee. A lot of Salons and Spas are taking credit cards in advance in case the client does not show up.

  • When you have a Client Contact Information card and a Client Appointment History card, you have all the information you need to contact your clients and to keep track of your clients.
How to make your Client Cards and Boxes:

Your first box has your Client Contact Information card in it, and your second box has your Client Appointment History card in it. Go to my Tammy Taylor Nails Professional Website and click on “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, and scroll to “Client Cards”. Your client “history” card and client “information” card artwork is ready for you to take to the printer or print to your printer. We did all the work and you just need to print it. Click Here To Go To Client Cards.

Box 1: Have the client fill out the Client Contact Information card, and keep this card in your contact information card box. You will also keep track of any referrals your client sends to you on this card.

Box 2: Your second box has your Client Appointment History card in it. You will use this card every single time the client comes in so you have a history of all their appointments. You will also want to note if they come in late, chew off their nails or miss appointments. This is good information for you to know in case you ever start charging them extra, which will let them know why and you will have a record of it.

If your new clients do not reschedule before they leave; call them in a week and schedule their appointment. Do not be afraid to follow up on every new client 1-week after their initial appointment. Make sure they are happy and be sure to answer any of their questions or concerns, especially if they did not reschedule before leaving the Salon. You will also want to schedule their appointment at this time.

If you have a client you haven’t seen for 4 or 5 weeks, call them and offer them a special discount on a service they might like, to get them back into the Salon. Also, calling every one of your clients once a month, and offering a special discount if they book a 2nd service during their next appointment, will keep your appointment book hopping!

Do not be embarrassed to follow up on your clients, to give them a little special attention. Every successful business in the world follows up on their clients to make sure they keep coming back and do not go anywhere else.

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