Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greatest News we could have as Nail Technicians...

Hi Girls,

This is the Greatest News we could have as Nail Technicians: The 2008 Black Friday retail sales were up 3% over 2007.

Why is this Great News for us? Because theseShoppers are our Clients, and they are out spending money, "YAY"! And, when they are spending money, they are also spending money on NAILS, "YAY".

So, things are shaping up, and we are going to have a Great Holiday Season.

I was at Macys on Sunday and I asked the Sales Clerk how the Holiday shopping was going, and he said it has been non-stop shoppers, and their store did $60,000 more this Black Friday than last years Black Friday. He said people had been shopping and spending all weekend, and their corporate headquarters is thrilled.

I asked every Store I went into, and they all said the entire weekend had been crazy busy and sells were up. And, the one thing I did notice more than EVER before, was the customer service was outstanding everywhere I went. Every store had extra people working so you could ask for help, find things fast, and get checked out fast.

I have never been treated better and had more fun Shopping, than I did last weekend. It made me want to Shop every DAY, SO I DID!

Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service; I cannot say it enough. Customer Service is the backbone of every business.

The next 3 weeks is your time to Shine with excellent Customer Service. Impress your new clients and your regular clients, by going above and beyond, to make them feel special.

Here are a couple of NAIL TIPS to insure your Clients come back to your Salon after the Holiday Season.


  • Make sure every single client has at least 5 of your business cards in their purse.
  • And, tell them if they get you 3 new clients in the next 2 months, They will receive a FREE Pedicure.

  • Give every client you do in the next 3 weeks a Thank You card; either hand write inside the card or Put a little coupon inside the card with this Special Offer:
  • 25% off one service of their choice, in January and
  • 25% off one service of their choice in February.
"Let's Kick Start 2009 by Increasing the amount of NEW Holiday clients that get their nails done. Make sure not to say no to one single client over the next 3 weeks; fit in every single person that wants their nails done, even if it means adding extra days or hours. The Holidays are the best time of year to pick up an extra 10 or more clients that turn into Regulars. This is only for 3 weeks and it will help insure a Great Start to 2009."

Have A Great Nail Day,