Friday, February 29, 2008

Beautiful Pink & White's

Are you doing beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails that Keep Your Clients Coming Back? Are you making enough money?

“Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians who do beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails can name their price! And, I have never met a Tammy Taylor Nail Technician yet, who does beautiful Pink & White Sculptured Nails, who is not booked as solid as they want.”

Tammy Taylor

Whenever anyone complains about not being able to build a clientele; it is directly related to their nails first.

Have you or anyone you know been trying to build a nail business for more than 6 months, but are not yet booked solid? Do advertisements bring business in; but the clients do not return?

If your business is not growing stronger and busier everyday; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning how to perfect your Pink & White Sculptured Nails.

If your way has not, quickly shown growth; returning clients and positive feedback like: “My nails never looked this good before and I can’t wait to tell my friends”; then why not try the Tammy Taylor way?

  • Stop resisting, and try not to blame it on something else. Look at the quality of your nails first.
Are you serious about wanting to build a clientele and making more money?
  • If so; you need to change the way you are going about it.
“My Company is Your Personal “Success Coach!” Everything we do is to help you become more successful.”
Tammy Taylor

Tammy is a Licensed Nail technician and has been teaching Nail Technicians for over 26 years. Her Company offers you everything you need to be a “Nail Specialist”, and to be Booked Solid.
  • Tammy Taylor, every week writes a Newsletter with articles to help you make more Money by improving your Business skills, and your Nail skills.
  • You will be assigned your own personal Company educator trained by Tammy Taylor herself.
  • You will qualify to get New Clients with our referral program for Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians.

With all of the thousands of requests we have received and are receiving daily, from consumers looking for Nail Technicians using Tammy Taylor Nails products, we need more Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians to help meet these demands.

When you receive just your first REFERRAL for a client who wants to have Tammy Taylor Pink & White Acrylic Nails done you could make up to $700.00 a year Profit on that one client.

  • You can attend Fabulous nail classes taught by highly trained and devoted Tammy Taylor Nail Educators.

  • You will be using the highest quality products tested and developed by Tammy Taylor herself.

  • You will only be a phone call away, to being assigned your own personal educator, placing orders or to ask questions.

Our toll free number is: (800) 93-TAMMY (Mon-Fri, 9-5)

  • You have access to the most amazing web site in the whole nail industry, available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.


  • Nail FAQ’s by Topic: Which has 1,000’s of Nail Procedures, Articles, and answers to almost every question you could ever have about doing nails

  • Free Webolutionary Nail Procedure web-videos Encyclopedia

  • Email access

  • On-line Shopping so you can order at your convenience

  • Nail Party Episodes – web-videos

“We Offer You All of This and So much More! Give Us a Chance to Prove Ourselves to You. Our products are Fantastic. Our products have been proven in salons for over 20 years and they are tested and developed by me. I do Nails and I know what you need to keep your clients happy.”

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Product does not get brittle or crystallize.

  • The chemical bond between the Tammy Taylor Acrylic and the Tammy Taylor Primer create adhesion so Tammy Taylor Nails do not lift.

  • The Tammy Taylor Nail Liquid and the Nail Powder have cross linkers that weave together to form tremendous strength to eliminate breaking.

  • The Tammy Taylor Acrylic resists yellowing because of the added UVA and UVB inhibitors.

  • Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nails have a hard surface which means they will resist staining and are easier to file.

“I would Love to have you as one of my Tammy Taylor Nail Technician Specialists. Become part of the Tammy Taylor Team today.”

Tammy Taylor

Friday, February 22, 2008



by Tammy Taylor

“Nail Liquid for Chronic LIFTERS”

NEW Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid
“I designed my NEW Xtra Adhesion Nail Liquid especially for clients with special nail needs. Some Clients have nails that are difficult for acrylic to adhere to, and need an EXTRA BOOST in the liquid to help adhesion, and eliminate lifting”.

Tammy Taylor

Can be used with all Tammy Taylor Nails powders, including Prizma!

The Tammy Taylor NEW Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid can be used with Tammy Taylor Nail Primer if the client has lifting problems, and can be used without Primer for sensitive clients.

The Tammy Taylor NEW Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid has all the wonderful characteristics of Tammy Taylor original nail liquid and more.

  • Extra boost for adhesion

  • Ease of application

  • Extra durability (no cracking or breaking)

  • Easy to File

  • Resists yellowing

  • Resists staining

  • No crystallizing

  • Dries to a smooth hard finish

  • Created for Clients with Lifting problems and, …

  • Clients who have sensitive nails

  • UVA & UVB inhibitors

Friday, February 15, 2008

You need to have a "Great Powder" to do "Great Nails"

You need to have a "Great Powder" to do "Great Nails"

"You need to have a great nail powder to do great nails that keep your clients coming back. All of my nail powders look and feel very natural. When I started doing nails, all we had was clear or a light white color that was used on the entire nail and covered with color nail polish. I did not like to wear polish when I did nails because it was too messy, so I created Pink and White Powders that looked like a French Manicure but did not get messy when doing nails. The clients went crazy for my signature Tammy Taylor Pink and White look and the rest is history."

Tammy Taylor Nail Powders have been developed to perform under every circumstance for every client and for every nail technician. Tammy Taylor nail powders have been the most talked about nail powders in the nail industry for over 20 years.

Tammy Taylor personally tests every single batch for performance, color, clarity and consistency before it is filled into jars for nail technicians. Tammy Taylor Nail Powders are made in the U.S.A.

Tammy Taylor Powders can be shaped while drying and they have been developed to cure gradually as they set up. This gives you time to shape the famous Tammy Taylor C-Curve into your nails before it gets hard, giving your nails that beautiful natural looking, slender, curved and strong nail that keeps your clients coming back.

Tammy Taylor Nail Powders are available in 2 different work-abilities for your nail application style. Both the Original and (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder have all the outstanding colors, features and qualities you have come to know and trust.

Common Benefits and Characteristics of the Tammy Taylor... Original Nail Powder and for Tammy’s (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder:

  • Fine grain (triple sifted).

  • Does not crystallize.

  • Does not get brittle.

  • Flexible (resists cracking and breaking).

  • Ease of application.

  • Superior bond.

  • Tremendously strong.

  • Resists yellowing.

  • Easy to file.

  • Hard non-porous surface.

  • Controlled particle-size distribution.

Exclusive Benefits and Characteristics of Tammy Taylor (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder:

  • Slower set nail powder.

  • Created to give you more time to create a perfect smile line on your Pink and White Nails.

  • Flexible (able to create the perfect C-Curve).

  • More flow time.

  • Self-leveling.

  • Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Liquids (except the Tammy Taylor Odor-less Nail Liquid).

  • Use all year round, but especially in hot weather.

  • Great for sculptured nails and tips with overlays.

Exclusive Benefits and Characteristics of Tammy Taylor Original Nail Powder:

  • Fast-set nail powder, created to makefast, smooth and strong nails.

  • Never runny.

  • Stays where you put it.

  • Flexible (able to create the perfect C-Curve).

  • Can be used with all Tammy Taylor Nail Liquids.

  • Use all year round.

  • Great for sculptured nails and tips with overlays.

Note: You can use (S-Set) Nail Powder on the free-edge to give you more time to work and Original Nail Powder on the nail bed, so it stays where you put it.

The Pink & White powders are in order of darkness:
Pink – a very light opaque pink. (P)

Clear Pink – a very light translucent pink. (CP)

Dramatic Pink – a medium pink with a warm undertone. (DP)

True Pink – a medium pink with a cool undertone; just a little pinker than dramatic pink. (TP)

Pinkest Pink – a darker pink with a cool undertone. (PP)

P3 – the darkest pink with a warm undertone. (P3)

White – a very light white; looks like a natural free-edge. (W)

Dramatic White – a medium white; very opaque, but not a stark white; looks natural. (DW)

Whitest-White – a very opaque, stark white; it looks like a French manicure white. (WW)

Competitive Edge Whitest-White - (CEWW, not shown)
Dries slower and gives more time to create the smile-line. Good for anyone having problems with their white drying too fast on the free-edge. Great for Competitions.

All of the Pink powders and the White powders look beautiful together; to make Pink & White nails.

Natural powder – a mixture of white and clear; to be used over the entire nail as one color; used mostly for clients who wear color polish. (N)

Peaches ‘n Cream powder – a light opaque peach; looks great on darker skin tones; used with any of the white powders at the free-edge; makes a beautiful French manicure. (PC)

Clear powder – a multi-purpose powder used alone or with original powders; and as an overlay for Prizma powders. (C)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nail Fungus Can Be Prevented!

Nail Fungus Can Be Prevented!

Onycholysis (loosening of the nail-plate) is the perfect environment for a fungal infection to start growing and turn into Onychomycosis, a fungal infection. Onychomycosis (Fungus) will continue to cause separation of the nail plate from the nail bed (Distal Subungual and Candida) and can be transferred to the other fingernails and the toenails.
Nail Fungus usually starts when a loosening of the nail plate occurs. The loosening of the nail plate can happen by damage or trauma to the natural nail.

Some Examples:

  • Slamming nails in a door.

  • Pulling nails backwards on car door handles.

  • Picking off artificial nails instead of soaking them off.

  • Using a drill on top of the naked natural nail, causing heat and friction.

  • Any puncture to the Hyponychium.

  • Wearing toenails too long and shoes too tight.

  • Cleaning out from under nails with a metal implement.

  • Fingernails too long for an active life style.

  • Clipping toenails too short and cutting the Hyponychium.

  • Strong cleaning chemicals.

  • Gardening without gloves.
Some signs you might see or feel after the trauma or damage but before the nail fungus (Onychomycosis) starts:

  • Loosening of the nail plate.

  • A feeling like a little splinter is under the natural nail, but you cannot see it.

  • The nails feel sensitive when picking up something or hitting them against something.

  • The natural nails feels loose.

  • The natural nail looks like the white free-edge is growing down the nail bed and the pink nail bed is getting shorter.

What to do to help Prevent Nail Fungus:

  • Use Tammy Taylor Thymolize Everyday.

    Onycholysis (loosening of the nail plate) is not a fungus but it is susceptible to fungus.

    We recommend scrubbing with Tammy Taylor Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak and a Tammy Taylor Plastic Manicure Brush. Then, follow with Tammy Taylor Thymolize underneath the free-edge, especially with artificial nails, at least once a day as prevention. So if there is Onycholysis, loosening of the nail plate, Tammy Taylor Thymolize should help prevent it from becoming Onychomycosis (Fungus).
Fungus is not virus. Fungus is not a bacteria. Fungus is a fungus!

If you do have a fungus, we recommend using Tammy Taylor Thymolize 3-5 times a day underneath the free-edge at the Hyponychium, every day, until the natural nail reattaches.

The same goes for toenails.

Note: Remove any artificial nail covering.

If you do not see any improvement within 7 days, please see a physician. There are several physicians who recommend Tammy Taylor Thymolize.

(In talking to a doctor in Newport Beach, California, he said he did not like the oral medications like Griseofulvin, where the cure rate is low and there are side-effects for fingernail and toenail fungus; nor did he like the idea of the medication traveling throughout the body and through the liver before it got to the fingernails or toenails. And, this would also entail additional testing of the liver to see if it could handle it. A good topical product would be best.)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Underdog Wins... You Are the Star

Editorial: “The Underdog Wins and You Are the Star”

by Tammy Taylor
CEO of Tammy Taylor Nails, Inc.

Those that want to make more money and those that actually put their mind to making more money: are 2 different stories.

I was going through my website searching through all the web-videos, printed articles and anything that pertained to doing better nails; improving your business, and making more money; and I was AMAZED! There were at least 100 pages of information and hours & hours of web-videos, FREE!

So, I started thinking and trying to figure out why a Nail Technician who is not making enough money, and/or not doing Great Nails, would not have GRABBED onto all of these FREE resources and run with them!

And what I figured out was: When you are down already, because you do not feel your Nails are good enough, or your bills are piling up, and you are not making enough money; little things like retailing a Tammy Taylor Thymolize or cleaning your Station, or watching a Tammy Taylor Nail Procedure video, or passing out business cards, or practicing on your Tammy Taylor Practice Sheet, or reading about “How To Do Better Nails”, and all the “How To…” make money articles I have written; just does not seem like enough to get you out of this jam; because you feel like you need it all today; and fast.

This is exactly the attitude that is stopping you from making money! And from doing GREAT NAILS!

Stop watching your life like it’s a television show and get in the middle of your life: And be the main character! This will make a HUGE difference.

It does not matter if you are just starting or if you have been in the business for 25 years. You need to always keep learning. Just like a director knows everything and everyone in their show, you need to learn about everyone and everything in your show, called your life.

For your show, you need to start working on your script and decide if you want instant fame, instant fortune or win the lotto. Nahh! None of these shows would be interesting enough. All the best shows are about ordinary people with lots of trials and tribulations, and how they overcome them. We all love a happy ending when the underdog wins!

Really, you are the underdog right now; and how does the underdog always win? Just like Rocky, Tammy or the American Idol: Through determination and Hard work! ___Your name here___ Let’s not just talk about it! Let’s do it!

Building a successful business is a slow steady process, but it is worth it! It will take one client, one nail, one class, one video, one article and one business card at a time.

My business has always been built around one nail at a time and one client at a time. A business needs to have loyal clients who refer their friends. This is how you flourish and grow. (I have been in this Nail industry 26 years, since I was 18 years old, and my business was built on referrals.)

The average Tammy Taylor Nail Tech sticks with my Tammy Taylor Team and me until they retire. Because, they know that no other nail company is going to care as much about them and their business as we do. Also, they know I personally use and test all of my products, assuring quality every time. And, I write all of my own Education from my personal experience.


How about this for a script:
“Broke Nail Technician makes it big in the Nail business. In 2 years, she owns her own Full Service Salon. In 3 years, she has 6 people working for her. In 4 years, she manages her Salon full time and only does an occasional favorite nail client; and she takes her family on vacation 2 times a year!


Here is a List to Get You Started TODAY (“YOU CAN DO IT!”)
Tammy Taylor

  • Learn everything you can about nails. Watch 15 minutes every week of a Tammy Taylor nail procedure video, and start with the Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures video, until you complete the video library.

  • Learn about your product by going to the left side of your home page and click on Product Catalog.

  • Learn about your business by watching the weekly web-videos on the Tammy Taylor Retail Site and PRO Site, 2-3 times each.

  • Learn about making more money! Print out the articles, which have the green money sign ($) next to them. These articles are in Nail FAQ’s by Topic, which is listed on the left side of the Professional home page.

  • Learn about doing nails, by reading all of my Step-by-Step with photos procedure articles.

  • Learn about your clients, and make the client cards listed in Nail FAQ’s by Topic.

  • Educate your clients on all of your services, and find out which other services they would like.

  • Ask your Clients what products they use at home and demonstrate the products they can purchase from you.

  • Learn about your nail company by watching the History of Tammy Taylor “web-video” or email me. So you can proudly promote the wonderful TT products you use.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Voted the Very Best Brush by Nail Technicians

Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes are so superior that they have even been voted the very Best Nail Brushes by Nail Technicians.

“All of my Kolinsky Sable Brushes are hand-made right here in the United States of America. I do not use just any sable and my Kolinsky Sable is carefully hand chosen for its color, texture and quality.”

“My brushes are carefully shaped and hand assembled by wonderful brush artisans, who take great pride in their work. Before I started making my own brushes here in the United States, many brushes were imported from other countries, by art companies who knew nothing about sculptured nail brushes.”

Tammy Taylor

History of the Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brush:
I am very particular about my sculptured nail brushes, and a beautiful brush is the key to making Beautiful Nails. When I first started doing nails in my Salon, around 1981, I struggled with trying to find the perfect brush. I went through a lot of brushes and wasted a lot of money.

At that time, there were 2 shapes of brushes; round brushes and flat brushes. I liked the round brushes because they would hold enough liquid to make a good-ball-consistency and they stroked the product well without leaving brush marks.

What I did not like about the round brush was how pointy it was when I was working around the cuticle area, or how fat it was when I was trying to pat the product.

I liked the flat brushes because they were better when patting the free-edge and working around the cuticle. But I did not like how the flat brush could not hold enough liquid, making the balls too dry, too small and leaving brush marks in the product.

So, I customized my own brush! I would take a round brush and then squeeze the Ferrule with pliers to put a slight crimp in it. This gave me a brush that had the consistency and flow of a round brush, and the control of a flat brush. This slightly crimped Ferrule, that I created over 25 years ago, is used by most nail companies today, and is the most popular style in the Nail industry.

10 different Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes to Choose from:
The Tammy Taylor Custom Kolinsky Sable Brushes are the perfect tool to create Beautiful Nails with ease. I have created 10 brushes, and the Tammy Taylor Custom “Oval” Kolinsky Sable Brushes are available in 4 sizes:

  1. The small is about a #6 - great for toenails.

  2. The medium is about a #7 – great for short to medium nails.

  3. The large is about a #8 – great for medium to long nails.

  4. The X-large is about a #9 – great for long to extra long nails.

The larger the brush, the more liquid it holds and makes a bigger ball.

The Tammy Taylor Custom “Flat” Kolinsky Sable Brush is a little flatter then the Tammy Taylor Custom “Oval”, which makes the “Flat” brush really easy to sculpt free-edges, and it still holds plenty of liquid for ball consistency and flow.

The Tammy Taylor Custom “Flat” Kolinsky Sable Brushes are available in 3 sizes:

  1. The small is about a #6 – great for toenails.

  2. The medium is about a #7 – great for short to medium nails.

  3. The large is about a #8 – great for medium to long nails.

I have also created 3 Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Nail Art Brushes:

  1. The Tammy Taylor Striper Brush.

  2. The Tammy Taylor Detail Brush.

  3. The “brand new” Tammy Taylor 3-D Nail Art Brush.

How to take care of your Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes:
I am very particular about my own personal brushes. I have a certain way I like to clean my brushes, and a certain way I like to form the tip while they dry. Also, I have a certain way to store them.

When you take proper care of your Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes, they can last for years. I always have at least 3 brushes ready, and this way I can rotate my brushes while I am doing nails.

When one brush gets dirty, I place it in my Tammy Taylor Conditioning Brush Cleaner and then use a different brush. By having extra brushes, I am not in a hurry to clean my brush so I do not start picking at it or cutting it. Good brushes like these are expensive and they need to be taken care of.

I only use Tammy Taylor Conditioning Brush Cleaner to clean my brushes. I do not use acetone or polish remover because the chemicals ruin the sable hairs.

I use the “black” deep-well Tammy Taylor Dappen Dish for my liquid and I use the “white” deep-well Tammy Taylor Dappen Dish for my brush cleaner. By having the 2 different colors, I do not accidentally make nails with my brush cleaner.

After my brush has been in the Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner long enough to soften the hard acrylic, I just wipe it off on a Tammy Taylor “Towelette”. Be careful not to bend the hair too much when wiping, as the sable hairs can break off.

After cleaning my Tammy Taylor Brush, I dip it in my Tammy Taylor liquid and slightly wipe it off to shape the tip. The Tammy Taylor liquid also conditions and helps keep the brush shaped just how I like it. If your Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Brush hairs get bent, just run warm water over the hairs and re-shape them. Then, store it in my Tammy Taylor Form Holder, with the brush hairs pointing upward.

Are You Scared to Touch Anything?

Hi, Girls,
Are you scared to touch anything for fear of germs? When you are in Public places? Or when your children are playing in Public places? Well, you do not need to worry anymore.

Still the best way for over 20 years to rid 99.9% of bacteria in just seconds is Tammy Taylor “Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize” (a 70% alcohol base spray Sanitizer) “I formulated Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize over 20 years ago for Nail and Beauty Salons. We touch so many people every day, we needed a quick effective way of Sanitizing our hands, so we did not spread germs or contact germs.”

“Because I used it every day, all day long before and after every client, I wanted my Sanitize to:

  • Be Easy and Fast to use
  • Kill germs
  • Smell Fabulous
  • Dry Fast (never sticky like gels or foams)
  • Leave my hands soft
  • Be Economical (Just a few pennies per use)
  • Be environmentally Safe

All the same wonderful things I know you want for yourself and your family.

The 4 oz. Spray is so convenient, I carry mine with me everywhere I go. Your 4 oz. Tammy Taylor “Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize” spray is available in 3 delicious fragrances that you will love:

  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Giorgio

Only Pennies Per Use, Up To Ten Times More Uses Than A Sanitize Gel Of The Same Size.