Friday, January 25, 2008

Pain from Drills on Natural Fingernail

Editorial: Pain from Drills on Natural Fingernail
By Tammy Taylor

Hi Girls,
Have your nails ever had any Pain or nail Damage from a Drill being used on your natural fingernail?

Does your nail technician use a drill on top of your natural fingernail? (And if so, you could be in danger of permanent fingernail damage.) (The average nail drill is 35,000 RPM’s and this is too much friction on top of the fingernail.) This friction causes too much heat and can cause your natural fingernail to lift from the nail-bed, and sometimes causing deformities.

  • Has your fingernail ever gotten hot while having a nail service done or throbbed afterward?

  • Excessive drilling usually causes this and getting your fingernails done should never be painful. It should be relaxing and enjoyable.

You need to go to a Nail Technician who will follow your wishes and this is what you ask for:

  • Do Not use the drill on my natural fingernail

  • Do Not cause any heat on top of my fingernail

If they cannot do this, get up and leave immediately. You should go somewhere else as you could be in danger of permanent damage to your fingernails.

When you have a nail service done, this information about [using a drill] will help you understand what the Technician should or should not be doing to your fingernails. Knowing this will help you in deciding on a proper Salon; and note: when procedures are done correctly, there should be no pain and no fingernail damage!