Friday, January 25, 2008

Pain from Drills on Natural Fingernail

Editorial: Pain from Drills on Natural Fingernail
By Tammy Taylor

Hi Girls,
Have your nails ever had any Pain or nail Damage from a Drill being used on your natural fingernail?

Does your nail technician use a drill on top of your natural fingernail? (And if so, you could be in danger of permanent fingernail damage.) (The average nail drill is 35,000 RPM’s and this is too much friction on top of the fingernail.) This friction causes too much heat and can cause your natural fingernail to lift from the nail-bed, and sometimes causing deformities.

  • Has your fingernail ever gotten hot while having a nail service done or throbbed afterward?

  • Excessive drilling usually causes this and getting your fingernails done should never be painful. It should be relaxing and enjoyable.

You need to go to a Nail Technician who will follow your wishes and this is what you ask for:

  • Do Not use the drill on my natural fingernail

  • Do Not cause any heat on top of my fingernail

If they cannot do this, get up and leave immediately. You should go somewhere else as you could be in danger of permanent damage to your fingernails.

When you have a nail service done, this information about [using a drill] will help you understand what the Technician should or should not be doing to your fingernails. Knowing this will help you in deciding on a proper Salon; and note: when procedures are done correctly, there should be no pain and no fingernail damage!

How To Have 100% Lift Free Nails

Editorial: How To Have 100% Lift Free Nails
By Tammy Taylor

“I personally use my products everyday and I have put a lot of time and research into lift free nails because I am a fanatic about lifting. It is my #1 nail pet peeve, so I have formulated my products for Optimum Adhesion. Switching to Tammy Taylor Products is a good move but only the first step in eliminating lifting problems.”

Tammy Taylor

What Not To Do:

  • You should not need to nip nails back when doing a fill and you should be able to just file the acrylic nail flush with the natural fingernail. But if lifting occurs, you will need to nip back the acrylic that has lifted because lifted areas get moisture underneath, and the client will get the “Greenies”.

  • Do Not use any type of pre-primer antiseptics on the fingernail after etching, especially anything with alcohol in it, as these products can cause lifting. Use 2-3 coats of Tammy Taylor Primer instead.

  • Do Not use a pump for the nail liquid, because it will not allow you to submerge your brush properly; and without the proper amount of liquid for good product consistency, you can cause lifting. Also, pumps can cause nail liquid contamination, which causes lifting and causes yellowing.

  • Do Not etch the natural fingernail with a drill because a drill can cause the natural fingernail to become damaged and thin, which also causes lifting.

  • Do Not use a cosmetic fluffy brush to dust off the fingernails after prepping as this can spread germs, mold and fungus as well as put dust and oil on the fingernail, which also causes lifting.

What To Do:

  • Proper nail preparation and product application will help make your nails 100% lift free!

  • The Tammy Taylor 100-Grit Purple Terminator is the only file I recommend for etching and prepping the natural fingernail. Etch the way the fingernail grows; and you must etch hills & valleys into the natural fingernail to create a rough, porous surface as acrylic will not adhere to a smooth or shiny surface. Etching Properly Eliminates 75% of lifting.

  • Note: The Purple Terminator is available in disposable Peel ‘n Stick Strips, in the regular size, and the smaller “Etcher” size strips; so you can use a new file on every client.

  • Etching the way the natural fingernail grows does not cause damage to the natural fingernail. Do not file cross ways to etch, because this can cause the natural fingernail to become thin and damaged. Use a coarse edge on your 100-Grit Purple Terminator every time you etch and never use an old, used file. Note: The Purple Terminator is available in disposable Peel ‘n Stick Strips, in the regular size, and the smaller “Etcher” size strips.

  • Use the Tammy Taylor Pterygium Stone to remove the excess skin that has grown onto the fingernail. We call the Pterygium Stone extra insurance because it helps insure lift-free nails and it can be used wet or dry. To use it wet, keep it in your wet sanitizer and only use Tammy Taylor First Choice. Other wet sanitizer disinfectants contain chemicals that can cause lifting.

  • The Tammy Taylor Primer does not need a pre-primer, nail fresh, pre-bond, nail prep or scrub for adhesion. All these extra products can actually cause lifting, and cost you a lot of money, time and aggravation. Tammy Taylor Primer is applied 2-3 times before acrylic application.

  • The first coat of Tammy Taylor Primer needs to dry and it will dry out the oils on the fingernail to kill the germs.

  • The second coat needs to be applied one fingernail at a time just before the wet acrylic is applied. The wet Tammy Taylor Primer and wet acrylic blend together causing a chemical reaction, which pulls the product into the hills & valleys on the fingernails. If the second coat of Tammy Taylor Primer dries before putting on the acrylic, apply a third coat of primer.

  • Always use a primer holder when using primer. Use primer sparingly, as it can cause burning, redness and irritation. Always dab off the primer brush before priming so it doesn’t flood the cuticle, and wipe the primer brush off before putting it back in the primer bottle to eliminate contamination.

  • Use a Tammy Taylor Deep Well Ceramic Black Dappen Dish for beautiful, consistency and to eliminate contamination. Use the black color dappen dish for Pink & White or the white color dappen dish for the Prizma colours. By using Tammy Taylor Deep Well Ceramic Dishes, you will be able to pick up enough liquid in your brush to make beautiful balls that look like pearls.

  • The Tammy Taylor Deep Well Ceramic Dappen Dish is black so you can see when the liquid gets white and cloudy. This shows it is contaminated and you need to dump it out so you can put in new nail liquid. Contaminated liquid causes lifting.

  • When the acrylic product is too dry, it will not adhere properly. The acrylic needs to flow easily, so it can flow into the hills & valleys for good adhesion.

  • Always place acrylic ball 1/32nd of an inch away from the cuticle skin allowing it to flow for 3 seconds; and then stroke away from the cuticle. Never pat the product around the cuticle area as this can cause the product to get too close to the cuticle and possibly leave a piecrust edge. This causes lifting and can also cause air bubbles.

  • There should always be a road around the cuticle area. The road is a space between the cuticle and the acrylic where you can feel the natural nail. When there is no road, the acrylic product is too close to the cuticle and this causes lifting.

  • Use the Tammy Taylor 180-Grit Zebra to file the acrylic flush with the natural fingernail. This is the best file for the cuticle area and to finish the acrylic nail. This file has a special white coating on it, which makes it very smooth and easy to file. Place the Zebra File in the road and file the acrylic smooth. There should be no bump and the acrylic should look like it is growing right out of the natural fingernail.

  • Always use a Tammy Taylor Plastic Manicure Brush to clean off the fingernail after etching and prepping. After etching, there are white particles on the nail-plate. These white particles are dead skin and dirty nail. If these particles are not removed, they will clog the hills & valleys we created by etching. The primer and product will not flow properly, which will stop adhesion and cause lifting.

  • Clients who pick or bite their nails will cause their own lifting. This is not your fault, but you need to teach them how to maintain their nails in between fills.


Do not get in a hurry or skip a step, especially on PREPARATION, or it will cost you double work on your clients’ next appointment, and they well not be happy.

Keeping your nails Lift-Free is very important to keeping a full clientele. It will keep them coming back and referring their friends.

Friday, January 18, 2008

How To Give Yourself 25 Hour’s In A Day

How To Give Yourself 25 Hour’s In A Day

Hi Girls,
Are you running out of time at the end of the day? And you still have a lot more things to do?

I know there are a lot of Nail Techs like me who don’t have enough hours in the day. I don’t want to add to our list of things to do, but would rather make our life easier and make more money!

One of my girlfriends gave me a card for my birthday that said, “What I really wanted to give you was a 25-Hour Day”.

Do you ever feel like you need that extra hour?

Well, I am going to teach you the same way I gave myself that extra hour a day.

Step #1: Say NO, or Let me think…

You say “No, No, No” or “Let me think about it”, every time you are asked to do anything by:

  • Committees

  • Acquaintances

  • Family or…

  • Friends

  • UNLESS you really want to do it.

  • Never say yes as a first response.

  • At least until you have re-trained yourself.

This was the hardest lesson for me to learn because I like to please everyone, which is a characteristic of Nail Techs and this is why we like this business.


And, when I get exhausted, I get cranky; so I really have to work on pacing myself, especially for my family’s sake.

Step #2: Schedule

Schedule your salon hours 2-3 months in advance, just like an office. Don’t split up your day and make sure to book all of your appointments in groups.

  • For example: Tuesday - Friday

  • Tues - 9:00 - 3:00 6 hours do not leave

  • Wed - 9:00 - 3:00 6 hours do not leave

  • Thurs - 11:00 - 9:00 10 hours do not leave

  • Fri - 10:00 - 7:00 9 hours do not leave

  • That is 31 solid hours.

  • You only open up more hours when these hours are booked solid.

There are enough hours for morning clients, afternoon clients and for evening clients.

If you already have standing appointments, consolidate them and don’t spread everyone out. You will need to determine what is best for you, but do follow this guideline.

Book all of the afternoon appointments first or book all of the morning appointments first.

  • For Example:

  • Do make appointments at: 9:00 10:00 and 11:00

  • Do Not make appointments at: 9:00 1:00 and 3:00

If you follow only step #1 or follow only step #2, you will pick up at least one hour in the day. BUT if you follow both steps, you might even be able to:

  • Relax

  • Read a book

  • Go to the spa and even…

  • Get your nails done in the same week.

Now isn’t that something to look forward to!

The BIG NO-NO is when you get these extra hours; DO NOT give these hours away. Use These Hours For Yourself! You Are Worth It!

How You Can Be Your Nail Techs Favorite Client

How You Can Be Your Nail Techs Favorite Client

When you want your nails done the right way: Beautiful and without pain or damage to the natural fingernail, you need to go to a PROFESSIONAL NAIL TECHNICIAN who loves doing nails. But these Nail Tech’s are usually very busy because they are the BEST!

Being a nail tech is fun but not easy. Nail Tech’s have to deal with a lot of clients with different personalities and make them all happy. When a client is considerate of the Nail Tech, the Nail Tech will bend over backwards for them.



  • When you schedule an appointment with your Nail Tech, DO NOT cancel at the last minute.

  • Give the Nail Tech at least 24 hours notice because Nail Technicians work on commission only!

  • The Nail Tech does not receive any type of hourly pay and when you are scheduled for 3:00 and someone else calls in for the same time, the Nail Tech has to apologize, but then turn down that appointment.

  • Then you call and cancel at the last minute, but then it’s too late to fill the opening because the client who wanted that time has already found someone else to do their nails.

  • Your Nail Tech makes no money for that entire time that they booked out for your appointment!

If this happens to a Nail Tech 4-5 times a week that is almost an entire day without making any money. So if you have to cancel less than 24 hours, pay your Nail Tech for the missed appointment.


  • Call and let your Nail Tech know you are going to be late and ask if you should reschedule or have a partial appointment just to get you by until you can get back in for a full appointment.

  • Let your Nail Tech know you do not expect a full appointment and you are willing to pay for it.


  • You became really nervous and/or had a really bad week and your nails are a mess!

  • Call your Nail Tech in advance so she can try to schedule you a longer appointment.

  • Or give you a different time to come in.

  • And, always pay for the extra work.

By putting yourself in the position of your Nail Technician and realizing they are on commission only will help you to always be fair and considerate with them. This kindness on your part will always make you their favorite and on the top of their list.

If you are having your nails done by a Tammy Taylor Nail Technician right now and you would like to give them some recognition, send me the following:

1. Name, Address, phone number and email address.
2. A little paragraph about their work and personality.

I will send them a special note about how much their clients think of them and also a gift of recognition.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Have You Ever Had Any Conflicts in Your Salon

Editorial: Have You Ever Had Any Conflicts in Your Salon
By Tammy Taylor

Conflicts drain your energy and create extreme stress, sometimes to the point where you just want to throw your hands up and quit!

Every day:

  • We can look for conflict

  • Create conflict

  • Ignore conflict

  • Or, we can confront conflict, and stop conflict!

Confronting conflicts and then stopping them will enable you to be happier in your Salon:

  • Whether you are the Salon owner

  • An independent

  • Or, an employee

To eliminate these blow-ups you must confront the problem immediately, without anger or aggression.

  • Visualize and roll play peaceful outcomes before you start talking. I always pray about it first.

  • If you go into the conversation aggressively, it will escalate the problem to the point of no return.

This is not what you want to happen. Wouldn’t you rather stay in one place, be happy, get along and be the person that says: “the conflict stops here”.

Moving to a different Salon does not usually mean things are going to be better. It just means different faces, and with a whole new set of problems.

I have seen many salons split up over a small conflict that escalated way out of control; and half of the staff gets talked into leaving and going to a new Salon. Then the owner is left with half of the staff and says “forget it”, and closes down.

A Salon is like a family: If one person asks only a select few to go to lunch or a party and someone is left out; feelings are hurt. Being part of a family or Salon means always thinking about your actions and how they affect everyone around you. Just like leaving someone out, this could escalate into a huge battle if it is not talked about and resolved immediately!

Maybe you were the one left out and, if so, you have two choices:

  • Tell them your feelings were hurt even though you know it is silly, and be able to laugh at yourself.

  • Forgive them, let it go and never think about it again.

If you were the one who hurt the other persons’ feelings, say you are sorry, and you will let them buy lunch today to help them feel better!
NO, not really… just say you are sorry and be more considerate next time.

Now, this scenario might sound petty or ridiculous but; I have seen families, marriages and Salons split up over things like this. It is never the big “stuff”, because those are the things we talk about. It is always the little things that cause the biggest conflict!

Have you or someone you know ever acted badly towards someone in the Salon?

  • Have you ever ignored them?

  • Made little remarks behind their backs?

  • Excluded them from lunches or parties?

  • If so, this is where it starts!

This bad behavior not only creates stress on the person receiving the bad treatment, but it puts even more stress on the person giving it.

  • Being angry and mean takes so much energy out of us.

  • We might think we are torturing the other person; but we are actually torturing ourselves and it starts affecting everyone around us.

Every day our job will be less fun and our work will start slowly going downhill, until we want to quit. So, do not let this happen to you or to your Salon.

  • If you see it, stop it!

  • If you are doing it, stop it!

  • If you are receiving it, stop it!

The number one Salon Golden Rule: Do not trash talk about anyone!

  • If everyone just followed this very important rule in the Salon, 90% of all conflicts would never escalate.

  • But if one person listens to the trash talk…
    The “Conflict Snowball” starts rolling until it is out of control!

How you can stop it is really simple: Do not listen or show any interest, and just walk away.

  • Never repeat what you heard to anyone, especially to the person talked about.

  • Take care of your own business and make lots of money; because if you are busy there is no time for anything else.

If you really do not like someone or they do not like you because your behaviors are irritating to both of you, get to know each other better and try to understand why each of you is acting this way. There are usually only a couple of reasons, and 90% of the time it is:

  • Jealousy

  • Or personal problems.

  • These problems are easy to remedy if you talk about them and don’t take anything personal.

So How Can We Talk About It:

The Salon is a very busy place and there is usually no privacy. Even if there is a little room and you go in there with someone, everyone else will be wondering what is going on and ask a million questions. So:

  • Book a paying service with the person you need to talk to.

  • Have your conversation while getting your service done.

This will give you the privacy needed, and it is better to spend a little money on a service than to spend a lot of money on moving to a new Salon or closing down your business!

Remember that resolution is always better for everyone:

  • It is never too late until someone ends up quitting

  • Getting fired

  • Or closing the business.

Do not let this pass the point of no return:

  • And do not let this happen to you

  • To your Salon

  • Or, to someone you care about!

Friday, January 4, 2008

How To Make Client Cards – Fast and Easy

Editorial: How To Make Client Cards – Fast and Easy
By Tammy Taylor

Do you feel like your clients just fade away after their first couple of appointments? Do your clients call at the last minute, or do they wait 3 weeks before calling, and then expect you to work them in right away?

Do you ever think “what did I do”? Well, it isn’t what you did; it is what you did not do! Every single new and every established client has to have a complete Client Contact Information card filled out along with a Client Appointment History card filled out.

Keep two file boxes: One for Client Contact Information and one for client appointment history. Put A-Z dividers in both of your file boxes and alphabetize by name. “First” name or “Last” name is okay as long as it is a name you remember them by.

When a new client comes in for their first appointment, have them fill out a Client Contact Information card and then have a little 5-minute consultation before you get started with them; and explain the following to them:

  • Your sanitation and disinfect system.

  • Your products and your retail products.

  • All your services; so they will have more services done.

  • A little about your qualifications and the advanced nail classes you have taken, above and beyond your nail license.

  • Your Salon policies schedule.

  • Your Work schedule.

Make sure to book an extra 15 minutes for all new clients; so you can have your 5-minute consultation and have a little extra time to answer their questions, and get to know them; and so you can explain everything without being in a hurry. Then proceed with the service and reschedule your client before they leave your Station. Never let any client leave without trying to schedule their next appointment or you will create bad habits, which will make bad clients who do not come back.

  • After scheduling their appointment, write the date & time on your business card, and have your client program your phone number and your name into their cell phone under Nails.

  • Call every client 2 days before their appointment to remind them so you have plenty of time to schedule someone else if they cancel. If your client cancels in less than 24 hours or does not show up, you need to charge a “no-show” fee. A lot of Salons and Spas are taking credit cards in advance in case the client does not show up.

  • When you have a Client Contact Information card and a Client Appointment History card, you have all the information you need to contact your clients and to keep track of your clients.
How to make your Client Cards and Boxes:

Your first box has your Client Contact Information card in it, and your second box has your Client Appointment History card in it. Go to my Tammy Taylor Nails Professional Website and click on “Nail FAQ’s by Topic”, and scroll to “Client Cards”. Your client “history” card and client “information” card artwork is ready for you to take to the printer or print to your printer. We did all the work and you just need to print it. Click Here To Go To Client Cards.

Box 1: Have the client fill out the Client Contact Information card, and keep this card in your contact information card box. You will also keep track of any referrals your client sends to you on this card.

Box 2: Your second box has your Client Appointment History card in it. You will use this card every single time the client comes in so you have a history of all their appointments. You will also want to note if they come in late, chew off their nails or miss appointments. This is good information for you to know in case you ever start charging them extra, which will let them know why and you will have a record of it.

If your new clients do not reschedule before they leave; call them in a week and schedule their appointment. Do not be afraid to follow up on every new client 1-week after their initial appointment. Make sure they are happy and be sure to answer any of their questions or concerns, especially if they did not reschedule before leaving the Salon. You will also want to schedule their appointment at this time.

If you have a client you haven’t seen for 4 or 5 weeks, call them and offer them a special discount on a service they might like, to get them back into the Salon. Also, calling every one of your clients once a month, and offering a special discount if they book a 2nd service during their next appointment, will keep your appointment book hopping!

Do not be embarrassed to follow up on your clients, to give them a little special attention. Every successful business in the world follows up on their clients to make sure they keep coming back and do not go anywhere else.

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