Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tammy Taylor $14,500 Winner...

Wishing You A Merry Christmas and A
Prosperous New Year!

Tammy Taylor
Hi Girls,
Over 6 weeks ago I started an $8,000.00 dollar CHRISTMAS GIVE-AWAY Contest.

Today December 23rd is the day I would be doing the drawing to find out who all the lucky WINNERS would be.  BUT, I got so excited thinking about Christmas, and all of my Tammy Taylor Nail Techs, and all my employees, that...

I kept adding MORE CASH AND PRIZES to the DRAWING.  What started at $8,000.00 went to $11,000.00 and then to...
$13,500.00 and finally to...

So, today I gave away $14,500.00 in CASH AND PRIZES.

This has definitely made this one of the most exciting Christmases I have ever had.

I wish all of you and all of your families, the Merriest Christmas and the most Prosperous New Year in "2009".
With love,Tammy Taylor

PS: Watch the Video to see all the drawings; the excitement and the winners.
Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor

New Tammy Taylor
Client Winners $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes
1st Place
$2,500.00 Cash Winner
Amy Cox 

Salesperson $500.00 Cash Winner
Michael Knutson

nd Place $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products Kristen Thibault

Tammy Taylor Referral Winners $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes
Place $2,500.00 Cash Winner
Ayanna Williams
Salesperson $500.00
Cash Winner
Leo Rivera

2nd Place
$500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Cheryl Black

6 Week Tammy Taylor Winners $3,500.00 in Cash and Prizes

1st Place
$2,500.00 Cash Winner
Deb Zierke  
Salesperson $500.00
Cash Winner
Michael Knutson

2nd Place
$500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Tawnya Warfle

Squad Winners $1,000.00 in Prizes
1st Place
$500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Sontay Jackson
Salesperson Mary

2nd Place
$500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products
Tammy Anderson
Salesperson Mary

Tammy Taylor Client Salesperson Drawing $1,500.00 in Cash

3 Winners of
$1,500.00 Cash
Mike Knutson $500.00 Cash Winner Tersa Jauken $500.00 Cash Winner Art Penaloza $500.00 Cash Winner

for Fun Drawing $1,500.00 in Cash
Roman Sanchez Jr. $500.00 Cash Winner Jose Antonio Martinez $500.00 Cash Winner Concepcion Serrano $500.00 Cash Winner 

Few of our Lucky Winners
Tammy Taylor

Tammy & Mike Knutson

Tammy & Concha Serano

Tammy Taylor

Tammy & Leo Rivera

Tammy Taylor

Tammy & Art Penaloza

If the video box is not showing up click this link and you can view it on
the web.

Click the play arrow to watch the video.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nail Technicians ALERT: Stay where you are!

Tammy TaylorNail Technicians ALERT: Stay where you are!

Do not get restless and think that another career, trade or job is going to be better than what you already have right now. The Beauty Business is exactly where you need to be.

Throughout all of history, even when times got really tough women have always found the money for the things that make us feel pretty. And that is exactly what nails do: They make us feel pretty. It does not matter if we are younger, older, skinnier, heavier or more conservative or even a little wild:
Every one of us can have beautiful nails in less than 1 hour.

This makes our business very unique, because we can take "ugly" nails and make them "beautiful" nails, with no effort from the Client. All the Client has to do is sit and relax, and enjoy herself. She will instantly feel prettier and happier even on a bad day.

When you have a trade or a special skill, you are usually an independent contractor; which means you set your own hours, and decide your own paycheck; and you don’t have to worry about getting "fired" or "laid-off".

Nails is the best career to be in right now, especially for working mom’s, because you can make your own schedule and get paid every day.

Being a Nail Technician is a special skill, just like being an Electrician, Chiropractor, Mechanic, or a Seamstress. You will always have this skill, so you can always make money. Anytime you specialize in something that you do with your hands that takes expertise: you will make money, no matter what kind of an economy we have. Having a trade or a skill is more secure than just a job, because not everyone can do it, unless they have been trained and licensed.

So, the best career for you right now is the one you are in: Doing Nails!
Don’t look around and get off track, settle in and get after it.


"Clients' activities different times of the year and clients' physical chemistry or medications can affect what type of nail liquid to use."

"I have designed 5 different nail liquids for you to choose rom. Each Nail Technician has different needs while doing acrylic nails. Some like a fast setting liquid; some like a slower setting liquid; some like a non-yellowing liquid and some like extra adhesion.

Sometimes even the temperature in your area at different times of the year; clients' activities different times of the year and clients' physical chemistry or medications can affect what type of nail liquid to use. I have put together an explanation of each of these nail liquids, characteristics and qualities so it will be easy for you to choose the Tammy Taylor Nail Liquid that fits your needs and your
Tammy Taylor clients needs."

NOTE: In hot weather, acrylic nails will set up faster; in cold weather,
acrylic nails will set up slower:

The Tammy Taylor "Original" Nail Liquid is designed to do fast nails
year round with no crystallizing in the winter.

Original Nail Liquid:

  • Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders, including Prizma.
  • Fastest drying (fastest setting).
  • Hard finish.
  • Tremendous strength to eliminate cracking & breaking.
  • Super durable.
  • Resists staining.
  • UVA and UVB inhibitors.

The Tammy Taylor "A+" Nail Liquid is designed to keep your "white’s whiter" and your "pinks brighter".

A+ Nail Liquid:

  • Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders.
  • 90% less yellowing than other nail liquids on the market.
  • Lower odor.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Easy to file.
  • Easy application.
  • Fast drying (fast setting).
  • Extra UVA and UVB inhibitors to prevent whites from yellowing and pinks from fading.
  • Resists staining.

The Tammy Taylor "Xtra-Adhesion" Nail Liquid was designed especially for clients with special acrylic nail needs. Some clients have fingernails that are difficult for acrylic to adhere to and need an extra boost in the nail liquid to help adhesion and eliminate lifting.

Use 2-3 coats of Tammy Taylor Nail Primer and Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid for all clients who have lifting problems. Some clients are very sensitive and the Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid can also be used without primer for these clients.

Xtra-Adhesion Nail Liquid:

  • Can be used with all Tammy Taylor Nail Powders, including Prizma.
  • Extra boost for adhesion.
  • Fast drying (fast set).
  • Ease of application.
  • Extra durability.
  • Tremendous strength to eliminate cracking and breaking.
  • Created for clients with lifting problems and clients who have sensitive fingernails.
  • UVA and UVB inhibitors.
  • Resists staining.

The Tammy Taylor "(S-Set)" Nail Liquid (aka) Summer Nail Liquid is a slower setting nail liquid, designed originally for summertime or hot weather, but also works great year round. That is why it will be re-named (S-Set) Slower Setting Nail Liquid instead of Summer; so there will be no confusion for those who want a slower setting nail liquid in all types of weather.

(S-Set) Nail Liquid:

  • Can be used with all of the Tammy Taylor Nail Powders including Prizma.
  • Slower drying (slower setting).
  • Hard finish.
  • Tremendous strength to eliminate cracking and breaking.
  • Super durable.
  • Easy application.
  • Easy to file.
  • UVA and UVB inhibitors.
  • Resists staining.

Tammy Taylor Nail LiquidTammy Taylor "Odor-less" Nail Liquid was designed especially for State Board examinations and Nail Schools that cannot have any odor. This liquid can be used with Tammy Taylor Prizma Powders, Tammy Taylor Original Nail Powders and Tammy Taylor Odor-less Nail Powders. Do not use with Tammy Taylor (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Run Specials and keep on top of your business...

Tammy TaylorHi Girls,
"Even When you have been in Business over 50 years like Saks Fifth Ave and Nordstroms, you still need to Run Specials and
keep on top of your business."

Tammy Taylor

Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom’s run specials to encourage new clients and regular clients, to come to their stores.

  • So, even if you have been doing nails for
    15 years and you think running Specials is embarrassing, or that clients might think, "I wonder why she is running Specials?"

  • Clients are not thinking anything except “This is Great; I saved a little money on my fingernails, so now I can also afford to get my toenails done”.

  • Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom’s have been in business over 50 years and they aren't embarrassed to run specials, they thrive on it. But, these stores only do their big sales 3-4 times a year.

  • So, do not run your big Specials 365 days a year, Only do the big Specials 3-4 times a year.

  • But, you do need to run little specials to promote new clients,

  • And you need a referral program for your regular clients who refer you new clients 365 days a year.
This will keep
your business fresh and growing.

  • Always encourage new clients, because for every 1 good client that stops coming in, you will need 3 new clients to replace that one good client.

  • Not every “new” client turns into a good regular client; so you need at least 3 new clients to get 1 good client.

The Salons are now busier and the nail business is back on track, so let's keep it going, stop worrying and start promoting.

  • You can do it!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tammy Taylor "Nail Powder"...



"You need to have a great nail powder to do great nails."

"You need to have a great nail powder to do great nails that keep your clients coming back. All of my nail powders look and feel very natural. When I started doing nails, all we had was clear or a light white color that was used on the entire fingernail and covered with color nail polish.

I did not like to wear polish when I did nails because it was too messy, so I created Pink & White Powders that looked like a French Manicure but did not get messy when doing nails. The clients went crazy for my signature Tammy Taylor Pink & White look and the rest is history."

Tammy Taylor Nail Powders have been developed to perform under every circumstance for every client and for every Nail Technician. Tammy Taylor nail powders have been the most talked about nail powders in the nail industry for over 20 years.

Tammy Taylor personally tests every single batch for performance, color, clarity and consistency before it is filled into jars for Nail Technicians. Tammy Taylor Nail Powders are made in the U.S.A.

Tammy Taylor Nail Powders can be shaped while drying and they have been developed to cure gradually as they set up. This gives you time to shape the famous Tammy Taylor C-Curve into your acrylic nails before it gets hard, giving your acrylic nails that beautiful natural looking, slender, curved and strong nail that keeps your clients coming back.

Tammy Taylor Nail Powders are available in 2 different work-abilities for your acrylic nail application style.
  • Both the Original and (S-Set) Summer Nail Powders have all the outstanding colors, features and qualities you have come to know and trust.

  • Common Benefits and Characteristics of the Tammy Taylor Original Nail Powder and for Tammy's (S-Set) Nail Powder (aka) Summer Nail Powder:

  • Tremendously strong
  • Easy to apply
  • Flexible
  • Natural looking
  • Resists yellowing
  • Easy to file
  • Hard non-porous surface resists staining
  • Controlled particle-size distribution, for a consistent flow and application every time
12 Beautiful Tammy Taylor NAIL POWDER COLORS to choose from.
Note: The Pink & White powders are in order of darkness:
  • Pink - a very light opaque pink. (P)
  • Clear Pink - a very light translucent pink. (CP)
  • Dramatic Pink - a medium pink with a warm undertone. (DP)
  • True Pink - A medium pink with a cool undertone; just a little pinker than dramatic pink. (TP)
  • Pinkest Pink - a darker pink with a cool undertone. (PP)
  • P3 - the darkest pink with a warm undertone. (P3)
  • White - a very light white; looks like a natural free-edge. (W)
  • Dramatic White - a medium white; very opaque, but not a stark white; looks natural. (DW)
  • Whitest-White - a very opaque, stark white; it looks like a French manicure white. (WW)
  • Competitive Edge Whitest-White - (CEWW, not shown) Dries slower and gives more time to create the smile-line. Good for anyone having problems with their white drying too fast on the free-edge. Great for Competitions.
All of the Pink powders and the White powders look beautiful together; to make Pink & White acrylic nails.
  • Natural powder - a mixture of white and clear; to be used over the entire nail as one color; used mostly for clients who wear color polish. (N)
  • Peaches 'n Cream powder - a light opaque peach; looks great on darker skin tones; used with any of the white powders at the free-edge; makes a beautiful French manicure. (PC)
  • Clear powder - a multi-purpose powder used alone or with original powders; and as an overlay for Prizma.

Professionals: "FREE TAMMY TAYLOR NAIL POWDER OF YOUR CHOICE" 12 Beautiful Tammy Taylor NAIL POWDER COLORS for you to choose from.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Greatest News we could have as Nail Technicians...

Hi Girls,

This is the Greatest News we could have as Nail Technicians: The 2008 Black Friday retail sales were up 3% over 2007.

Why is this Great News for us? Because theseShoppers are our Clients, and they are out spending money, "YAY"! And, when they are spending money, they are also spending money on NAILS, "YAY".

So, things are shaping up, and we are going to have a Great Holiday Season.

I was at Macys on Sunday and I asked the Sales Clerk how the Holiday shopping was going, and he said it has been non-stop shoppers, and their store did $60,000 more this Black Friday than last years Black Friday. He said people had been shopping and spending all weekend, and their corporate headquarters is thrilled.

I asked every Store I went into, and they all said the entire weekend had been crazy busy and sells were up. And, the one thing I did notice more than EVER before, was the customer service was outstanding everywhere I went. Every store had extra people working so you could ask for help, find things fast, and get checked out fast.

I have never been treated better and had more fun Shopping, than I did last weekend. It made me want to Shop every DAY, SO I DID!

Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service; I cannot say it enough. Customer Service is the backbone of every business.

The next 3 weeks is your time to Shine with excellent Customer Service. Impress your new clients and your regular clients, by going above and beyond, to make them feel special.

Here are a couple of NAIL TIPS to insure your Clients come back to your Salon after the Holiday Season.


  • Make sure every single client has at least 5 of your business cards in their purse.
  • And, tell them if they get you 3 new clients in the next 2 months, They will receive a FREE Pedicure.

  • Give every client you do in the next 3 weeks a Thank You card; either hand write inside the card or Put a little coupon inside the card with this Special Offer:
  • 25% off one service of their choice, in January and
  • 25% off one service of their choice in February.
"Let's Kick Start 2009 by Increasing the amount of NEW Holiday clients that get their nails done. Make sure not to say no to one single client over the next 3 weeks; fit in every single person that wants their nails done, even if it means adding extra days or hours. The Holidays are the best time of year to pick up an extra 10 or more clients that turn into Regulars. This is only for 3 weeks and it will help insure a Great Start to 2009."

Have A Great Nail Day,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That’s the Spirit! We are gaining MOMENTUM!

Hi Girls,
That’s the Spirit!
We are gaining MOMENTUM!

This has been a great week. We have been getting lots of emails from you telling us your Salons are getting busier; more Clients are starting to get their nails done for the Holidays; and your manicure Clients are putting their acrylic nails back on.

Your Clients can choose the Nail Technician they go to and they chose YOU! YOU! And only YOU! And, not some other Nail Tech in town. THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL REALLY SPECIAL and give you a little extra patience even with the difficult ones.

Now we need to Keep our MOMENTUM Going, by giving Fantastic Customer Service.

So, I put together a few Pointers that are a necessity to insure that clients keep coming back even after the Holidays.

Pointer #1:
GREET every single Client
when they come in, and offer them something to drink before starting their Service (even if they are your best friend, they are still your Client, and they too need pampering).

Pointer #2:
You have a Job, and you have Clients who love you.

Customer Service with a Smile and a Thankful Heart.

  • Do not complain to Clients.
  • Do not complain to co-workers.
  • Do not complain to the owner.
  • And, you will find the less complaining you do the less you will have to complain about.

Pointer #3:
Treat every Client like GOLD$, because they are.

Pointer #4:
Never let your Clients walk around with a broken nail; always fit them in immediately, because this is a direct reflection on your work, and you want referrals.

Now Girls, I know you have probably heard me say these things 100’s of times to you over the years, but only about 2 out of 10 Nail Technicians actually give excellent Customer Service, and it does not cost you anything extra but a few moments of your time.

I have been asking nail Clients if their Nail Tech’s practice these Customer Service basics:

  • 8 Clients out of 10 said “NO”, and…
  • They also said that is why they switch and go to discount Salons…
  • Not because the discounters are cheaper, but if they aren’t going to get Special Customer Service…
  • Why spend the extra money?

So, we are on a mission, let’s make our Clients feel so Special they will never leave, and they will pay more and they will keep coming back for 20 years, and they will refer us to all of their friends.

Have A Great Nail Day,
Tammy Taylor

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stimulate our own Economy...

Hi Girls, "Things are looking up already! GREAT NEWS! GAS Prices are Wayyyyy Down, AND the AFTER Christmas sales are going on during Thanksgiving this year, so we will all be able to buy more presents for less money."

The Way to STIMULATE our own Economy, in our own Community, is by keeping the money flowing in our local businesses.

I do this myself; I try to always support the small businesses run by their owners within a mile of my office or my house first, before I go to Department Stores and Chains. Some of the small businesses I go to all the time; the printer next door, my girlfriends clothing boutique, the flower shop, the cookie shop, the fruit and vegetable guy, the gas station, the dry cleaners, the mom and pop cafe, my girlfriends salon and the list goes on.

So, Support your small local stores; shop at your little boutiques; support each other and book an appointment to get your own Nail and Hair Services done for the Holidays. Encourage everyone you know to do the same thing. Do Not think about the whole worlds economy; THINK About the 5 mile radius around your Salon.

Keep the money flowing in your neighborhood; right now the economy needs everyone to get excited about the HOLIDAYS and start Shopping.
  • Make sure you are leaving business cards at your local businesses and taking theirs with you so you can all help each other.
We do not need to get crazy and over spend; but we still need to get shopping.

Now I am Really Excited!
This is the Greatest News of ALL!
I can help the economy by doing one of the things I enjoy most in the world: SHOP!

And the way I am going to pay for all my Shopping is by doing my other most favorite thing in the world: NAILS!
So Let's Get Going; and help our Great Country!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

When the going gets TOUGH...

When the going gets TOUGH the TOUGH get going!
So, come on girls, NOW is the time to G
ET TOUGH!Tammy Taylor

We can no longer sit and wait for Clients to come to us, we have to go out and get them. When the Economy is tough, we have to work twice as hard for the same amount of money. But it is worth it because we still have a job.

  • The Old Days of 3 and 4 Day Work weeks are gone for a little while.
  • If we want to thrive and we want to growduring these times, we must CHANGE.

The Beauty business is the best business to be in right now. Because women love to feel pretty, especially when times are tough, and they feel a little down.

We need to change our philosophy on:

  • How we Do business
  • How we Spend money
  • How we take care of Customers
  • How we Promote ourselves

How We Can Improve Our Business:

  • Get more Clients
  • Get Referrals
  • Money management
  • Budgets
  • More work hours and more Days - Habit pattern like a regular job

Remember, a tough economy does not last forever; it is only temporary, so do not think "UGGH": I have to work 5 Days a week again; this is like starting over. I am going to have to re-organize my whole life, and my lifestyle. I don't know if it is worth it. My neck is hurting, my hands are hurting, my pocket book is hurting, and my head is hurting.

Instead: Think
"This is only temporary; I can do this for a few
months", especially with the Holidays coming, I always get new Clients during the holidays, and I always make money.

Girls, I have been in this business 27 years; I have been up and I have been down; but I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give Up, and you are Not going to GIVE UP either. This is the Greatest Business for Women, especially Working Mom's.
Remember when the economy is tough, wo
men go back to work, out into the marketplace; and when women work outside of their homes, they want to look nice and "nails" are usually the thing they do first; because we all know when our "nails" look good, we feel good.

Here Are 3 Steps You Need To Start TODAY!

STEP 1. Be in your Salon 5 Days A Week, until January 15th, 2009

  • Even if you do not have a Client, answer phones and clean cabinets
  • "If you are there, Clients will Come"

STEP 2. Run a Holiday Special for your Regular Clients only until December 31st, and put this at your Station in a frame.

NOTE: This BUILDS New Clients that already have faith in your work, AND Promotes Regular Clients to try other services.


Holiday Specials for my Regular Clients

  • 2 for 1:
  • Give your friend, or your Mom or your Daughter a wonderful gift that does not cost you a penny.
    o Bring them with you and they will get the same service you are receiving or
    an equal service free.
    o Just let me know in advance so I can book out the extra time needed.


  • Give yourself a little extra treat:
  • Book any 2nd service at the same time as your regular service and I will give you 50% off your 2nd service.
  • Like an Aroma Spa Pedicure or Acrylic Toenails

Girls, You are Tougher than you think! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

$8,000.00 Give-Away by Christmas

The Holidays are coming, so let's Celebrate
"I am GIVING AWAY $8,000.00 in CASH and PRIZES before Christmas! I will do the DRAWINGS on December 23rd, and the CASH PRIZES will be sent to you next day for December 24th delivery. Don't Miss Out, YOUCOULD BE THE WINNER!!"

Tammy Taylor

3 Different Ways to WIN!!

1. Established Clients can WIN by ordering every week for 6 consecutive weeks and your name will go into a drawing for the:
  • GRAND PRIZE of: $2,500.00 CASH
  • 2nd PLACE $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products.
  • Order through the Tammy Taylor On-Line Store or through the Tammy Taylor Corporate headquarters (from Your Tammy Taylor Company Educator).
2. Referrals
When you refer us a Client (Nail Tech), and that Client (Nail Tech):

  • Purchases a Professional Nail Kit or Prizma Kit
    Your name will go into a drawing for the:
  • GRAND PRIZE of: $2,500.00 CASH
  • 2nd PLACE $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products.
The More Nail Techs You "REFER" THE BETTER THE ODDS You Will Win!!

Drawing will be December 23, 2008

We will UPS your $2,500.00 for Next Day delivery, December 24, 2008.

3. New Clients
New Clients (Nail Techs) when you buy a Professional Nail Kit or Prizma Kit you will have your name put into a drawing for the:

  • GRAND PRIZE of: $1,500.00 CASH
  • 2nd PLACE $500.00 in Tammy Taylor Products.
Note: New Clients have to be working in a Salon

Order through the Tammy Taylor "online" Store or through the Tammy Taylor Corporate headquarters (from Your Tammy Taylor Company Educator).

Drawing will be December 23, 2008 and we will UPS your $1,500.00 for Next Day delivery December 24, 2008.

Note: Yes, International clients can participate but certain rules will apply.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Q and A with Tammy Taylor...

Q and A with Tammy Taylor

Why do Natural fingernails feel Thin and
Sensitive... after soaking off acrylic nails, and after removing any type of artificial nail?

Answer by Tammy Taylor:
After wearing acrylic nails or artificial nails, the natural fingernails can feel a little soft and
sensitive, especially immediately after soaking off. However, within a few hours after soaking off, the natural fingernails should harden and feel fine.
  • Natural Fingernails can feel thin after having artificial nails because the artificial nail is much thicker than the natural fingernail, and we get used to the thicker artificial nail.
  • Natural Fingernails feel sensitive because they have been protected by the artificial nail, against heat, cold, touch or any type of stimulation; so as soon as the natural fingernails are uncovered, they will temporarily have a heightened sensitivity.
  • Natural Fingernails can feel soft because they have been covered up by the artificial nail, but as soon as the Natural Fingernails are uncovered they will harden quickly.
When natural fingernails are properly Etched, Primed and Filed, before and during the application of acrylic, the natural fingernails will not become permanently thin or sensitive.
  • Except when there is excessive filing or improper use of a drill.
    The drill should never be used directly on the natural fingernail; because the drill can cause the natural fingernail to become very thin, and overly sensitive, for a long time.

Can I re-apply acrylic nails immediately after soaking off, or do I need to let the fingernails breathe for awhile?

Answer by Tammy Taylor:
Yes, you can re-apply Acrylic Nails, immediately after soaking off.

  • There is no reason to leave acrylic nails off, because fingernails do not breathe; fingernails are made of keratin, just like hair.
  • However, if you do not re-apply acrylic nails, you should immediately do a manicure.
  • Use the Tammy Taylor Nail Hardener as the Base Coat and as the Top Coat.
  • Re-apply Tammy Taylor Nail Hardener every 3 days.
  • Also, use Tammy Taylor Nail & Cuticle Nourishment drops, or your Favorite Tammy Taylor conditioning cuticle oil, in Peach or Gardenia, daily, to help fingernails become stronger and healthier.

For more information on maintaining “Natural” fingernails, please click on “Nail FAQ’s”, on the left side-bar of Tammy’s “Home” page – then scroll down to “Maintenance for…” and to “Perfect French Manicure for…” – Both have PDF files which you can save to your computer, and print out as needed.

Home page:

Thursday, October 16, 2008



"Thank you, all of my Tammy Taylor Nail Technicians!!!!
You are the BEST!!!!
Because of you Tammy Taylor Nails WON 12 Readers Choice Awards."

Have A Great Nail Day!
with Love,

Awards Received:
Tammy Taylor Nails: Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Powders

Tammy Taylor Nails: Tammy Taylor Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Tammy Taylor Nails: Competitive Edge Whitest White Acrylic Nail Powder

Tammy Taylor Nails: Perfume Scented Conditioning Cuticle Oils

Tammy Taylor Nails: Prizma Color Acrylic Nail Powderz

Tammy Taylor Nails: Disposable Nail File System

Tammy Taylor Nails: Competitive Edge Nail Forms

Tammy Taylor Nails: Peach Spa Pedicure and Manicure Kit

Tammy Taylor Nails: Salon Fresh Odor-less Nail Kit

Tammy Taylor Nails: Aroma Spa Pedicure and Manicure Kit

Tammy Taylor Nails: Thymolize Solution

Tammy Taylor Nails: Pre-Etch Nail Tips


Sunday, October 5, 2008

... 4 of my most Popular Products...

"This week I have one of your FAVORITE SPECIALS: 4 of my most Popular Products; all together in the "GRAB BAG SPECIAL" to Save You Money!”

Tammy Taylor Tip & Repair Glue –
Whether you are repairing a broken natural nail, or providing a nail tip service; your Tammy Taylor Tip & Repair Glue is all you need for one time adhesion. Water resistant for longer staying power when repairing broken natural nails, acrylic nails and nails extensions. Also, the anti-fungal agent in the formula adds an extra element of safety for your clients.

Solutions and Benefits when using Tammy Taylor Tip & Repair Glue in your Salon:

  • Amazing Adhesion

  • Your Nail Tips Do Not Pop Off

  • Your Nail Repairs Do Not Break Again in the Same Spot

  • Water Resistant

  • Anti Fungal Agent for Clients Safety

  • Long Lasting Bond

Excellent Retail Item, Especially for Clients Who Are:

  • Going On Vacation

  • Prone To Broken Nails

  • Like To Have Glue at Home For An Emergency

Tammy Taylor Perfume Scented Conditioning Cuticle Oil 4 oz. -

Luxuriously scented and offered in two delicious fragrances: Peach and Gardenia. Formulated with all natural oils & vitamins, to help heal dry cuticles, painful hangnails, and to promote healthier, stronger and more flexible natural nails. Also, Tammy Taylor Perfume Scented Conditioning Cuticle Oils are used as a quick-dry on wet nail polish, and to smooth out scratches instantly while buffing.

When your clients use this oil every day at home, they will have fewer problems with their acrylic nails lifting, caused by picking at dry cuticles; and they will have healthier stronger natural nails underneath their acrylic nails.

Solutions and Benefits when using Tammy Taylor Perfume Scented Conditioning Cuticle Oils in your Salon:

  • Helps heal dry cuticles and painful hangnails

  • Promotes healthier, stronger & more flexible natural nails

  • Used as a quick-dry on wet nail polish

  • Smoothes out scratches instantly while buffing

Excellent Retail Item:

  • Clients will have fewer problems with their acrylic nails lifting caused by picking at dry cuticles.

  • Clients will have healthier stronger natural nails underneath their acrylic nails.

Tammy Taylor Super Soft Shiner -

This 2-sided Shiner leaves Natural nails, Acrylic Nails and all types of artificial nails with a shiny, glass like finish for that Super high gloss look and feel. Great for Nail Competitions! Very simple to use (No buffing creams or oils are needed).
1. Buff with the White side to Smooth
2. Buff with the Gray side is to SHINE

Solutions and Benefits when using Tammy Taylor Super Soft Shiner in your Salon:

  • Creates a shiny, glass like finish on ALL Types of Nails

  • Best Buffer for Men’s Manicures

  • Smoothes Ridges in Natural Nails before Polishing

  • Smoothes out Scratches in Acrylic Nails before Polishing

  • Washable and Disinfectable

  • Easy and Fast to Use

  • No Buffing Cream or Oil is Needed

A Fantastic Retail Item for those clients who want to:

  • Buff and Shine their Nails in between Manicures

  • Buff and Shine their Husbands Nails

Tammy Taylor Super Dry Top Coat ½ oz. -
This fast drying, non-light cured top coat dries within seconds, and keeps polish fresh and shiny.

Solutions and Benefits when using Tammy Taylor Super Dry Top Coat in your Salon:

  • Dries Nail Polish to a Super Shiny Finish within Seconds

  • Smudge-Free Nail Polish

  • No Light Needed to Cure

  • Makes Pedicures and Manicures Easier and Faster

  • Creates a Smooth Finish

A Fantastic Item for those clients who want to:

  • Change their Polish at Home

  • Keep their Nails Shiny

  • Extend the Life of their Manicure and Pedicure, by applying a Fresh Coat every 3 Days

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Perfume Scented Conditioning Cuticle Oil 4 oz.
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