Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to Keep Your New Clients Coming Back.

Do your new Holiday Clients only have their nails done once or twice and then you never see them again? During the Holidays, you will be getting a lot of new clients because of all the parties and the Holiday Spirit making people want to do little special things for themselves.

How do you make sure these clients come back in February? (For years the saying has been, "If you can survive February in the salon business, you can survive anything.") February is normally the slowest month of the year but if you plan now, it does not have to be that way.

Everywhere you go today, (Grocery stores, clothing stores, spas, etc.), people ask you for all or one of the following; your phone number, address, zip code, email address, etc. The reason is they want to keep in touch with you because the world is getting more competitive, computerized and less personal. Businesses are trying to keep a personal touch with their clients.

By getting personal information, they can send out special coupons, thank you notes and updates on new exciting things going on, etc. These are all great things to do to build your business and connect your clients with you. You cannot be embarrassed to ask for their information. How are you going to follow up if you do not have a client card on every client! This is very crucial.

You need to do these things with every single client. ("Do not ever be embarrassed or shy to build your business, or you will not make a lot of money.") Today you must go to an Office Supply and get 5x7 Index Cards along with a recipe box to put them in and start immediately as follows:

Name: First and Last
Phone #'s: Cell, work and home
Full Address: Street, City, Zip Code and State
Birthday: Day and Month
Email Address

We are all use to giving out this information everywhere we go as a new client so do not be shy!

Now that you have their information, you can start following up. How to follow up:

1. Call each new client a week after their service and ask how they like their nails.

2. When you call them, explain you are having a special promotion next week and would they like to schedule now. Because you get booked up fast, they will be guaranteed an appointment.

3. If they book an appointment, GREAT! If they say no, don't be sad. Just send a little thank you card saying you appreciate their choosing you, and let them know it was nice talking to them on the phone.

4. Every single month, send out an email explaining one of your services and run a little special on that service.

5. Send a birthday card to every client, and to new clients who have not returned, put a little birthday special discount coupon if they return within the next 2 weeks.

6. Promote your Holiday Coupon Book to every client for the entire month of December.

For "step-by-step" instructions on how to do your Holiday Coupon Book that will guarantee those clients will be returning in January, February and March, forever and ever; please visit Tammy's "Nail FAQ's by Topic", and scroll down to "C" to find "$ - Coupon Book...".

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