Thursday, November 15, 2007

Psychiatric fee $50 Nails FREE

Do you realize just how important you are?
You Are Not Just a Nail Technician!!

You’ve heard the saying: Psychiatric fees, “$50.00 an hour” and your nails are done free. We laugh but there is a lot of truth in that statement. You might be the only person that day or month who your client felt she could really talk to.

So you don’t have to say much, just get your client started and let her take the stage. Let it all be about them for 1 hour while you listen and encourage them to keep going.

You’ve heard the most desirable people to be around are the ones who listen; not the ones who only talk about themselves. To be a desirable person (the type of nail technician that clients love to come back to), give only positive feedback and do not talk about your problems or about anyone in your salon.

Being negative and/or talking about your co-workers turns clients off and they don’t want to hear it because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Try this; one client at a time:

  1. Listen

  2. Encourage

  3. Be positive

  4. Give them undivided attention (no cell phone)

“Leave your lousy husband and move in with your boyfriend is probably not what you want to say!” Or if you do want to say it, “DON’T!”

Being positive and giving others encouragement whether it’s your clients, co-workers, family or friends, will make you feel better every time you do it. So do it! A LOT!

Even when I am doing a brand new client, they will tell me their entire life story, their family history, (“their blood type and their social security number…..just kidding!”) before I finish their nails. I am a great listener & I encourage them because it’s not about me.
It is about them!

More Reasons Why You Are Worth $65.00 a Full Set.

Print this out for your clients so they can see in black and white more reasons why you are different from a discount salon. There are MANY DANGERS in nail salons, like the spread of blood borne diseases, staph infections, viruses, etc.

Remember, you would not be worrying about these dangers if you go to a reputable licensed salon with professional licensed nail technicians. I know it is hard to think about dangers in relation to getting manicures, pedicures or acrylic nails because we do these things in relation to good health and beauty. But you need to start thinking about sanitation and Hospital Level Disinfection.

Now, you are probably asking yourself what can I do to be safe? Well…first of all you must be aware when going to a salon. Pay attention and ask questions.

Before you have any more services done, here is a test the salon has to pass:

  1. Does the nail technician ask you to wash your hands or sanitize your hands and her hands before starting the service?

  2. Does the salon have a business license in plain view? If they do not display one, ask to see it.

  3. Does the nail technician have their license at their station with their name on it? If they do not, ask to see it.

  4. Are the nail technicians sharing implements? Each nail technician needs to have their own implements placed in disinfectant before, during and after services.

  5. Has the nail technician ever dropped an implement or file in front of you and used it without disinfecting it first? This goes against State Board Rules and Regulations.

  6. Ask how the salon disinfects implements, files, manicure bowls, pedicure tubs and Jacuzzi tubs. Ask to see the disinfectant bottle, as it needs to be labeled Hospital Level EPA Registered Disinfectant. (Many non-reputable salons have been caught using water with blue food coloring or window cleaner, which is not a disinfectant just because it has the same color as one of the popular disinfectants on the market)

  7. Are the towels clean for every client? Just shaking them off is not acceptable.

  8. Did the nail technician take the implements and/or files out of their drawer or put their implements and files back in their drawer instead of disinfecting them? All of their files and implements need to be disinfected, stored in a clean, sealed labeled container or placed inside their disinfectant before, during and after services.

  9. No razor blades or Credo blades can be used on feet, as this is very dangerous for you, the consumer.

  10. Electric drills being used near the cuticle area and on the natural nail can cut you and it could have cut another person. Hand filing with a clean file is safer.

  11. Be a SNOB! If the salon or the nail technician’s station appears dirty or has a strong odor….LEAVE!

    These are only a few of the reasons why it is worth it to pay more for your safety and health by going to a licensed Tammy Taylor Professional Nail Technician.