Thursday, November 1, 2007

Best Nail Forms & Clear Tips

Testimonial- 11-01-07

Best nail forms, the students love to practice with the forms and the clear tips. They love the NEW products, A+ liquid & A+ coat never any complaints.

Henderson Nail Academy- Greensboro, NC

A Road Trip Made Great Because Of A Tammy Taylor Nail Tech!

A very dear friend and nail client of mine, who just lost her husband, was getting ready to go on a road trip from California to Missouri so she could try to cheer up a little. However, she was very worried about who was going to do her nails since she would be out of state for more than 4 weeks.

I assured her I had some great nail techs in the areas she would be traveling, so we figured out where she would be in 2 weeks, since I had just filled her nails. Marshfield, Missouri was the town she would be in and I referred her to a great, exclusive Tammy Taylor Nail Tech, Kellie Hunt, who has been to many of my classes and is a personal friend of mine.

I knew immediately that my friend, Anne, would love Kellie so I told her to call when she arrived in Marshfield, Missouri. When Anne called Kellie on a Thursday, asking for a possible appointment on Saturday, Kellie was very happy to help even though she was going to a family wedding that very day!
Kellie went out of her way to meet Anne just off the main highway so she could lead the way to her home which has her salon built, by her husband, onto their home.

Anne was so excited and impressed with Kellie’s salon and how graciously kind she was treated by Kellie that she took many photos, calling me immediately to let me know this was the highlight of her trip. Anne also told me that she left Kellie’s salon with gorgeous nails!

Here are the photos of Kellie and her beautiful salon.

“Thank you, Kellie, for making my friend so very happy!”