Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to Keep Your New Clients Coming Back.

Do your new Holiday Clients only have their nails done once or twice and then you never see them again? During the Holidays, you will be getting a lot of new clients because of all the parties and the Holiday Spirit making people want to do little special things for themselves.

How do you make sure these clients come back in February? (For years the saying has been, "If you can survive February in the salon business, you can survive anything.") February is normally the slowest month of the year but if you plan now, it does not have to be that way.

Everywhere you go today, (Grocery stores, clothing stores, spas, etc.), people ask you for all or one of the following; your phone number, address, zip code, email address, etc. The reason is they want to keep in touch with you because the world is getting more competitive, computerized and less personal. Businesses are trying to keep a personal touch with their clients.

By getting personal information, they can send out special coupons, thank you notes and updates on new exciting things going on, etc. These are all great things to do to build your business and connect your clients with you. You cannot be embarrassed to ask for their information. How are you going to follow up if you do not have a client card on every client! This is very crucial.

You need to do these things with every single client. ("Do not ever be embarrassed or shy to build your business, or you will not make a lot of money.") Today you must go to an Office Supply and get 5x7 Index Cards along with a recipe box to put them in and start immediately as follows:

Name: First and Last
Phone #'s: Cell, work and home
Full Address: Street, City, Zip Code and State
Birthday: Day and Month
Email Address

We are all use to giving out this information everywhere we go as a new client so do not be shy!

Now that you have their information, you can start following up. How to follow up:

1. Call each new client a week after their service and ask how they like their nails.

2. When you call them, explain you are having a special promotion next week and would they like to schedule now. Because you get booked up fast, they will be guaranteed an appointment.

3. If they book an appointment, GREAT! If they say no, don't be sad. Just send a little thank you card saying you appreciate their choosing you, and let them know it was nice talking to them on the phone.

4. Every single month, send out an email explaining one of your services and run a little special on that service.

5. Send a birthday card to every client, and to new clients who have not returned, put a little birthday special discount coupon if they return within the next 2 weeks.

6. Promote your Holiday Coupon Book to every client for the entire month of December.

For "step-by-step" instructions on how to do your Holiday Coupon Book that will guarantee those clients will be returning in January, February and March, forever and ever; please visit Tammy's "Nail FAQ's by Topic", and scroll down to "C" to find "$ - Coupon Book...".

To get to the Professional "Nail FAQ's by Topic" pages: on the left side-bar of Tammy's "Home" page, underneath "Professionals", click on "Sign-in Here".

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Psychiatric fee $50 Nails FREE

Do you realize just how important you are?
You Are Not Just a Nail Technician!!

You’ve heard the saying: Psychiatric fees, “$50.00 an hour” and your nails are done free. We laugh but there is a lot of truth in that statement. You might be the only person that day or month who your client felt she could really talk to.

So you don’t have to say much, just get your client started and let her take the stage. Let it all be about them for 1 hour while you listen and encourage them to keep going.

You’ve heard the most desirable people to be around are the ones who listen; not the ones who only talk about themselves. To be a desirable person (the type of nail technician that clients love to come back to), give only positive feedback and do not talk about your problems or about anyone in your salon.

Being negative and/or talking about your co-workers turns clients off and they don’t want to hear it because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Try this; one client at a time:

  1. Listen

  2. Encourage

  3. Be positive

  4. Give them undivided attention (no cell phone)

“Leave your lousy husband and move in with your boyfriend is probably not what you want to say!” Or if you do want to say it, “DON’T!”

Being positive and giving others encouragement whether it’s your clients, co-workers, family or friends, will make you feel better every time you do it. So do it! A LOT!

Even when I am doing a brand new client, they will tell me their entire life story, their family history, (“their blood type and their social security number…..just kidding!”) before I finish their nails. I am a great listener & I encourage them because it’s not about me.
It is about them!

More Reasons Why You Are Worth $65.00 a Full Set.

Print this out for your clients so they can see in black and white more reasons why you are different from a discount salon. There are MANY DANGERS in nail salons, like the spread of blood borne diseases, staph infections, viruses, etc.

Remember, you would not be worrying about these dangers if you go to a reputable licensed salon with professional licensed nail technicians. I know it is hard to think about dangers in relation to getting manicures, pedicures or acrylic nails because we do these things in relation to good health and beauty. But you need to start thinking about sanitation and Hospital Level Disinfection.

Now, you are probably asking yourself what can I do to be safe? Well…first of all you must be aware when going to a salon. Pay attention and ask questions.

Before you have any more services done, here is a test the salon has to pass:

  1. Does the nail technician ask you to wash your hands or sanitize your hands and her hands before starting the service?

  2. Does the salon have a business license in plain view? If they do not display one, ask to see it.

  3. Does the nail technician have their license at their station with their name on it? If they do not, ask to see it.

  4. Are the nail technicians sharing implements? Each nail technician needs to have their own implements placed in disinfectant before, during and after services.

  5. Has the nail technician ever dropped an implement or file in front of you and used it without disinfecting it first? This goes against State Board Rules and Regulations.

  6. Ask how the salon disinfects implements, files, manicure bowls, pedicure tubs and Jacuzzi tubs. Ask to see the disinfectant bottle, as it needs to be labeled Hospital Level EPA Registered Disinfectant. (Many non-reputable salons have been caught using water with blue food coloring or window cleaner, which is not a disinfectant just because it has the same color as one of the popular disinfectants on the market)

  7. Are the towels clean for every client? Just shaking them off is not acceptable.

  8. Did the nail technician take the implements and/or files out of their drawer or put their implements and files back in their drawer instead of disinfecting them? All of their files and implements need to be disinfected, stored in a clean, sealed labeled container or placed inside their disinfectant before, during and after services.

  9. No razor blades or Credo blades can be used on feet, as this is very dangerous for you, the consumer.

  10. Electric drills being used near the cuticle area and on the natural nail can cut you and it could have cut another person. Hand filing with a clean file is safer.

  11. Be a SNOB! If the salon or the nail technician’s station appears dirty or has a strong odor….LEAVE!

    These are only a few of the reasons why it is worth it to pay more for your safety and health by going to a licensed Tammy Taylor Professional Nail Technician.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Even Tammy's lips are easy to read...

Hi Tammy and the staff,

I think it is really nice. I am deaf and I can read the entire topic of your newsletter. Your weekly web videos are still nice. You speak very clearly and I am able to read your lips. You have such great expressions and gestures. I love it. So, either way, its good.

Keep up with your great ideas.

Kathi Meyers

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dangers in Nail Salons...

Have you ever had a new potential client call the salon or come in and say, “I cannot believe you charge $65.00 for a full set?”

………….If this has ever happened, be sure to make a copy of this letter and give a copy to all of your clients so they can tell their friends about MMA and give a copy to everyone working in the salon. This will make it easier to explain to potential clients why they need to go to you to get their nails done. You only use Government and FDA approved products that are much more expensive than the illegal MMA. You are licensed and have been fully trained and educated how to properly do nails without causing damage.

Dangers of MMA:

When you are looking for a professional nail salon or nail technician, you need to be aware of some serious dangers in the nail industry. Now keep in mind, you don’t have to worry about these dangers when you go to a licensed nail salon with Tammy Taylor professional nail technicians using all Tammy Taylor products.

A huge danger is MMA, an illegal acrylic product that can cause permanent loss and damage of the natural nail, as well as numbness in the fingers. After prolonged usage, this dangerous chemical deemed poisonous by the FDA can cause miscarriages, lesions on the kidneys, liver problems and respiratory problems.

You can tell a salon is using this product by the following:

  1. The salon prices are usually very discounted.
  2. There is an unusually strong odor.
  3. It takes a long time to soak off the MMA acrylic, so they usually have to pick it off and/or drill if off.
  4. Excessive use of drills because the MMA acrylic is very hard and rigid.
  5. They won’t tell you the product they are using and the containers are smeared or old, which means they are probably filling illegal product into a reputable companies’ containers.
MMA has been BANNED in the nail industry for over 20 years but is still being used because it is cheap! You, as the consumer, must look for all these warning signs and ask to speak to a manager before having a service done. Also, have them show and explain to you what products are being used in their salon. If they cannot do this, do not have your nails done there or you could have very serious consequences.

If you do not presently go to a Tammy Taylor Nail Technician and you would like to find a licensed Tammy Taylor Professional, please go to Click on “A Salon Near You” on the left side of the homepage.

Imagine a restaurant that never washed its dishes!

Today I want you to visualize this: Imagine a restaurant that put all of its dirty dishes, pots and pans on the counter when they close up at night. When they come in the next day for business, they just wash the dishes as people order. “YUK!”

Do you think the Health Department would let them continue doing business? “No! Of course not”; SO AT THE END OF YOUR WORKDAY, BE SURE TO CLEAN YOUR STATION!

Make a little list of what you need to do before you go home. This will only take 5-10 minutes and it will also make it nicer for you to come to work the next day:
  1. Make sure all dirty files are in the dirty file container (ready to be disinfected), or use Tammy Taylor Disposable File Strips. Then you can use a clean new file on every client.
  2. Take everything off your table.
  3. Clean the polish and acrylic off your table and your dishes. (Caution: You may use the Tammy Taylor “acetone” only if your table is acetone resistant.)
  4. Spray your table with Tammy Taylor Disinfect-Disinfect-Disinfect or Tammy Taylor First Choice and wipe it off with clean disposable towels.
  5. Spray all of your bottles with Tammy Taylor First Choice or Tammy Taylor Disinfect-Disinfect-Disinfect and wipe them off with clean disposable towels.
  6. Remove all implements, tools and everything out of your wet sanitizer and wrap them in a clean paper towel over night.
  7. Make sure your disinfectant in your wet sanitizer is clean (Tammy Taylor First Choice lasts about 2 weeks unless it becomes cloudy and dirty).
  8. After everything has been properly cleaned, put it all back on your table.
  9. Wash all of your files using soap, water and a plastic manicure brush. Lay them out on paper towels and spray both sides with Tammy Taylor Disinfect-Disinfect-Disinfect. Then put them in your clean file container, mark them disinfected and they are ready for tomorrow or use Tammy Taylor Disposable File Strips System. Now you can start your day, fresh and clean.

(See: State board regulations on disinfecting files and implements.)

Tammy Taylor Nail Tip:

“Remember: Your client chose you, so let her know how important she is to you!”

Make your day happier and less stressful by being early and ready. If you know you have to stop somewhere on the way to work or you might run into a little traffic, leave 30 minutes earlier. Do not run in at the last minute. There is nothing worse than your client arriving to the salon before you are there. Your client will feel like you did not care enough about her or her appointment to be on time. This also gives your client the idea she can be late. This will start your day off wrong and remember; your client chose you so let her know how important she is to you!

Get into the salon early, have everything ready when she arrives and this will not only make her happy but it will start your day off GREAT!

“They Might Put Up With You, Because They Love You, But Not Enough To Send You Referrals.”

What image are you projecting to your clients and potential clients? Do you look professional every day or only when you feel good?

Since most of your clients are probably your friends and co-workers, it is easy to become lax since you know they will love you no matter what. But, this could be a sure way to lose new clients who do not know you.

“First impressions last forever, so you need to make a Great Impression on every client.”

Here is your "To Do" List:

  1. Fix your hair every day by either pulling it back in a cute clip or getting a cute, short to medium, haircut that is easy even when you are in a hurry.
  2. Put your make up on every day, even if it’s just a little lipstick and mascara.
  3. Wear clean, wrinkle-free clothes every day. If you don’t have a lot of time, wear black and white with a smock apron, as this always looks very professional.
  4. Always smell good because we are very close to our clients.
  5. Last and “Most Important” is to make sure your nails are beautiful every day. I know this is the most difficult, but you can do it! Many nail techs are wearing Tammy Taylor Color Acrylic Prizma because it is always perfect, easy to maintain and so easy to do yourself. Just buff your nails with Tammy Taylor Cuticle oil and Tammy Taylor Clean Finish Buffer, at the end of the day, and add another coat of Tammy Taylor Super Dry Top Coat.

You will be amazed how these simple suggestions, that are no additional cost to you, are going to make you feel better and make you more motivated! Just imagine: Are your clients embarrassed to send their friends to you because of your bad impression? Just remember: They might put up with you, because they love you, but not enough to give you referrals. Your clients want to be proud of you, so do everything necessary to make them and you very proud. You will not only leave a great impression, but you will feel better everyday, have more quality clients and make more MONEY!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tammy Taylor Starts Blogging

Tammy Taylor Starts Blogging
- By Tammy Taylor

I am so excited because I have just started blogging and I would like to invite you to view my BlogSpot!

Over the last 25 years, I have had so many things that I have wanted to share with you but I had no way of connecting with you, personally, and now I can do it on my BlogSpot.

I will be sharing with you my personal views and feelings about the nail industry and my Tammy Taylor business as well. Also, I can share with you daily behind-the-scenes “stuff” that my Tammy Taylor Team and I do to help nail technicians and their clients. So much of what we do can help so many others!

I want to bring all of this to you, so you can see more of what the nail company, you believe in, does every day to help nail technicians. We help each and every client, individually, so that we never lose sight of why we are the company we are today!

We build our company one client at a time, which is the slow way but it is solid and our clients know how important they are to my team and me. They never feel like just another number because we bend over backwards to make sure each client knows they are most important to us.

A lot of nail technicians ask, “Why doesn’t Tammy advertise?” The reason I do not advertise in magazines is because all of my business is referrals and word-of-mouth. I have a 25-year reputation in the nail industry and my clients know that I personally create, test and use all of my own products so when they refer their friends, they do it with confidence and pride. When their friends call back and say, “I love my Tammy Taylor Products and Tammy and her amazing team!” It makes them feel so good that they refer more clients.

This way I am always in touch with my clients, every day, and I never forget that “it takes years to build a great client but only moments to lose a great client if I do not give them the very best education, products and customer care.” So, please visit my blog!

I will be adding new information constantly and all of your nail photos, salon photos, show photos, success stories, client stories, suggestions and testimonials, etc., are welcome.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Best Nail Forms & Clear Tips

Testimonial- 11-01-07

Best nail forms, the students love to practice with the forms and the clear tips. They love the NEW products, A+ liquid & A+ coat never any complaints.

Henderson Nail Academy- Greensboro, NC

A Road Trip Made Great Because Of A Tammy Taylor Nail Tech!

A very dear friend and nail client of mine, who just lost her husband, was getting ready to go on a road trip from California to Missouri so she could try to cheer up a little. However, she was very worried about who was going to do her nails since she would be out of state for more than 4 weeks.

I assured her I had some great nail techs in the areas she would be traveling, so we figured out where she would be in 2 weeks, since I had just filled her nails. Marshfield, Missouri was the town she would be in and I referred her to a great, exclusive Tammy Taylor Nail Tech, Kellie Hunt, who has been to many of my classes and is a personal friend of mine.

I knew immediately that my friend, Anne, would love Kellie so I told her to call when she arrived in Marshfield, Missouri. When Anne called Kellie on a Thursday, asking for a possible appointment on Saturday, Kellie was very happy to help even though she was going to a family wedding that very day!
Kellie went out of her way to meet Anne just off the main highway so she could lead the way to her home which has her salon built, by her husband, onto their home.

Anne was so excited and impressed with Kellie’s salon and how graciously kind she was treated by Kellie that she took many photos, calling me immediately to let me know this was the highlight of her trip. Anne also told me that she left Kellie’s salon with gorgeous nails!

Here are the photos of Kellie and her beautiful salon.

“Thank you, Kellie, for making my friend so very happy!”